Sunday, 10 October 2010

Early German Dragon

Good afternoon,

Here I have the final summation of my holiday's work. My Early German Dragon!

Not bad for a $2 Shop toy!

I'll use it alongside my Early German Ghosties to scare the pants off my EIRs. 'Cept the EIR Legionaries aren't wearing any pants...ah well, you get the idea.

Painting was fairly easy.
  1. Goblin Green/Navy Blue mix; Dwarven Brass base...

  2. ...Goblin Green; Shining Gold drybrush/highlight...

  3. ...with a little yellow and white highlight highlighting.

  4. The poor horsie is Beastal Brown with a bit of Devlan Mud shading.

In case anyone is wondering, the squished horse is a munted HaT Numidian animal that, due to some injudicious application of a craft knife was missing its hooves down its right side. So I just chopped it length ways down the middle and presto!

I'm quite looking forward to using this in a HOTT game. Could even use it for some VSF adventuring too, I guess.

I've got one other dragon to finish - a skeletal one for my Skellies, funnily enough. Another $2 Shop toy, as it happens. Its the only way I could afford these things!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

EIR Ax Infantry

Good morning,

Here is the summation of my Term 3 holidays!

(They are on temporary bases until I can get some more MDF bases off Stan)

The grunts are HaT Early Imperial Auxilia, the commander is from HaT's Roman Artillery and the Cornican dude is an Italeri Late Republican Roman figure. All painted with [pretty much] two layers (a dark shade with a lighter highlight) atop a black undercoat.

The primary difference between these Ax and my earlier ones is that these now have brass (actually Dwarf Bronze highlighted with Shining Gold) shield bosses and rims.

That's all of my EIR Ax infantry finished.

Now to finish the rest of the EIR Ax Cv, rework the artillery pieces, finish the rest of the legionaries and complete the Pretorian/General cav elements. Oh, and the Eastern Archers. [Sigh]

Then on to the Sarmatians...and Parthians...and Indians...and Macedonians...and Greeks...and well as a smattering of others, like my Early Germans. Of which I have at least base coated the Dragon!

So many dollies, so little time...


Saturday, 2 October 2010


Good afternoon,

More acronyms, this time standing for Early Imperial Roman Auxilia Cavalry.

These are HaT figures straight from the box. I thought they came out rather well.

Hopefully, before the holidays are out I'll have some Auxilia Infantry completed as well. Perhaps even an Early German Dragon! But we'll see. It's back to school on Monday to start gearing up for the coming term...

Bye for now,