Friday, 26 November 2010

HOTT Carnage, Game 4

Game 4

Early Imperial Roman...ish...vs. Mythical Indian, generaled by Nick Sutton, Robin's son.

I took my Early Imperial Tuesdo/Tank/Behemoth, a Hero General, 6 Blades and a Dragon. Of course. Caught it in the wilds of Northern Germany, you understand.

Nick's Mytical Indians were comprised of a Behemoth General, a Hero, a Magician, three Beasts and three Riders.

My depolyment zone was again bisected by a piece of Bad Going, and also a town (more BGo), so I split my Blades East and West of it, anchoring the west on my Behemoth, and the East of my line on my Hero General.

Early in the piece, the Dragon made an appearance (yay!)...

...and soon made it's presence felt, quickly taking out a beast (no where to run, they had).

In the meantime, the rest of Nick's eastern flank crashed into my line in the west...

...with a resulting pushing and ashoving.

The dragon again went a beastie hunting with great success...

...while the rest of Nick's mounted charged into my eastern line on the other flank.

Bang! There goes one Blade, and a rather large hole developed in the line.

Thankfully, the Dragon came to the rescue, switching flanks to take on some horse meat.

Ahh, the joy of the flank attack where your opponent has no where to recoil!

Nick threw his mounted back into my isolated cohort...

...but to no avail. In charged my Hero General...

...while the Dragon again switched flank to take on Nick's Magician.

Against the odds, Trajianus, or what ever his name is, was bounced back.

But Nick's Magician was not so lucky.

In charges Nick's mounted again...

...but this time with rather terminal results.

And that was the game. And the tourney.

Frank Ansell won - his first HOTT games! - and I got second. Wha Hoo! A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all. Well, by me and Frank anyway!

Cheers everyone,


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

HOTT Carnage, Game 3

Game 3

Undead vs. Lost World.

A steep hill to the west, a piece of bad going in the centre of my deployment zone (bother it) and another steep hill in Mark's deployment zone.

I took a Magician General, one Hero, one Dragon, two Knights, a Rider and four Hordes. Mark had a Magician General, four Warbands, two Flyers, one Behemoth and a God. Thankfully.

I advanced on my right, Mark advanced on his right and we tried to meet somewhere in the middle.

And lo and behold, my Dragon arrived on the field. Horrah!

Mark advanced his Behemoth with the intention of running down an easy Horde. I interupted his plans with my Hero and a supporting Knight.

In the meantime I advanced the Dragon, thinking that he'd whet his appetite with a flyer.

Mark's Behemoth stuck around long enough for me to bring up the aforementioned targeted Horde to help beat up the Behemoth, and low it was indeed beat up.

In the east the Dragon kept struggling with the Flyer (oh come on - factor +6 to factor +2...come on...), while Mark continued to advance his Magician and second Flyer.

While all this was happening, Mark's warband burst through the bad going and charged into my Stronghold. My Hordes that I brought back to stop them, well, didn't!

And low and behold, Mark's God turned up...

...and left the next turn! Much to the amusement of all who witnessed it!

The same turn that his warband squashed themselves against my Stronghold. And that was the game.

The Dragon never did cut down it's opponent. Useless!


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

HOTT Carnage, Game 2

Game 2

Numidians against Early Imperial Romans. My Early Imperial Romans! My Numidians! It was way cool using two of my armies at the same time!

I even took a God...

...but he never showed!

We advanced towards each other. My initial plan was to use the speed of my mounted to catch the EIR Blades before the got to the hill (they having deployed after my Numidians, so I was kinda in the wrong place), but... we got closer, his Spears (EIR Auxilia really, but HOTT doesn't have Ax) looked like they might threaten my flank, so...

...I broke off my advance to the East and swarmed the Spear to the West.

In the meantime, I raced a Rider to the crest of the hill just in time to be contacted and double overlapped by the EIR Blades. Just as well I was uphill, I was only pushed back.

In the West, my Riders started making significant inroads into the EIR Spears (Ax).

Only to be very rudely chopped to the front.

To the East, numbers were beginning to tell.

And so died the Rider on the hill. But at least my Elephant bounced opponents to the front and flank.

Another Sp/Ax went the way of their companions...

...and I saw a golden opportunity to chop down the EIR Hero General. So I pounced...

...only to loose my own Hero General, and the game. 8AP destroyed (including General) to 6. I had overlooked the bit in the rules where Heroes die to Heroes! Bother.