The Solo Adventures Of Jeoff the Jawa


And here within are my efforts to run a wee solo adventure of Jeoff the Jawa, a Star Wars Edge of the Empire character I generated for a follow up adventure from The Rescue of Orar Ergalo.

This time I'm using the Mythic GM Emulator, along with a loot table that I found on the FFG forums. Though I think the RPG Solo Interface would probably work just as well...perhaps. I might chop and change...though I do like rolling physical dice...

Anyhow...I started by rolling on the Loot Table and away I went...

You find binders lying in the sand, tossed aside where they had been torn off, and tracks leading from the west. Interestingly, you find no tracks leading to the east - they just...end. You head west, hoping for some salvage. Up ahead you see a light glinting off something metal in the distance. The tracks seem to be coming from that direction. And they seem to be getting more and more…unsteady. As you crest a rise in the dunes you see before you a crashed ship, it's body largely intact at the head of long gash in the dune floor. Smoke still rises from the ruins.

You look down upon the scene, yet from where you are. [perception roll] you can see little. The suns are low in the west and blinding even your vision. You head down into the crash. About you are strewn the detritus of a small “fast courier”, a quick intra system vessel often used to ferry important folks from larger craft waiting in orbit. Now that you are closer, you notice blaster scoring down the flank of the ship, and a significant hull breach just forward of the primary forward repulsorlift unit, with evidence of a large explosion in one of the main drives. This thing has been taken down by some sort of fighter craft - [outer rim knowledge roll] judging from the damage caused possibly, a Z-95 or even a Y Wing. Pirates? Possibly. Or worse. The Black Sun has been flexing it’s muscles around here, even in Hutt space.

As you turn the corner behind the back of the ship, you find that find are not the first one here. Parked behind the crash, like a looming colossus is a sandcrawler. A rival clan is already crawling all over the wreckage, taking it apart and back to their vehicle. Best you be quick then!

You enter the port access hatch and look around. Sparks from the internal power systems shorting out intermittently illuminates the interior, as do the sparks of power tools as the ship is methodically torn apart by the other Jawas. Finally they notice you, and after a brief "discussion", they get back to their business, taking comfort that the are many of them, and only one of you. Let’s face it. You're a Jawa. No one's really scared of a Jawa.

You go straight to a data port and access the main computer. Your opportunity for physical salvage has just been reduced. Perhaps you can grab some virtual salvage instead.

Among the expected data on the ship's computer you find [roll on loot table] a list of high value bounty targets and their location. Now, that could be handy. Perhaps someone might pay handsomely for it in Mos Eisley. You also grab [further rolls on the loot table] a Stimpack from the med bay and wrestle with another Java for a pile of credits you both find scattered in the galley. After a bit of pushing and shoving - and a little biting and scratching - you manage to grab the credits and make a dash for the door. No point in hanging around where you're greatly outnumbered and likely to be set upon. Your assailant complains bitterly from the floor, but decides that discretion is the better part of valour. Besides, one of the engines is still in working order, and the other will bring in handsome profit as spare parts - even when divided amongst the whole crew, his share will still dwarf into insignificance a measly 100 credits.

The shadows are growing long as you hop back outside. Even now, the outline of the ship has diminished - most noticeably, the engines have already been removed. You can see one at the base of the sandcrawler waiting to be interred within.

[Does a ship appear? Odds are very good - someone's got to be looking for...whoever was in here - 98 on the fate chart - exceptional yes!]

Suddenly a scream of tortured engines rends the sky. You look up and see a transport bearing down upon the crash site. The Jawas scatter like roaches in the light, and run towards their crawler.

[Is this ship hostile - does it open fire on the crawler? Again odds are good - whoever's in there doesn't want evidence getting away. 89. No]

The ship settles down and 7 crew get out. "We'll track 'em later if we need to" you hear from one of them as their engines wind down. They look like pirates...but who really can tell these days.

[Is there cover to hide? Even odds - nope!]

You decide to hop it and rush for the nearest dune.

[Do they see you? Odds are not - there are jawas running everywhere! - two success, three threat] A couple of the newcomers see you running [do they do anything about it? Odds are unlikely - very unlikely - extremely unlikely (using the threats) - 53 - no]. You make it to the dune, dive over the crest, roll over and crawl back to look back over. The "pirates" (if indeed that's what they are) all head over to the port access hatch, the very one you've just come out of. Four stand outside, weapons drawn, while the other three head inside. After a few moments, they re-appear. "The data's still there, but it's been accessed. One of these rats has got that list! Find it!!" yells one of them. Oops, now the bantha poodo has really hit the recirculator!

You run as you hear blaster fire coming from behind, directed, it would seem, towards the crawler. It won't take long to for them to realise that whoever's got that list (you're guessing that it's that bounty list they're after) isn't with the crawler've got, maybe…20 minutes before they come looking for you. In their ship. Poodo!

You head out into the night, towards the nearest ridge line, hoping beyond hope that your natural desert survival skills will keep you hidden. About 25 minutes later you hear, across the still desert night, the sound of a ship taking off [do they blow up the crawler? Odds are...probably. 57. Boom!] followed by laser fire and an explosion. These guys are deadly serious. Poor wee jawas…and droids think they've got it tough!

[have you reached the rocks? Even odds - 46 - yes.] Just as you reach the foothills of the Backbone Ridge you see scanner lights from above, searching the desert floor. Here they come! [Cave? Likely - 83 - nope!] The ship heads towards your position, what are you going to do? [Random event? Neutral, physical over spiritual.] All of a sudden, a sink hole opens under you. You tumble down [hurt? One success, three advantage, three threat -no!] to discover, against all hope, a small tunnel leading into an underground cave system. Not a moment too soon - the pirates fly right over...and continue on. Best you wait 'till they move on before venturing forth.

While you listen to the ship fly off, and then back, and then head north, you sit and wonder... "how did I get into this mess?" (In Jawaese, of course!)  You came across binders and tracks that appeared/disappeared out of nowhere. Ok, someone that was bound - a prisoner - escaped and was picked up. Wind back. The escapee emerged from that crashed ship - that had been shot down. Probably in atmo[sphere]. Probably by a snub fighter or two. Coincidence? Probably not. Someone didn't want that ship getting to it's destination. Destination...hmm...destination...Mos Eisley, most likely.

Or was it a ham fisted rescue mission? Either way, this crew searching for you seem to be more concerned with regaining this list than the prisoner. Bounty hunters! And what happened to the crew of the downed ship? Must have ejected - they were probably the ones who alerted the others. You reason that if  you were going to attack some ship,  you'd jam all comms before the attack so as to delay any help...Jawas know something about isolating their mark before moving in!

Right, bounty hunters after that list with deadly intent, some other group who at the very least didn't want their guest reaching...probably Mos Eisley. And that's just where you've got to go to get rid of the cursed thing! You're too far out from anywhere else. You could just leave it buried in this cave, but then...where's the profit in that?! No, best to get rid of this list, get paid, and then disappear.

You hear the ship roaring back into orbit. After waiting a while longer, you head back outside.

[heading to Mos Eisley - what are the chances you will come across anyone out this time of night? Pretty slim...say...25%? If so, who or what? Most likely an animal (70%), (Wamp Rat (65%) / Sand Bat (20%) / Canyon Krayt (15%)); less likely a...person (30%) - Sand People. More likely a sentient encounter as you reach the edge of the settlement. How long? How far? Umm...

...say...the rest of the night, and most of the next day?]

[Upon further reflection, Mystic could have done these odds for me!]

Well, no time like the present. You head off. (Encounter roll - 30) The night passes without further misadventure. The dawn approaches you from behind, casting your shadow before you. [scene change random encounter roll - 19 - character action (new character) - lack of solidity - swarm of sand bats heading back to their roost].

Up ahead, an indistinct cloud approaches you. Fast. Sand bats! In isolation, not much of a worry, even to a Jawa, but in a swarm? Nekkel juuvar obwegadada!(Curses!)  Gogowa! (Run!)

You turn and run to the left, perpendicular to their flight path (back to their nest in the caves behind you). [do they turn and attack - unlikely - 25% - 64] Ignoring you, they screech and squawk as they fly overhead. Just as well - those things are deadly in numbers!

Mid morning, and you begin to see the outline of Mos Eisley, shimmering in the scorching heat. [encounter? Above average - 49 - Player character - positive - usurped power].

Off to the right, you hear heated Galactic Basic coming from behind one of the ubiquitous dunes in the middle distance. You could use a break from the monotony of trudging ever onward, so you decide to sneak up and see if you can catch a better idea of what's going on. [Stealth - three green, one purple (it's a pretty easy task - whoever it is is more concerned at yelling at the others than being vigilant against peeping Jawas = three success + an advantage] you sneak up on scene unnoticed, and place manage to circle around behind them, facing the suns, so as to hide you and your shadow behind a convenient outcrop.

You see before, and just a little below, you a group of 4 locals - probably merchants from Mos Eisley, possibly moisture farmers from the area - arguing enthusiastically about...something. [Leadership]

"Come on Markus, you've been promising us big profits for weeks! Where are they man? I don't see any, what about you guys?"

"Nope, not a damn thing!"

"I'm beginning to wonder if you're the right man for the job. Seems to me that you're just taking us for a ride..."

"Oh, come on boys, give us a chance! The markets just a bit slow at the moment, that's all! I promise, within a week you'll all have your money back, with interest. Come on, you can trust me!"

"That's what you said last week Ry-ra, and we're done waiting." The principle player of this argument gives, who you guess to be Markus...Ryme? Rhyra? Rhyse? (Stupid Basic, why couldn't they just use pheromones, like all sensible Jawa?!) a shove. His three companions also take a step forward.

[Does Markus push back? Below average - he's out numbered, but doesn't want to appear too cowered...4! Oh yes, he pushes back!] Markus gives...whoever he is...a big shove back, catching his opponent off guard. He stumbles back - and then charges at Markus. [Markus tries to dodge - add a black die] Unsuccessfully, though he recovers and turns as quick as a wamp rat. "So, that's the way it is, is it? Ged 'im, boys!"

The two behind Markus lunge forward, [1 - success and two addvantage, 2 - missing completely, but with four advantage] one of them catching him unawares. His hit lands, though does little but annoy!

Knowing what it is to be out numbered, you decide to dive in. With a yell of "Utinni!" you jump down from your perch behind the dune to land on the [#2], though he gets a surprise anyway and is momentarily distracted [+2 black].

[initiative - Markus, Leader, #1, #2, Jeoff]

Markus takes advantage of [#2]'s disorientation and charges for him. He manages to connect, and knocks him prone.

The Leader dives for Markus, [two success, with three threat = 4 (Brawn + 1 for extra success) damage, - 2 soak = 2] and manages to land a solid hit. You hear him muttering something under his breath.

#1 turns on you. "Stinking Jawa!". He tries to kick you, while you evade. [3 green, 2 purple, 3 black (for your agility?) = 1 success]. You double over as his boot connects [3 - 1 = 2 damage = down to 8].

#2 struggles to get up [2 green, 1 purple = yes] and takes a step back. You dash for him to no effect, though you do gain the advantage of surprise - no one expects a Jawa to charge!

Markus turns to see the way open to the now vacant speeder. "You coming?!" he yells to you as he makes a dash for it [and fails]...trips, and falls flat on his face! Before he can get back up, the Leader lands atop him and [two failures and 6 advantage?! - two hits? 6 - 2 (soak) = 4 = 4!] [Upon further reflection, that probably should have all cancelled out...] lays into him. "Stop, stop!" yells Markus. "Alright already! I'll have your money back by the end of the day!" [does he stop? Probably - 75% chance - 91! Nope!] "Not good enough!"

Before the leader can start lay into Markus again, you charge. And manage to knock him off Markus, though little else. Both #1 and #2 try to grab you, but you slip away, circling around. Markus gets up. "Ok, ok, enough, enough!" he pants, slightly hunched over. "Dude, honestly, end of the day, I swear!" The leader gets up, and goes over to Markus. "You'd better!" he snarls as he gives him one more shove. Markus lands flat on his bum.

[Actually, I may have done that wrong - as they were minions, they should have only got the one attack for the three of them - or at the least one for the leader, and one other for the other two combined. Next time...]

The three [farmers] jump into the speeder and head off in the direction of Mos Eisley.

"Well, this is another fine mess you've got yourself into..." mutters Markus. He turns to you. "Thanks for the assist little guy. I owe you one." "Mambay [That's ok]. M'um m’aloo Ja'oef [Hi, I'm Ja'eof.]" "Hi there...Jaof...Jeoff...I'm Markus. Heading into Mos Eisley?" "Ibana [yes]", you reply. "Well, fancy a companion? It's a bit of a hike by myself. I'd enjoy the company." "Mambay, ibana".

The two of you start dusting yourself off and begin walking (initially limping!) towards the settlement.

As you walk, Markus strikes up a conversation...

"You know, I've got big plans. Big plans. This is just a little...set back. Yeah. It'll work. It'll work..."

"It's gotta work..." he mumbles to himself.

"Say, you don't happen to have any credits on you, do you? I'll pay you back, honest, I...I just need a few creds to get back their money, you know, to grease the pot with my If you understand my meaning." He winks at you. You roll your eyes. Not that he could tell. In spite of yourself, you're starting to like this would-be galactic crime lord. "Mob un loo? (How much?)" you ask cautiously. His eyes light up. "Ahh, say...50...100 credits?" he asks, hopefully. "Mambay, ibana yuyu! (Yeah, right!). Gakisewa m'gasha. (100 is too much). Iban...eyeta ,yukusu kenza keena (But...I like you. Let's make a deal). Mob un dyo kisewa? (How about 50?) Lyo kisewa. (For 60 credits)" Markus looks into the far distance, seemingly doing some mental calculations. "Yeah...yeah...that might just work... Bom’loo! (It's a bargain.)" You hand over half of your hard looted credits, just as you approach the outskirts of the settlement.

[new event - neutral - 26 - truce]

That settled, you head into Mos Eisley.

It's busy, it's dusty, there are people (human and other) most everywhere, some sitting, some walking, one or two running...with others following at pace! Land speeders, beasts of burden and bikes zoom thither and yon.

"Right, Jeoff, first stop is a wee establishment I know down town. I need to talk to some folks stuff. We'll meet up, say, in the town centre, a couple of hours?" "Nyeta (No), Ikee ashuna (I'm coming too). Ikee ubanya toineepa! (I'm not saying good bye to my money!)"

Markus looks at you. [does he agree? likely...but you never know...8!) "Yes of course little buddy!" He kneels down and drapes his arm across your shoulders and sweeps his other in a wide arc against the sky. "You and me man...dude...against the galaxy! Ha!"

The two of you walk off down the main thoroughfare, heading towards Mos Eisley centre. As you approach [anything note worthy? Unlikely...nope]

Markus leads you down one of the main side streets to your right. Then left, down a couple of "blocks" (though the term doesn't really fit this far out on the rim - and Mos Eisley is one of the bigger settlements on this planet), then right again, heading away from the centre of this "bustling metropolis." (Yeah, right!)

Eventually, he leads you into a quiet cul-de-sac, with a rather generic looking cantina at the end...

...that somehow looks familiar. Can't say why though...

The two of you enter, causing barely a stir amongst the patrons. Not quite in the background, the busy tunes of one of the many travelling cantina bands covers much of the quiet, not-so-legal conversations happening in the booths around you.

Markus leads you to the bar. "I'm looking for Niscus. Is he around?" The bartender looks disinterested [low probability (up to 25%) that he's answer without...incentive. 90!], and goes back to his tending.

"Aw, come on, don't be like that," says Markus. He palms the bartender five credits. "Is he here?" [better odds, still 87!] Still no response. "Come on," he says to you, "we'll look for him ourselves. And I'll be having that back too!" Markus snatches up his credits again.

[chances of a confrontation while moving around the crowded bar? 50/50 - 81!]

As you move through the thronging crowd towards the back of the cantina, a rather inebriated Trandoshan stumbles into you. "Hey, watch it!" he slurs, as he swipes out at you. [easy dex roll] You easily evade his sluggish paw. [Does Markus jump in? Not likely, he wants to find his mark. Exceptional no!] [Does the Trandoshan try again? 50/50 - 74!] The huge hulking figure takes a step forward and yells "Hey, I'm taking at you! You slimy no good rotten piece of sand rat..." and he swings again. [Brawn 3, Diff 3 - he's drunk! - one black for your size - two failures and two threats] Again, he misses you, but this time collects a passing Gand smack in the face! Understandably, the Gand takes exception at being hit without provocation, and, after picking itself up charges into the Trandoshan in a full body tackle. A brawl between these two ensues, and you decide to leave them to it. You scoot after Markus, who, it would seem, has found who he's looking for...

You approach a booth where a rather heavy set man is luxuriating, with both arms resting up against the back of the seats. Either side of him are two female Twi'leks, smiling and giggling, replete with balsters at their sides. Dancing girls these ain't! Standing to one side is, quite obviously, a Trandoshan body guard, his arms cradling a heavy blaster rifle. Trandoshans and their big guns! Standing in front of them all, with naught but the table and an irrepressible grin between them, is Markus.

[is Drex in a good mood - probably...39 - yes]

"Markus, Markus my lad. Tir'na here has just told me quite an amusing tale, haven't you my dear?" He turns to the Twi'lek on his left. She laughs back, throwing Markus a noticeably disdainful glance. Drex speaks. "What can I do for you?"

"Drex, it's so good to see you so well!" beams Markus. He turns to Tir'na. "I'm Markus, and this is," turning to Drex, "is my...associate...Jeoff." He gestures to you. You nod your head. "Jeoff, this is my esteemed associate, Drex Liagri." [you make an underworld knowledge roll, av diff - one threat. You don't recognise the name, but you do the type. And you're pretty sure Markus is in over his head.]

"Ah, Drex, I was wondering if my associate and I might take a moment of your time...alone. A bit of business, if you understand my meaning." [Markus - charm roll - two yellow, two purple - one success]. "Yes, yes, of course. Come, have a seat. Ladies, if you don't mind?" The Twi'leks stand and head over to the bar. The Trandoshan stays where he is. Typical Trandoshan, never takes a hint...

You and Markus take a seat. "Drax, I'll come right to the point. The merchandise you were so kind to provide me, well...demand has been a little slower than I had originally anticipated, and, to be frank, my creditors are applying pressure for a return on their investment. I...we," he turns to you ("Nekkel juuvar obwegadada! (Oh...bother...)" you mutter to yourself, ") would like to offer the merchandise back to you at a very attractive rate. Say...90% of what I paid you for it?"

[Markus - negotiation - daunting - two yellow, one green, four purple...and one blue for Drex' good mood = no result!]

Drex laughs. "Oh Markus, Markus, Markus, you have always...amused me. Really." "Oh, sorry," Markus quickly replies "I meant to say...80% of what I paid you." [Same roll - one success, one advantage]. Drax drapes his arm around Markus. "Markus, you make me smile. And because of that...and because I've just made a particularly lucrative deal [what is it? Remote event - procrastination - he's just been able to put off his own off world creditors]...why not?!  You front up with the goods, and I'll front up with the cash!" He lets out a hearty laugh. "Drinks!" he calls to the bar...

While drinks are being brought forth you lean over to Drax and bring forth the list that you...acquired. "M'um m’aloo eyeta. Go mob un loo?" (Greetings friend. How much for this?) Drax takes the data pad and reads the list. [reaction? pretty enthusiastic I'd say...75% - 3!] "Oh my, oh my, oh my, well, this is interesting I do say. No one here that I know?" He scans for his own name. He mutters to himself "Yes, yes, this could be very..." He breaks off and looks back up at you. "Yes, I think I could take it off you hands.  Yukusu kenza keena (Let's make a deal)."

"Mob un loo? (How much?)" you ask. "Hmm...well [does he try to rip you off? Probably (75%) - 6 - exceptional yes!] you know, these sort of lists are notoriously unreliable. Most of the time these leads are just dead ends, old information or outright lies. Given that the average bounty for the likes on this list..." he scans the list and does some quick calculations... "seems to be about be about 3000 cr. [aprox 2/3rds of their actual value] So, say, even if one or two of these leads pan out, the list as a whole could be worth no more than about 5000cr. So...I'm feeling generous...say, 5% finders fee? 100 credits?" [you make an easy outer rim knowledge roll, with a boost, since you've already seen the list - three advantage - carry over into negotiation roll]  "Nyeta. (No.) Ya e'um pukay. (I won't sell.) Okka toineepa. (It's worth more credits.)" [negotiation roll - one yellow, one green, three blue and two purple - one failure and 5 advantage]

"I'm sorry to hear that my friend," he says, as he passes back the list. "Still, I bear you no ill will. In fact, I wish you well - here is the name of an associate of mine. You could try your hand with him if you would prefer." He passes over the name of Histtay Pails. "It's an...emancipated (he gives a chuckle) droid, working down by the docking bays. Docking bay 20. Good luck!"

[chance of bounty hunters entering the cantina while you're there...say...60/40? - 5. Oh yes...]

[5 altogether - Yoan and his cronies.]

[do they - the leader - open fire on you straight way? 50/50 -  66 - yes!]

The Rodian at the head of the party sees you across the crowded cantina.

  • Drex
  • Bg = Bodyguard [minion]
  • M = Markus
  • Y = You. Ja'oef.
  • T1 & T2 = Drex's Twi'lek associates [minions]
  • Yaon
  • Bounty Hunters [minions]
The Rodian draws his weapon, yells "There! Get him!" and rushes forward into the crowd around the bar. "No blasters, no blasters!" cries the bartender. No one pays him any heed.

[perception roll - one success]

You look up to see five obviously-armed individuals heading directly for you. The front one fires [hard shot - lots of people - one yellow, two green, three purple, two black - one failure and one threat. The bodyguard immediately fires back [two green, two purple, one black - one failure], as everyone in between scatters, diving under tables or falling prone to the floor. Nearly all pull out their own weapons...

You scoot under the table, as does Markus, while Drex tips over the table and draws his own blaster. "Friends of yours?" he shouts over his shoulder as he fires into the now scattering bounty hunters [one hit, one threat - 5 damage - 3 for soak - bounty hunter minions down to (6 x 4 = 24) 22]. "Gottcha!" he yells as he ducks back down behind the table. [bounty hunter minions fire - three yellow! one purple, three back - two for the crowd, one for the cover - three hits, four threats] "Ahh!" screams Drex. "Damn it!" [11 damage - Drex is down to 2] Drex is hurt. Really hurt. You grab your stim pack [pg. 177...] quickly administering it to Drex [+5 wounds - Drex is now at 7], as Drex's two Twi'lek associates open fire on the group at point blank range. [one yellow, two green, one purple, one blue (surprise) - one success, three advantage - 6 damage, - soak = the bounty hunter group is down to 19.]

[50/50 chance someone from the crowd will join in against the bounty hunters - 71 - add another minion group the party - street toughs, ag 2, wound 5 each]

A couple of patrons fire from their positions on the floor or behind tables, all at the largest group of bounty hunters [two green, one purple - they all miss!]

The head bounty hunter dives for cover himself, and yells down to where you are "We only want the Jawa! Hand it over and we'll be on our way!" There's a lull in the blaster fire while everyone contemplates this...[Drex's reaction? Ordinarily yes, he would give the Jawa over. Nice enough chap, but he's obviously angered the wrong crowd. Still, the little fellow has just saved his life...well, for the moment, anyway...say, below average to give Ja'oef up - 35% - 37!] "Well, this is a fine mess you've got yourself into, and no mistake," he mutters to you. You look hopefully at him. Not that he can tell. "Still, you have just saved my life, so...that's something I guess. Let's see if we can talk our way out of this..."

Drex slowly stands up, raising his hands. "Come now, come now, I'm sure we can sort this out without the gun fire. Perhaps we can have a drink to discuss things? Mr...?" "Fah. Yoan Fah," replies the head bounty hunter. [Drex charm roll - three green, one purple = three successes] Fah gestures to his compatriots - one takes out his wounded companion, the other two slowly advance towards the corner. The two Twi'leks, their guns drawn, also slowly back towards their boss. [boss? - probably - 65 - yep, their boss] Drex's Trandoshan bodyguard still holds his rifle to his shoulder, aiming squarely at Fah.

[bartender reaction - likely "take it outside, we don't want any trouble in here" - 94 - nope] "Drinks are on the house!" calls the bartender, anxious to calm folks down. And keep the clientele in the cantina. "One one per customer, please..." he is drowned out by the throng of customers as they rush to the bar.

You look nervously at Markus. Then over at the bar. Can you make a run for it in all the clamour? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained...

You pass a good bye glance to Markus (not that he can tell), and rush to jump over/through the bar to reach the back door. [three green - turn over a fate counter - one yellow, two green, two purple, one black (crowded bar) - one success and one threat, one strain - just as well you upgraded that die!] You vault over the edge of the bar, dash through the legs of the startled bartender, jump over the other side and run for the back door.

[Fah shoots? Likely - 75% - 91 - oh yes! [actually, on further reflection, he had a 75% chance of success. That is, from 0 to 75 on the roll. He got over 75, so the answer should have been no. Poor bartender!] - one yellow, two green, two purple (hard shot, even at this range), one black (crowd) - one success, one threat - 50/50 Ja'oef/bartender - 57 - the bartender!]

Fah opens fire at the escaping Jawa - and hits the unfortunate bartender instead. [soak 2, wound 6, damage...9!] He is flung like a rag doll into the centre console and tumbles down to the floor. His patrons immediately rush for the liqueur...

You rush out of the back of the cantina, back into the cul de sac. You quickly look around for a way out [one yellow, two green, two purple, one black (rushed) - three success, two threat], and spot a way through a small hole in/over [50/50 - 31] a wall behind. Just the right size for a Jawa in a hurry. You squeeze through [three green, two purple, one blue (you're small) - two success, one advantage - the bounty hunters cannot follow you through, they'll have to go round], to find yourself in a quiet thoroughfare leading both left and right. You head right, towards the centre of Mos Eisley - more crowds, higher chance of getting lost in the crowd.

As you run away, you hear Fah and his minions crash out of the cantina. "Find him!" Up ahead you also hear the oncoming sirens of an emergency vehicle. Even in Mos Eisley, there's always someone willing to patch a fella up. For a price. The Imperial authorities won't be far behind either. A bar riot is not good for maintaining a sense of iron fisted control over the populace...

[change of scene - random event - player character - negative - 163 - father figure]

As you are nervously heading down the street, and the welcome anonymity of the bustling crowds, you smell a familiar face up ahead. "Ayafa?" The hooded figure of a Jawa (they all look the same) came around the corner. "M'um m’aloo, Ja'oef." it says. You face each other awkwardly. The last time you were together things were...said. Things not easily forgotten.

Before you can speak up..."Sabioto. (Stop.)" He says, shaking his head. [does he get caught up in all this? 50/50 - 50!] He looks at you...and then screams. He collapses at your feet. "Look, there's another one. Get it!" You hear your father say "Ikee kurruzza mambay ("I'll be ok.) Theek! (Run!)" [you make a survival roll - will he be ok? one yellow, two green, two purple, one black (rushed) = two success, one threat. Will he actually be ok?! Likely - yes!] You look down and recognise that, while he has been wounded, he will recover. You run, yelling "Taa baa (Thanks)," over your shoulder as you sprint off.

[chase - 3 (incl. Fah) - one stays behind to check 'Dad', the other two race after you]

One of the bounty hunters stops to stoop over your father, looking through his pockets for the list. Thank goodness for a Jawa's ubiquitous propensity to carry a data pad. It'll take him a couple of minutes to figure out that the list isn't there.

You dash into the middle of the street, knowing that there's just no way you can out run these bounty hunters. You've only got little legs! [athletics roll - one green + one blue for your size = three advantage] [compared to two green = one success, one advantage] They gain on you, but you manage to scoot under the belly of a dewback as it tows a grav sled to market. It spooks and immediately rears up against the hunters. They split either side of the startled beast, momentarily distracting them. [is there an alleyway? 50/50 - 32 - yes. Is it a dead end? 50/50 - 63 - no. Do you notice it? Perception - one yellow, two green, one purple, one black (stress) = one success, four advantage]

You see to your right the shadow cast by a narrow, busy alley way, replete with merchant stalls, power boxes and cooling units. You make a dash for it, hoping to either hide or at the very least, slow your pursuers down. [stealth check - three green, three purple = two success, two threat] You dash, and then squeeze behind a cooling unit, throwing a rock down the alley way, hoping to hit something/one so as to sow confusion, thereby distracting the bounty hunters. [three green, two purple, one black (rushed, carried over threat) = three failures and two advantages] The rock falls short, rolling to a stop at a passerby's feet. [do they see you? 50/50 - 87 - no.] A merchant looks up...but thankfully, doesn't see you. Just then, your pursuers burst into the alley. They scan down the alley way [can they see you - Fah makes a perception roll - two green, three purple (you successfully hid), one black (distracted by the dewback) = two failures and a threat] but cannot see you; a shadow among the shadows, crouched as you are behind the cooling unit. "It must have run into the crowd. Contact Low, get him to meet up with us at the other end. It can't have got far..." The run off, away from you. "Utinni..." you sigh, letting out the breath that you didn't even know you were holding in.

Thankfully, they are heading to the opposite side of the town than the docking bays. Now's your chance. Go!

You make a dash across town, out to Docking Bay 20. [stealth roll - three green, two purple, one blue (caution) = two success, two advantage] You manage to get to Docking Bay 20 without further incident...and it took you less time than you thought. Perhaps, just perhaps, you might get out of this alive...

You enter the bay. Before you is a common YT-1300. Nothing remarkable about that then.

[is IT-3PO there? Highly likely - 85% - 67]

"M'um m’aloo, eyeta! Yukusu kenza keena! (Hello friend! Let's make a deal!)" A traditional greeting is called out to you from across the bay. You turn to see a...used...protocol droid coming out of the shadows to greet you. "M'um m’aloo, eyeta! Yukusu kenza keena!" you reply.

"IT-3PO?" you ask. "Ibana." You get straight to the point. As Jawas are want to do. You walk up to IT-3PO and produce your list. "Go mob un loo? (How much for this?)" you ask. "Hmmm," comes the metallic reply. You know it's all for show - the droid has already evaluated the list's worth, how much can be offered for x amount of profit, and is calculating how much under that he can buy if off you. "Ko gakisewa toineepa (200 credits)", IT offers.

[negotiation roll - can you get a better deal? two green, two purple, one blue (IT is expecting a bit of haggling) = 2 successes, four advantage] "Ko gakisewa? Dyo gakisewa!  Nyeta nufuzu! [500! No less!]" you reply. The droid laughs! "Dyo gakisewa? M'gasha, nyeta bom’loo! (That's too much, that's no bargain!) " IT is still interested in the list though (two advantages). "Mambay, yo gakisewa  dyo kisewa (Ok, 450)," you say. [negotiation roll, will he accept? two green, two purple, one blue - no result. Again. Two failures and a threat.] IT looks unimpressed. Mind you, it's a droid. It always looks unimpressed. "Yo gakisewa. Nyeta uwanna waa (400, or no deal)" replies IT. Really, what choice do you have? And it's a much better deal than that crook Drex Liagri was offering! "Mambay, yo gakisewa." you say. "Shumeneez un toyneepa!" (Show me the credits!)" You hand over your datapad - IT-3PO extracts the list, and transfers the money. "Taa baa (Thank you)," you say.

As you turn to go [perception check - do you hear them coming for an advantage? for success, two threat] you hear a scuffle outside the main bay doors. "Hkeek nkulla!! (A particularly disparaging Jawa curse...)" you cry out as you look for somewhere to hide. [is there? below average - 35% - 53 - no] [perception - two entrances to the docking bay - can you tell where they're coming from? three green, two purple, one black - no result] You dash to hide behind the YT as all 5 bounty hunters [Yoan Fah + the group of apprentice bounty hunters] burst through the [bottom] entry, guns drawn.

[guns blazing? low chance - 25 - 1! oh, do they?!] [Do they see you? - Fah - two green, two purple, one black (your size) - two failure - no; minions? three green, two purple, one black - two success, one threat]

"There it is, there running behind the freighter! Fire!" The [minions] open fire - [three yellow, two purple, two black - one success, one threat] and manage to wing you as you jump behind one of the landing struts. [you're down to...0!]. You are thrown up against the wall of the docking bay...on the verge of unconsciousness! [you have to exceed the wound threshold to go unconscious].

Before the bounty hunters can get to you, however, two spaceport [minions] appear from one alcove at the head of the ship, and two more from one opposite the top docking port entrance. "Hey!" they yell, as they draw their weapons. At the same time, the noise of gunfire had drawn the attention of the crew of the ship, [one captain, plus four minions - nominally pirates] and they charge down the loading ramp from their ship. [do they shoot? likely, they probably think these bounty hunters are from a rival crew - 75% - 79, nope] "What's going on?" Captain Blunt demands. [does Fah answer with his blaster? 50/50 - he is a bit rash...60, nope] "That Jawa - he's got something that belongs to us!" Fah replies. "What Jawa?" Blunt retorts? [perception - three green, one purple - one success, two advantage] "Oh, that Jawa. Never seen it before in my life." (Mind you, how would he know? One Jawa looks pretty much like another!)

IT-3PO re-appears from the shadows. "Gentlemen, gentlemen, there is no need for violence. Please lower your weapons. The authorities have been alerted to your presence." "Our employer doesn't want any Imperial entanglements Yoan," calls out one of the bounty hunters. "Let's just cut our losses and go." "That list is worth a lot of money to me!" Fah snarls. "I'm not leaving without it." IT produces his own blaster. "I'm afraid that is no longer your concern," it says. (Get it? IT says!) [does Fah back down...unlikely...25% - 38]

"No!" yells Fah, and takes a [snap] shot at IT-3PO. [one yellow, two green, one purple, one black = one advantage] The shot goes wild, as Fah rolls to his right. The minions open up at him [two green, one purple, one black - one success, two threat - 5 damage - 4 soak = 1 hit, down to 11 wounds]. Yoan grunts as he lands, a blast glancing off his armour. The ship's crew open up on the bounty hunter [minions] [three yellow, one purple - three success - 11 damage - 3 soak = 9 hits; one falls, one @ 1/3 strength]. One bounty hunter goes down, with a scream, another clutches his shoulder as he rolls to the ground. The remaining two scatter towards the wall of the bay.

Captain Blunt shoots at Yoan Fah with both blasters [dual weld - pg 210 - two attacks at two yellow and a green, with the difficulty upgraded to two purple...I think - plus a black for Fah's roll = one threat and another threat plus a failure] but his shots go wild, punching into the wall of the pit, showering the [spaceport urchins] with molten detritus [a black on their next shot]. You start crawling back to the cover of the landing strut...and then the loading ramp...

[chance of stormtroopers arriving - weak - 15% - 10!]

Just then a squad of Stormtroopers burst into the docking bay . "Halt right there!" commands the sergeant. Yong Fah turns and fires at the sargeant [one yellow, two green, one purple = three successes, three advantage = 11 damage, plus a crit - soak of 5 = 6 damage + crit = agonising would (-1 ag for rest of encounter) - sargeant is at 9 wounds, -1 green on all subsequent attacks].

A hole burns through the chest plate of the imperial and he is thrown to the ground by the force of the impact. The remaining imperials immediately open fire on Fah. [three yellow, one purple, one black (confusion) = two success = 10 damage - 4 soak = 6 hits, Fah is down to 5 wounds] He is thrown to the ground with the weight of fire, rolls closer to the cover offered by the YT and remains prone. The crew of the ship immediately rush back up the gangplank. "Get us out of here!" yells the captain to his crew. The engines start to whine as they begin to spool up, and the landing ramp starts retracting.

You chance your luck and lunge for the retreating ramp. [ag roll, diff two = three failure, three advantage], but don't reach it. You fall flat on your face, just at the bounty hunters open fire on the stormtroopers [three yellow, one purple, one black for the dust being thrown up by the YT and surrounding nonsense = one triumph and three advantage = 10 damage, plus two crits = one down to 0, group is at 15 points; Crits - stinger (one black next attack, whole group), maimed - + one black for each subsequent attack, whole group - minions are treated as one entity]. One trooper falls screaming, his shoulder blown apart.

In the meantime, IT-3PO and his minions have backed into the shadows and disappeared through unseen "emergency" exits out of the bay. [do you notice the exits? one yellow, two green, two purple, one black = three success, three advantage] As the freighter begins to lift off, you make a dash for one of these new exits. [agility roll - three green, two yellow, one blue = three success] You reach the relative safety outside of the docking bay, leaving the bounty hunters and stormtroopers to...settle their differences...with extreme prejudice.

"O'owa ikee (Come with me)," you hear an artificial voice call to you. You look up and see IT-3PO beckoning to you. "Ubanya hunya (good bye [to them]," he says, as another imperial squad runs by the two of you. He offers you a stim shot, which you gratefully accept. "Yukusu kenza keena, eyeta...(Have I got a deal for you, my friend...)," IT says as he puts a metallic hand upon your shoulder....

And so, our intrepid adventurer lives to...adventure...another day! And to think - this all started with a random roll on a loot table!

I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did,



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