Saturday, October 25, 2014

Corvette for the...

...well, a win is a win...

Not my toys, but from Mini Wargaming. But it does go to show that the Corvette, as well as looking cool, can have it's uses in a game.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Y Wing for the...

...oh, that's right...

Good evening,

Yesterday afternoon I took time out from planning for this week at school to pop back down to Comics for, hopefully, a pick up game to practice with the same list that I took last week.

Except I swapped out Squad Leader for Expert Handling.

Fortunately, I got there at the same time as Scott, so...we faced off one more time. With the same lists, as it happened. Nasty nasty TIE Phantoms with Heavy Laser Cannons....mutter, mutter....

Anyway, we lined up, and away we went.

Right from the outset, I was flying my own ships into each other...

...whereas Scott kept his in formation.

This was not an auspicious start for the afternoon.

Especially to loose Luke so early in the proceedings.

And then Wedge.

And finally Horton.


Lessons learnt? That the Phantom with a white K turn (so they can still use a Focus unlike the rest of us) and heavy laser cannons when matched up with Captain Jonus, who can give any of his mates within range 1 a re-roll on two of their attack dice makes for pretty much 4 guaranteed hits per Phantom. Yikes! So...try to split up that formation. Either go for Jonus, or one Phantom at a time...

Seeing as that game was over in the blink of an eye, we lined up and tried again. This time I tried trying to work around the outside in an effort to break up Scott's winning formation.

It didn't really work!

Although I did manage to Ion Jonus...

...which separated them a bit anyway. And at least I knew where he'd be next turn.

No rerolls for the Phantoms this turn. Huzzah!

Or any turn after, for that matter. Horrah!


...Luke still goes down in a screaming heap!


And there goes Wedge!

Double drats!

Man, even without re-rolls, these things are deadly!

And so...

...even with the occasional Ion shot...

...the writing was kinda on the wall!

Still, it was a fun game (have I mentioned that these games are very pretty?)

And, after a bit of a chat, some post game analysis, advice and internet searching, I've decided to go with a four ship list for the Regionals in a couple of weeks.

Initially, I thought about three Rookie Xs and a B with HLCs, but then realised that I don't have an official Heavy Laser Cannon card (I think it comes with the E Wing, of which I have none), so I am thinking...
  • Wedge (even though he'll be the first one gunned down) with Swarm Tactics and an R5 astro droid
  • Garven Dries - he uses his Focus token then gives it to...oh, hang on, to anyone of a lower pilot skill! Drats! I thought, if he was close enough to Wedge to have his own pilot skill upgraded he could then shoot first and then pass the focus to Wedge. Drats!
  • Blue Squadron B Wing pilot with an Ion Cannon
  • Prototype A Wing...'cause I haven't enough points for a Rookie X Wing.
Hmm, I may need to rethink that list...



Sweet! It might work after all!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

X Wing Is a Pretty Game

Back from Comics this afternoon. Before I write up the games - consider them learning experiences - I thought I'd post these.

X Wing is such a pretty game!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Y Wing for the Win!

Good evening,

For the last wee while Comics Compulsion Christchurch have been running casual X Wing games on a Sunday. Today was the first time I popped in hoping for a pick up game. I was almost too late. I rocked up at two o'clock to meet a small group heading out of the door after having just finished a couple of games. Thankfully Scott graciously agreed to unpack all of his gear to give me a bash. Thanks Scott!

He was playing two TIE Defenders (three die all round, thank you very much) each with Heavy Laser Cannons (four attack die, regardless of range) + Captain Jonus in his TIE Bomber.

I was playing, well, this.

First time in a long time that I was playing with my Y Wing.

So we lined up...

...closed up...

...nice formation flying there...and exchanged fire.

Can't ask much better than that from an Assault Missile! There go my three Y Wing shields. Still, I had stripped off some shields myself, so...'twas a fair exchange all round.

A bit of twirling and swirling later...

...Luke gets a lucky shot! And then there were two!

And the Horton Salm manages to ionise Captain Jonus with his Ion Turret. Huzzah!


...the shots were not all one way. Wedge promptly dies early in the game.

I'm sure he did that last time he was out at Comics!

And then there were two. On both sides.

Luke, having lost his shields takes a green manoeuvre so that R2D2 can work his magic to restore a shield, which sets him up nicely for...

...a completely ineffectual attack on the remaining Defender that was easily brushed aside!


Still, he wasn't the only one having a bad day!

Captain Jonus takes a completely wrong turn and sends himself off the board!

But, since this was a friendly, I allow Scott to re-direct Jonus' turn in the other direction.

Which lined him up nicely for a Proton Torpedo attack from Horton.

Boom! And then there was one.

Scott was expecting that I'd have Luke do another easy turn green manoeuvre to regain another shield, so moved in the Defender so that Luke'd collide with it, thus denying Luke an action.

I didn't. Thought I'd be sneaky and try to get Luke on the outside of the Defender.

Wish I hadn't!

And then there was one. On both sides.

However, since the Defender was ionised, it couldn't turn round to attack Horton, he goes with another ion attack!

Whoo hoo! You gotta love turret weapons!

And, since it worked so well last time...

Whoo hoo! Another successful ion attack.

Which meant that all I had to do was line up a range one shot...

...with a target lock re-roll...

...and boomshanka! That was the end of that!

Whoo hoo! Whodathunk an old bus like a Y Wing could take out a new fangled TIE Defender?!

Whoo hoo!

Thanks for the great game Scott, it was mighty fine of you to stick round for it.