Tuesday, 4 August 2015

X Wing South Island Regionals Game 2

Vs Andrew, Boba Fett and Rexler Brath.

Good evening,

Well, after the success of my first game, I was sent up to Table 6 to face Andrew and his hand painted models.

We set up, with Andrew hiding in the corner while I picked a lane between the obstacles for the Devastator to slide down. Drift down. What do whales do anyway?

Again, I tried to set Soontir up for a flank attack.

Andrew swung in...Soontir swung in...

...and we all bashed into each other!

Rexler flies behind the pile up...

...whereas I stall the Devastator, miscalculating what Andrew would do with Boba, and so running Soontir into the side of the Rear Admiral.

Rexlar takes chunks out of Soontir.


I try to clear the log jam...

...too late!

Double drats!

Time to turn this ship around!

And turn things around I did!


Boba and the RAC go head to head.


Twice! For two bounds neither of us budged.

Then...Andrew blinked first! :-)

Though he probably wished he hadn't!

You gotta love Expose with a target lock!

(To be fair, Andrew's attack dice had been consistently atrocious all through the game - he should have taken much larger chunks out of the Rear Admiral with his Defender before Rexler went bye bye...)

Thanks for the game Andy!


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