Friday, August 15, 2014

Wedge Pops His Clogs

Good afternoon,

Just a quick report - well, half report - of a game I had with Mark D a couple of days ago. Mark wanted an opportunity for revenge over his last loss, I wanted another chance to figure out how best to use the Tie Bomber.

So, Mark pulled out Wedge, Ten Numb and a Grey Squadron Y Wing...

...while I pulled out Soontir Fel, Dark Curse, Backstabber (or was it...I can't remember. I couldn't find one of the pilots I was wanting...), an Academy Pilot and a Gamma Squadron Tie Bomber.

I threw down some rocks, set up and away we went.

I went for another box formation, just 'cause. Soontir went wide.

The B Wing and Soontir squared off, while Wedge and the Y (sounds like a band) headed off the [mini] swarm.

First shot of the game, and, well...


However, Wedge immediately ran into some bother.

All shields stripped and two crits!

The Stunned Pilot card was the biggie. If Wedge overlapped anyone, he'd take a hit.

Have you noticed how he's about to run into a Tie screen door?

And that was the end of Wedge.

Unfortunately, the damage dishing wasn't all one way.

A hit and a crit. Two hull points down, just one to go.

In an effort to avoid that nasty B Wing who had just piled on the hurt, I decided to risk the asteroids.

What's the worst that could happen?

Oh, that!

Each time you run over an asteroid, you roll - a hit result means, well, a hit result. And Soontir, well, got a hit result.

And then there was three! (That's the Tie Bomber lurking in the back.)

We had to call it there. I had a headache, and had to drive 5 1/2 hours down to Cromwell the next day for my mother's funeral. The poor wee duck finally succombed to her two brain tumours.

Still I take great comfort in the fact that...

Because God so loves the world that He gave His one and only Son so that, because Mum believed in Him, she has not perished, but now has eternal life. John 3:16. Or there abouts.

It was a nice service, complete with a random Harvard aerobatic display over Alexandra afterwards, and a lovely family time. I recommend the Tin Goose in Cromwell for breakfast...speaking of good service...


Hey, this is my 100th battle report!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Money Sink!

Good afternoon,

I have recently become aware of this...

My chances of saving up for a new guitar amp are ever diminishing!


And subsequent from that post, here is a demo...

I believe that I overheard in the clip that the ships are going to be "relative" sizes, rather than accurately scaled - as they pointed out, to get their CR-90 into the bay of an Imperial class star destroyer, it'd have to be almost as big as the board. While I get that, I am disappointed by that decision - I much prefer the look of a constant scale on the board. In my opinion, they should have designed from the top down, so that the CR-90, even though it would be tiny, would at least be scaled consistently with the Imperial class ISD...though then of course you'd have the trouble of representing the fighters. Perhaps they could have been counters...

Either way, the super star destroyers, the Executor class, would be problematic...


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soontir for the win!

Good evening,

Last night Mark D came over for a long awaited game of X Wing with my new Tie Bomber.

He selected a potent Rebel force that included Wedge Antilles, a decked out B Wing and an A Wing. I chose my aforementioned Gama squadron Tie Bomber, an Academy Tie Fighter, Dark Curse and Soontir Fel - with Push the limit, of course!

And away we went.

I thought I'd try to do something tricky with Soontir, intending to whiz him right to deal with that A Wing early.

Umm, I miscalculated just how far he could move, so he zoomed to the left instead!

And then back to the right to zip past the B Wing.

Wedge takes the first shot of the game... extreme range!

Oh, come on! And there goes the Academy pilot.

I zip Dark Curse out of the way...

...and the Rebels all pick on my Gamma guy!

So he drops a bomb.

A seismic charge, to be precise.

That manages to deal out hits to four seperate ships. One of which was mine!


Actually, I did that wrong. I should have dropped the charge and then moved, rather than the other way round.

And then...

...that was the end of that! One Tie Bomber destroyed with a complete compliment of torpedoes and missles on board. About 14 points worth - that's almost enough for another Academy Tie Fighter!

I really have to remember to target lock some stuff so I can fire my ordinance next time.

And then...

...boom! The B Wing disposes of Dark Curse.

Which just leaves Soontir Fel. I had a bad feeling about that...(it was about here when the battery on my phone said "right, no more flash 'till I get some more juice!")


...things started looking up...

That being stated, I still thought that some discresion looked to be the better part of valour...

...and hid behind an asteroid.

Which put just enough distance between that B Wing to take the edge off his attacks.

Then Mark makes a critical error and K turns in front of me.

Boom shanka!

(Actually, I think he was intending to Boost (engine upgrade) and then push the limit, but got a bit confused between the difference between movement (boost) and actions (push the limit) and the order thereof. Movement first, then actions. Once you've got a stress marker (from, for example, doing a K/Immelman turn) during your movement phase, you can no longer do any actions 'till you get rid of the stress.)

And then there was one.

A bit of fancy flying...

...and shooting first...

...and that was the end of that.
Rather unexpectedly. I was sure I was about to go down in a flash of molten metal!
Great game Mark, a rematch is definitely warrented.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Robo Rally

Good morning,

Now that mid year reports are over (or at least delivered to team leaders for approval), I thought that I'd share a fun game of Robo Rally with y'all. Four players (me, Matthew (my son), Andrew and Mark), two 'bots each, one board, four flags.

Let the chaos ensue!

Beginning of the second turn, and already my Trundle Bot had already fallen off the edge of the board - I was surprised that he, and Twonky, my other bot, had survived [almost] to the end of the round - I had mixed up their programming. I gave Trundle Bot Twonky's programme, and visa versa!

This was Twonky's board at the end of the round. All of those move registers are locked - he had to do them, regardless of where they took him. I could only give him one fresh card...he was about to die a second time!

You'll notice that Matthew has managed to get his Spinbot to the first flag. He's really good at this game.

And there's Twitch, Matt's second bot.

This conga line was particularly deadly for poor Twonky, stuck as he was between two lasers pointing his way. At least Andrew's Hammer Bot, with it's high powered laser upgrade, was also giving Matthew's Spin Bot some grief as well.

Two rounds later, that's what Twonky's board looked like. All locked up! Last life too... he didn't survive for the last round!
We called it there, as 7 Days was about to start. Matthew was declared the winner.
And a good time was had by all!