Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Fun with Ghosts

Good afternoon,

Last Sunday young Jono came round to very generously drop off a complete set of rulers, cards and dice for the boys at school (that makes six complete sets, excluding mine - thanks Jono!) and, while the opportunity presented itself, we broke out the minis and had ourselves a game. I had been fiddling around with Google Hangouts, seeing if it would be possible to video my next Edge of the Empire game with Matt, so, I figured, why not try out taping a game.

A couple of disclaimers...
  • This is from my tablet's webcam, so...yeah...
  • As we were in the dining room/lounge, there is no sound, as I didn't want to capture my family going about their day in the background.
  • Also, since it was just over an hour long, I sped the whole thing up, sepia'd it up with the intention of running an old timey silent film piano track in the background. Unfortunately, since this was recorded directly to Youtube through Google Hangouts and so I had to use Youtube's editing software, which doesn't allow for looping audio or additional tracks, the music cuts out way too early
Still, for what it's worth...here it is!

Yes, Nora did get blow'd up without firing a shot!

Thanks for the game Jono,