Thursday, 31 December 2015

Early Achaemenid Persians Complete

Good evening,

Last post of the year, and I'm very happy to announce that the last element of my Book I, list 60, Early Achaemenid Persian DBA army is now complete.

I present to you a n Early Persian General riding in his chariot.

Which now makes...

  • 1 x General (Cv or LCh)
  • 1 x Cavalry (Cv)
  • 1 x Cavalry (Cv or LH)
  • 1 x Immortals (8Bw)
  • 3 x Other Archers (8Bw)
  • 1 x Armenians or similar (3Ax)
  • 1 x Greek Hoplites (Sp)
  • 3 x Subject Levies (7Hd or Ps)
80 Infantry figures, 10 riders and 12 horses. For one DBA army!

Happy New Year!


[An] X Wing @ Tim's - Game 1

Wedge, to be precise.

Good afternoon,

On Tuesday afternoon Tim invited me around to his place for a couple of games of X Wing.

Having enjoyed flying Wedge in my last wee tournie, I thought to pair him up with Keyan Farlander sporting an HLC and PTL (to keep him stressed), as well as a Prototype A Wing with Chadron refit and Auto Thrusters.

For the first game Tim rocked out Boba Fett (with VI), and Bossk in his Hound's Tooth. Both were flying Tacticians; Bosk was also sporting a Mangler Cannon and a K4 Security Droid. Mucho action economy therein.

So...I decided to fly up the middle, concentrate on Bosk and have Bobba fly through the rocks. Cool rocks that Tim won a while back.

With both the A and the X sporting boosts, the B gets left behind...

First shots into Bosc - who had zero evades courtesy of Wedge - four shields, just like that.

Second round of shooting...

...and, alas and alak...

...what, with Wedge double stressed 'n all, thanks to Bobba's Tactician...

...Wedge don't shoot back.


A bazillion points spent for naught but one attack.

Double drats!

Which just left the first two letters of the alphabet FTW...

Bobba breaks off...

...the A skillfully zips around the 'roid...

...and then miscalculates, boosting beyond his own firing arc.


Bother indeed!

The B for the win then!


...maybe not!

But had he survived...

...Bossk would have been toast!

Gotta get me one of those YV-666s. Maybe for my birthday - the end-of-year-and-Christmas budget went on a couple of Epic ships instead.


Thanks for the game Tim, your toys look magnificent!


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Early Achaemenid Persian Cav Complete

Good afternoon,

Subsequent to an afternoon of X Wing yesterday (reports to follow), this morning I managed to complete my final cavalry elements for my Early Achaemenid Persian DBA army.

My General (Cv) element...

...and his supporting cronies.

(Oh, and I also finished another Hoplite Spear element. Sans aspis shield decals. Destined for either another I/60 Early Hoplite Greek army or an II/12 Alexandrian Macedonian one.)

Now I just have to finish the General (Ch) option...

...and my Early Achaemenid Persian DBA army will be complete.



Wednesday, 23 December 2015

DBA 3.0 - EIR vs Early Germans

Good morning,

Yesterday, at around lunch time, Young Stan popped around for a quick game of DBA with his newly completed II/47d [Other Batavin or Cherusci] Early Germans.
  • 1 x General (Cv)
  • 2 x Heroes with long spears (4Wb)
  • 7 x Warriors (3Wb)
  • 2 x Skirmishers (Ps)

So I, naturally, brought out my II/56 Early Imperial Romans.
  • 1 x General on horseback (Cv)
  • 1 x Equites (Cv)
  • 4 x Legionaries (4Bd)
  • 3 x Auxiliary pedites (4Ax)
  • 1 x Archers (Ps)
  • 1 x Numidian (LH)
  • 1 x Lancers (3Kn)

My Wromans had already invaded Lower Germany, so the natives launched a counter attack. (Stan was the aggressor, I, the defender).

Being a bit tricksy, I send forth my Numidians to the other flank.





All while Stan had very poor pip dice and could only send forth his skirmishers into the wood.

And then out of the wood.

Umm...numerically speaking...

...that doesn't look fair!

So I pull the general out of the line to move him over yonder.

All while my Numidians (and my Equites and Lancers on the other side of the river) slog through their respective patches of bad going.

First contact.


Aww, stink!

Stink indeed!

I, rather impetuously in hindsight, send forth my Auxila to catch the corner of an isolated Warband...

...while my mounted finally make progress.

The Long Spears conform to me (since I've got the bigger group)...

...for a nul result.




...aww stink!

Stink indeed.

Thankfully the rest of his hairy mob haven't had the pips to advance. And my eastern mounted column were finally making headway north.

Next bound...


Stan redresses his line...

...and I sneak in my general to face his.

I redress my own line, and turn in my eastern mounted elements to threaten the German's flank.

And so it begins...

I manage to push back the initial shove...

...and follow up.

And here's where things go south for me.

One pip! One! There they are, all ready to cross the river to wreak havoc, pip! So I move in my general to shore up the Legionaries' line... no avail.


Next bound...

Stink, stink, stink!

Blimmin Warband quick killing Blades!

And that was the end of that. Well played Stan, well played.

Still, it was a great game, and it was wonderful to have the ancients back on the table again. I do so enjoy DBA.

Thanks for the game Stan,