Saturday, 13 November 2010

Skellie Dragon...

...and a shooter element.

Good morning,

Just before I bury myself in writing general report comments (sigh), I have managed to complete (sans base - I need to grab another couple of 25mm DBx chariot element bases) another $2 Shop Dragon. This time for my Skellies...

Painting was thusly...
  • Black undercoat

  • Citadel Shadow Grey (I think it was)

  • Citadel Fortress Grey

  • Vallejo Blue Grey

  • Citadel Skull White

The subtle layering of greys were a little redundant, they can't really be seen, but, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Here he is beside an element of Skellie shooters, for a scale comparison. Not really that big, but he has seen better days!

These Skellie archers are from the Caesar Undead army box. They're really cool!

I've got a crazy idea to expand my two HOTT armies worth of Skellies to make a WarMaster/WarMaster Ancients army to fight my Romans. I'd need a lot more Hordes though...lets see...2 boxes got me 8 elements of Horde at 5 figures each + 5 figures to crew the three chariots + 4 archers for the 2 LH elements + 6 scythe dudes I've for those Bd elements + these three archer figs...hmmm...say 58/2 per box = thats another 4 elements of Hordes (= 12 bases = 4 WM units) + possibly another unit of blades, and I should have enough archers for two more elements (+ this one = 1 WM unit), already got 3 chariots (1 WM unit), I should be able to scrounge two archers from somewhere for another LH element (thus equaling 1 WM unit), + this dragon and a munted one I've still got that I've been planning to make into a Behemoth/Bone Giant...I wonder if I could class these HOTT Magicians as psuedo many points might that be? Got to get to 1000 to match the historical WMA armies...

That is quite a dense block of text...


Done some quick calculations, and it looks like I can muster just over 1000 points if I count the Dragon as a Sphinx, or over 1100 if I count it as a Dragon using the stats from The Battle of Five Armies. I'd just need me one more box of figures.

(Later still)

Warmaster Undead Stats, straight from the rules...

Skeleton GuardInfantry336+-330-/2*1
Skeleton BowmenInfantry2/130-3452/-
Skeleton CavalryCavalry235+-360-/-
Skeleton ChariotsChariot3/135+-3110-/3
Bone GiantMonster644+-1125-/1*2
Tomb KingGeneral+2--911301*6
Liche PriestWizard+1--8190-/2*7

(There has got to be an easier way to embed a table than by coding it by hand!)

1. Stats taken from The Battle of the Five Armies - for Goblin Guard units! I needed some way to incorporate my HOTT Bd elements!

2. Bone Giants cause terror. When a Tomb-King gives an order to a Bone Giant or a brigade that contains a Bone Giant there is a -1 Command penalty. There is no penalty when a Liche-Priest gives an order.

3. Sphinx. Because the Sphinx has so many hits (6) we must consider the possibility of hurting the Sphinx and reducing its effectiveness in subsequent turns. Therefore, if a Sphinx has accumulated 3-5 hits by the end of the Shooting phase or Combat phase it is deemed to have been badly hurt. Once a Sphinx is badly hurt all accumulated hits are discounted and its maximum Hits and Attacks are halved for the rest of the battle (to 3 Hits and 2 attacks).

6. Tomb King. The Tomb King is empowered by the spells cast upon him when buried. He can use this power to increase the Combat Attacks value of all the stands in one unit within 20cm by +1 for the duration of one Combat phase. This ability can only be used once per battle.

7. Liche Priests cast spells like other wizards.

  • 2 units of Skellie Guard @ 45 points each

  • 4 units of Skellie Infantry @ 30 points each

  • 1 unit of Skellie Archers @ 45 points

  • 1 unit of Skellie Cavalry @ 60 points

  • 1 unit of Skellie Chariots @ 110 points

  • 1 Bone Giant @ 125 points

  • 1 Sphinx @ 150 points

  • 1 Tomb King @ 130 points

  • 2 Liche Priests @ 90 points each

...gets me about 1010 points worth. 1210 if I count this bonie dragon as a...well...dragon. Enough to go up against my EIR, Parthian, Indian, Persian, Alexandrian, heck even my Gobbo WMA armies!

Right, I really must get to work.



  1. Nicely painted! Do you have a photo of the original toy? It's always so satisfying to see the crumby before photo.

  2. Thanks Andrew,

    No, no beforehand photo, but I do have another one that I am doing (I left it to dry on top of the wood burner, and it got a, since it's wings were melted, it's now a Behemoth/Bone Giant!), so I could get a shot of that before I continue on.



  3. Nice work on your Vikings by the way. They look fantastic.

  4. Nick

    That Skellie Dragon is beautifully painted.. lovely job.

    Hopefully we'll see him on the table at HotT carnage next week?

    10.00 am start..

    Kind regards

  5. Hi Robin,

    Thanks. I like it.

    You may see the Skellies (if I can get a base from Stan), or, if I can get Andy to flock them for me, you may see the VSF Brits.

    Just got to put some finishing touches to a new EIR Hero element, but, what with these reports, the chances of that getting done look remote.


  6. Nich,

    Bring them all along. :)
    We need a couple of loaners for some new players at Carnage.

    I'll bring the bases..



  7. Okey dokey.


    One Numidian (Riders, Lurkers, Behemoth, Hero and God)
    One EIR (Blades, Behemoth, Hero(s?) and God
    One Goblin (Hordes, Beasts, Flyer, Riders, Behemoth and one Blade General)
    Two Skellie (Hordes, Dragon, Riders, Knights, God, Magicians)
    One VSF (Flyer, Airboat, Behemoth, Shooters, Lurkers, Magician General)
    Most of which are finished. Mostly.


  8. Nice one Nick, Great paint job !!
    Recently I was looking at The lurkers Blog with his paint 28mm Zombies etc has been in the back of my mind for a while now..this skellie Dragon could well fit into my evil schemes :-)

  9. Thanks Paul, glad I could be of some service to you. Lord knows your stuff's inspirational to me!


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