Saturday, January 14, 2017

Beware Those Stubborn Dwarves...

...and their Brock Riders!

Good afternoon,

After spending many hours getting my 28mm Kings Of War Orcs and Goblins ready for a game...last night I went over to Robin's for a game.

And got completely done!

My one completed Orc Ax regiment... Robin's Organ Gun, Cannon and Shooters...

...while my mounted... taken apart piece meal by his Brock Riders (he was using those horrid spiders as a proxy).

The rest of the lads... slowly chewed up by his Steam Tank (the helicopter proxy) and some old fashioned Dwarven steel!

Well played Robin, well played!


Friday, January 13, 2017

Parthians Put Away...and Goblins

Good morning,

Finally, after two years, my 20mm HaT Warmaster Ancients is complete! I present to you my five WMA command elements that round the army out to about 1000 points.

I should really do another unit of Light Horse, but that's another six figures, which would require another box...doable at some point, but not right now!

Speaking of getting things done, I have also managed to rebase two Kings of War regiments of Goblins, all ready for a game with Robin tonight.

Please note, these were already painted when I bought them.

I decided to keep them all bunched up like this because that's the way I think they'd fight. All huddled together. Not like their big Orc cousins, who want a bit of room to swing their axes.

Right, now, to finally start on those Macedonians.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Works In Progress

More Orcs...and a Sparatican. Sparatacii?


Good evening,

Here is my first Orc KoW regiment.

As you can see, there's quite an eclectic selection in there.
  • Second hand GW, 
  • Second hand wayyy, wayyy out of production GW, 
  • Milton Bradley Heroquest figures and even...
  • One Mantic Great Ax...
...since, as I'm basing them 16 to a regiment instead of the suggested 20, I had four leftover thereof. Which then spun out my total number of Orcsess to fill out three whole regiments. Sweet!

Apart from these two...

...which were already finished to a very high standard (you should see the Standard Bearer), the bulk of these figures were purchased undercoated and roughly block painted (apart from my Heroquest figs from way, way back...), so haven't taken very long to touch up. These dudes were so much easier than my Parthians!

Speaking of 20mm, here is my next element for my Spraticus army. Sparaticus hisself, this time dismounted.

Upon further reflection, he should be on a Hero's actually just a Blade with stolen gear!


Friday, January 6, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different...

...28mm Orcs!

A while back I decided to try my hand at Kings of War in 28mm through the medium of second hand GW figs. (And then I got a bit carried away with new Mantic Skellies...but that's another story...), and I've finally got around to fixing up the basing.

(These blokes were already painted, I just dipped and dulled them.)

They are 'sposed to be ranked shoulder to shoulder, five wide per row, but, well...I didn't have enough figures for that, and...some of these blokes just won't! What with arms and blades everywhere, many can't fit side by side. So I've based them four abreast, and filled the gap with air drying clay. Thusly...

I'm currently working through a regiment of Ax, based likewise.

These were especially awkward, as many are leaning forward with their weapons reaching further forward again. I had to move them around so their weapons would fit in between the gaps of the rank in front of them.

Final gaps to be filled over the weekend.


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Double DBA Parthian Army Complete

Good afternoon,

Here, within mere days shy of two years since starting, are my final Parthian fighting elements for my Parthian army. And so, my double DBA Parthian army is now complete.

With these done I now have...
  • 2 x Generals (4Kn)
  • 4 x Cataphracts (4Kn)
  • 12 x Horse Archers (2LH)
  • 2 x Vassal State Archers (Ps)
  • 1 x Daylami (4Ax)
  • 2 x Hyrkanian Mountaineers (3Ax)
  • 2 x City Militia (3Bw)

I can't make two all mounted Parthian armies (I'd need another three Light Horse elements and/or another five Cataphract elements to do that), but I do have enough numbers and variety to send two DBA armies up against my Later Republican and Early Imperial Romans.

I've still got five more Warmaster Ancients command (2Kn) elements to complete before I can say that all my Parthians are done,'s not every day one completes a DBA army, let alone two!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Good afternoon,

Here I have finished two more Celtic elements... for...I think...Caesar's Gallic Allies for WMA, and one WMA Gaul command element.

To be honest, I can't remember which box I pulled this Gallic cav element out of!

And here is Spartacus hisself!

The first element painted of my HOTT Sparaticus army! The bulk being from old Atlantic Gladiators.

These ones are atop Esci Napoleonic cavalrymen legs, sitting on Newline (metal) Roman horses.

Ah, bother, I've just spotted a patch of unfinished flesh! Best I touch up that before he goes back in his box.


Yep, they were the third Gallic cav element to fill out my WMA unit of Gallic Allies for my Late Republican Roman WMA army. Now back to these Parthians...

Monday, December 26, 2016

More Pathians Perfected

Good afternoon,

Just to prove that it's not all X Wing...I present to you...Parthian Cataphracts!

Just two more elements to go and I will have 2 DBA armies worth. Five Warmaster Ancients command elements more and I'll have 1000 WMA points worth. A small force to be sure, but a workable one.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Brothers in Arms

Good morning,

Yesterday morning young Tim invited Andrew and me around for some X Wing. I was a little early, so...I got to face Tim first!

Having left my toys at home, I got to play with Tim's Ghost (Hera, TLT, Fire Control SystemGunner - a couple of times Tim took a point of avoidable damage to avoid my gunner! - and a Plasma Torp to shoot out the back) and his Arc 170...
(Nora, with Kanan, BB-8, PTL and an engine upgrade - never before have I flown something so maneuverable! 
Reveal a green, BB-8 rolls, PTL off that, get a stress, do your green and remove your stress, getting a free focus thanks to Kanan, then you've still got another action to do. My favourite combination was reveal a green - roll - PTL for TL - move, get a free focus - and focus - save the TL for defence (thanks to Nora and the second focus), and use the other focus for attack.)
...neither of which I have myself. Cool!

Flying side by side, what with their bulbous canopies both, I wondered if they might be related...

Tim decides not to joust with the brothers...fatty and skinny...

So the boys decide to go hunting for YT. 'Cept one of them is a girl.

While Miranda circled with her TLT.

Death by a thousand cuts, anyone?

What, with all his barrel rolls and ignoring obstacles, Dash Rendar is a really hard fellow to pin down. But pin him I did.

Or so I thought.

Dratted TLT!

Must have missed a photo here - I did a soft one, Dash ran into me... I K-Turned to get out of his way. And hopefully back onto his tail.

Debris be damned!

All the while Dash's HLC is taking rather large chunks out of the Ghost, and Miranda's TLT is quietly cutting away.

Now this is just sneaky. I turn in, figuring, rightly, that Tim would do the same. We end face to face, but not touching...

...and Dash just barrel rolls out of my arc and takes the rest of Hera's hull down.

Well played Tim, well played.

By this time Andrew was all ready to go with his final league match against Tim (who was using the same list as he was against mine - Death-By-A-Thousand-Cuts, and Dance-Like-A-Butterfly-Punch-Like-A-Gorilla!)

Tim won. Dashed hard thing to kill that Dash. (Though it was Miranda's ion bombs that really did it in for IG-88D...)

Then Tim suggested that Andrew and I should have a game.

I stuck with Brothers-Fat-And-Thin, Andrew brought out the Bounty-Hunters-Grimm. Boba and Cath.

And away we went.

Literally - I went straight in.

A bit of a frontal assault...

...and some strategic blocking later...

...and Cath was shieldless.

But now for Boba.

(I do love the way Nora can zip around like a wee hummingbird!)

Shields off Boba, down into hull...

...all ready for a missile shot out the rear of the Ghost...

...but Boba shot first!



...revenge was Nora's...before I conceded! Nora had but one or two hull left, while Cath was fully hulled up...

Great game fellas, thanks very muchly for the invite Tim, and the use of your toys.

The Ghost's magnificent, but it seems to me that it only really works when flying alongside Biggs. Poor Biggs. Nora on the other hand...loads of fun!

Thanks again boys,