Monday, May 18, 2015

Wedge List Test

Good evening,

I should be writing reports, but, well...I've been dieing to try out my Look After Biggs And He'll Look After Wedge list - that really needs a more catch title -

...ever since I won that Hawk. But trying to find the time in between school, planning and reports was just, well, nigh on impossible. So in the end I thought, I can at least set up a match myself.

I chose a list that I had the most trouble with in the Wizards Store Champs...and could replicate at home...sort of...

I just couldn't catch Damon's interceptors. And I figure Xs can't catch Phantoms either so...let's see, shall we?

Having pulled together the counters and such the previous evening, and having just packed away school stuff for the evening last Sunday night, I rolled out the mat, threw down some 'roids, and away we went.

As I was playing myself, I rolled off to see who got the initiative. Imperials...

...or Rebels.

Rebels it is then.

I spread the TIEs out, clumped the Rebs together, and of we went.

We/I closed...

...and it was here that I realised that sticking Biggs behind Wedge isn't the way to go.

Wedge was at Range 3 from Turr Phenirr, but Biggs was out of range altogether. So there went Wedge's two shields. Just like that.


Still, I at least learnt something, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice...

We/I close in further, Wedge bumps into the back of Biggs...bother it...but thankfully he still had the Target Lock from the first combat.

I'll have to try to do something about my propensity to do that.

Wedge strips out Turrs Stealth Device and two hull.

Turr rolls out of Wedge's arc after Biggs dodges all of his attacks (having just evaded Soontir's attack, and, subsequently, Whisper's machinations, thanks to Biggs' Stealth Device, R2-F2, and a focus from Kyle. Yay! My plan does work!), but not before Biggs fires - ineffectively - thanks to Wedge's Squad Leader. Ah well.

Which just left Kyle to fire his Ion Turret.



And that's where I left that. It was getting late (for me) so I thought I would leave it set up for a couple of days so that I could grab a sneaky turn here and there.

But then I thought, no. Max (one of our cats) would have a field day - he loves swiping stuff off the table to chase it around the kitchen. At best, I'd have to hunt for one of my Focus counters. At worst, he'd break off another X Wing lance.

So...I packed up and will try again after reports are done!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

ANZAC X Wing Game 4

vs. John

vs. Corran, Biggs and a couple of Talas.

Good afternoon,

And so it came down to it, the last game of the day. I was in the running for...well, nothing actually. Possibly mid field...?

Anyroadup, John and I set up for a joust (lovely paint job on those Space Jesters!), and I thought, well, I thought to try to edge around the flank before we got into range. 'Cept that we were closer than I thought...and once again, Wedge is pointing the wrong way.

I really have to stop doing that.

John skillfully maneuvers Biggs into Range 3, so I have to him, instead of the likes of Corran.

Clever John.

And in the meantime...

...the Talas take out Rookie 2.


It was then that it occurred to me that Tala Squadron Zeds are a much better deal points wise than Rookie Xs.

And still they come...

...blocking Wedge so he couldn't action...

...and boom!

There goes the Antilles. Again.


It got worse. One of the Tala's managed a 3K turn behind Rookie 4...

...and Boomshanka!

Hmmm, this isn't going quite my way.

Still, at least Garven found himself in a target rich environment!

And even though there was no one left to pass his focus on to...

...he finally managed to take out Biggs.


Alas and alak...

...Corren double tapped...and that was the end of that.

Very well played John, you have inspired me to fly a Biggs of my own. Can anyone say "Three Amigo's"?

In the end I ended up at the top of the bottom third. With a HWK-90 and a free dice bag that Tim so very generously passed on to me. That'll be great for my Edge of the Empire dice I ordered. Once they get here. (I'm such a FFG Fanboy!)

And a good time was had by all!

Cheers for the games boys,


Friday, May 1, 2015

ANZAC X Wing Game 3

vs. a Doom Shuttle, Soontir and 'his mate.

vs. Damon.

Good evening,

Right my third game (fourth, if you count the bye...which Chris did, so I was sent up to the big boys' tables. Don't ask me how that works...but it put me in the right place at the right time - thanks for the Hawk Chris!) pit my X Wings against a big o' whale that they could catch, and a couple of interceptors that they couldn't.

First round of shooting and Soontir brushes off Wedges' advances, thanks to his Stealth Device. And being at Range 3.

I'm not so sure Wedge was able to reciprocate...

Although I think I did manage to strip 'is mate's SD and scored a hit, so at least he ran away.

In the meantime, I stay in attack formation, as Vader hoves into range.

The Shuttle takes a few chunks off Rookie 4, then Vader eyes up the same unfortunate chap, and...

...crushes him flat.


So next turn, while Soontir sits on a rock, I fly in to finish off the Shuttle...

...and Vader does it for me! For the cost of a crit on Wedge, if I remember rightly.


Next turn Wedge shakes off the crit (one of those 'turn over this crit as an action' cards. Can't remember which), but all of my boys end up facing the wrong way.

So does Soontir, thankfully, though 'is mate was able to take shots at Garvin.

Next round and Garvin and Soontir zip by each other like ships in the night. Rookie 1 ends up in a compromising position, but... was Wedge that came off second best.


And then for the rest of the game I was trying to catch the Interceptors, and Damon kept arc dodging.

Time was called, and so ended the game. 53 points to Damon, 31 to me.

Well played Damon, well played.


Monday, April 27, 2015

ANZAC X Wing Game 2

X Wings vs Han and Zeds.

vs. Blair, the son of the owner of the shop. Probably the game I enjoyed the most. Not that the others weren't all top blokes, but this one came right down to the wire...

Having been given a bye for the second round, and receiving 5 and 150 points for my lack of efforts there of (don't ask me how it works), my next draw was against Blair, the son of the owner of Wizard's Retreat. Blair was flying a list that had actually won the 2014 worlds...

Hmmm, thought I...

So, well, I set up in the opposite corner, hoping to get the Falcon to fly to me through the asteroids.

And it worked. Blair ran the Falcon onto a 'roid. Which, as well as costing Blair a shield, meant I was able to take pieces out of him without Han shooting back. And as Wedge was flying Veteran Instincts, he was able to take away Han's one evade die, which meant that Blair couldn't use 3CPO for the potential second evade.


Next round Han and Wedge go head to head...which was a bit of a poo, seeing as I needed Wedge to take every shot he could...


...the Rookie finally earned his stripes.

It was about time that Han was down to only one hull point. (Young Blair had forgotten to use R2 to regain shields when he had no hull damage, and then, when he did, he turned up a double hit! Add that to another double hit crit that got through courtesy of the X Wings, and, well...)


...the destruction didn't didn't all go the one way. Han takes out the other Rookie in a fit of pique.

A bit of zipping thither and yon ensued...

...with Han dodging all attacks directed his way...all while Wedge was pointing the wrong way...

...before Garven flies a little close to the sun. Or son. Han's got to have parents, right?

And still Han lives!

But not for very much longer! Wedge finally takes out Han on the very last turn of the game, time having been called just as we picked up our dials.

Whoo hoo! I beat a 9 year old! What a man am I!!

Thanks for the game Blair, it was a lot of fun.