Sunday, 9 August 2015

X Wing South Island Regionals Game 3

Decimator vs. Vadermator!

Good evening,

I should be ironing for the morning, but, well...

Here Alex rocked out with yet another dratted Tie Defender (Colonel Vessery) with Heavy Laser Cannons and...a Vadermator! Oicon Decimator playing host to Vader hisself.

We set up head to head with the big boys. Soontir kept close...

...till he realised that he'd be easy meat for the Dark Lord of the Sith.

(Vader can cause two damage to his own ship to inflict one crit. Against which there is no defence. Yikes!)

I fly on, Alex hangs a left.

To the demise of Soontir.


I hang a green 2 so that I can clear my stress, play Expose and a target lock courtesy of Experimental Interface.

With some success.


At this point I was ahead in hull points, as Vader had ripped up part of Oicon's Decimator.

As well as being ahead in the race!

Also at this point, my phone battery gave out.


The rest of the game was quite a nail biter. Alex cut his Decimator into the center, I pulled in behind him...and ran into him...and took damage at least twice from his Anti Pursuit Lasers. As well as from his turret.

And so, we came to the end. I was on one hull left, so was he. I had the higher pilot skill. All I needed to do was hit, and the game would be mine. I rolled. Two foci and a blank. And...since we were both carrying a Rebel Captive, we both had stress' piled I had no focus counters! Arghh!

In return, in the best possible way to finish that I could imagine...Alex Vader'd both of us dead!

Ha! Brilliant!

Right up until I realised that I had forgot to use my Gunner upgrade!


Next game...and I was facing Alex again, as our relative positions hadn't changed.

This time he took out Soontir early, with less damage to the Vadermator. It was a much quicker game...bother it!

Last game, and I went down to table 8...and another drubbing. (Alex went into the top 8, if memory serves.)

Well, perhaps drubbing was a bit harsh. It was another great game, this time against another Andy, who was playing an IG and two gunned up Y Wings. The Rear Admiral went down quickly (brutally quickly!), but Soontir was the man! He was able to whizz around, dodge arcs, and he eventually took out the two Ys...finally meeting his match with the IG. Still, I had stripped the 'bot's shields, so...yeah. Another really fun game. Very cool.

In the end I got the top...of the bottom half! Quite an improvement considering my last outings!

A great day gaming against some great opponents, and...

A good time was had by all!

Cheers boys,


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

X Wing South Island Regionals Game 2

Vs Andrew, Boba Fett and Rexler Brath.

Good evening,

Well, after the success of my first game, I was sent up to Table 6 to face Andrew and his hand painted models.

We set up, with Andrew hiding in the corner while I picked a lane between the obstacles for the Devastator to slide down. Drift down. What do whales do anyway?

Again, I tried to set Soontir up for a flank attack.

Andrew swung in...Soontir swung in...

...and we all bashed into each other!

Rexler flies behind the pile up...

...whereas I stall the Devastator, miscalculating what Andrew would do with Boba, and so running Soontir into the side of the Rear Admiral.

Rexlar takes chunks out of Soontir.


I try to clear the log jam...

...too late!

Double drats!

Time to turn this ship around!

And turn things around I did!


Boba and the RAC go head to head.


Twice! For two bounds neither of us budged.

Then...Andrew blinked first! :-)

Though he probably wished he hadn't!

You gotta love Expose with a target lock!

(To be fair, Andrew's attack dice had been consistently atrocious all through the game - he should have taken much larger chunks out of the Rear Admiral with his Defender before Rexler went bye bye...)

Thanks for the game Andy!


Monday, 3 August 2015

X Wing South Island Regionals Game 1

Vs. Scott and his Defenders

Good evening,

I know I've still got three more games yet to post from the Another Road to the Regionals event (last week got surprisingly busy), but,'s my first game from the South Island Regionals!

I thought to try a really fat Decimator and a nimble Tie Interceptor, so...

My first game was against Scott, whom I hadn't played against for a while. He rocked out two Tie Defenders (Rexler Brath and Colonel Vessery) with Heavy Laser Cannons, and an Academy Tie.

So we set up either side of the board, with me off to one side - I didn't want to joust with those HLCs!

I send Soontir out to the flank...'s he could, well...flank.

I think that's the first time I've tried that and it's actually worked!

The boys concentrate on Rexler Brath but not before the Defenders had taken huge chunks out of the Decimator! I was down to half health by this point!


...Expose with Target Lock thanks to Experimental Interface...

...equals one blowed up Rexler!

Needing to shed stress, the Rear Admiral sails on into the distance, leaving Soontir to try to duke it out with the Coronel.

Get it? Duke it out? Baron Soontir Fel? Anyone...? Oh well...

Soontir tries to hide behind a rock, but the Academy still gets in a shot.

Next bound and Soontir rounds the 'roid to and enters back into the fray.

Not so sure the Colonel was best pleased with that!

At that point Scott conceded, acknowledging that one Academy Tie against a souped up Soontir and a decked out know!

Cheers Scott, it was a fun game,