Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What I Did In My Holidays

Good evening,

My term break is pretty much over. School on Monday, but gotta get ready,'s what I did in my holidays!

They're assembled, undercoated, base coated, and wargame ready while I whittle away at their camo...

First up, my Panthers.

I actually finished two of these at the end of last holidays. I'm thinking of a simple green stripe for these, AKA Italy...

...and to make them look a touch different from my Pz IVs and Tigers.

I've also done the same my PSC Stug IIIs...

...and a couple of PAK 40s.

I'll do all these in the standard three tone scheme.

Lastly, some recon bikes.

Mostly all these need is to complete their bases.

Sorry for the poorly lit photos. I'll do better next time!

I also managed to get in one battle. A Spearhead stoush at Keith McNelly's place using his 6mm kit going up against Andrew, with Robin in support.

Robin using his phone to take pictures for his report, 'cause his phone's camera is better than his class one!

Man, these things are small!

And here comes the Typhoon proxy - a Fairy Battle!

Long story short - I tried to capture/defend objectives either side of the table with infantry brigades, holding a reserve of armour in the centre ready to be deployed to either flank. Andrew piled in the pressure on my left, I brought on my armour too late (and too constrained by terrain) to have any effect, and realised too late that he had no off table flank march coming in from my left.

Well and truly done, I was! Well played Andrew, well played!

Oh, and I also went to a local Lego display.

Yep, that's Mark, showing off a wee Brik Wars display with some mates.

That's Mark's Darlent - a cross between a Darlek and an Ent!

Back to the grindstone!