Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Vindicator...

...was vindicated!

Good afternoon,

Well, first day of the school holidays, first game for the break. I thought to try out a couple of my new toys. The Decimator, and the second A Wing.

So I drew up a couple of 50 point lists...

...plonked down the mat and away I went. Solo, like. Not to be confused with like Solo.

I thought I'd try to fool myself by flying the Decimator through the asteroids, while I flew Tycho in, and the Prototype Pilot around.

First shots. Man, the Decimator was on fire! (Not literally, you understand...)

And I forgot to roll the other die for a Range 1 shot. Thankfully, I rolled three evade, thanks to Tycho's Stealth Device.

More circling...

...and another devastating volley from the Decimator, which Tycho failed to evade.

That's just not sposed to happen! The whole idea of sending these little gnats up against this behemoth was that the gnats were sposed to be hard to swat!

Another round, and...


(And that even with the extra die from the now defunct Stealth Device. Opps!)

Which just left one A Wing up against the mighty titan...

First shot of the game, and...

...oh, come on!

To add insult to injury, I try to fly past the Vindicator, but was too far out.

Unfortunately for me, the Dauntless' Anti Pursuit Lasers were ineffectual.

And so, the Dauntless starts to outfly the A Wing...

...and dish out effective fire as it goes past.

Did I mention the the Vindicator's dice were hot?

More circling...

...another missed opportunity to fire from the A Wing. Which is silly, really, considering I was flying both!!

Finally, the A Wing's caught up!

I bet it wished it hadn't!!

And that was the end of that. Collectively, the A Wings received, well, more hits than they could handle...'bout 10, I think...while the Vindicator only got 5 hits in return.

Lessons learnt...

  1. You can't afford to have half of your fighting force not fighting for all but the last few moments of the game...
  2. ...and that Vindicator shoots like a shooty thing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Generosity of Parents

Well, the parents of the children I teach anyway.

Good evening,

This morning my lovely parents (of the children I teach) rocked up with an end of year bonus as a thank you for a year well spent.

(That's me with a parachute - we were about to play some games with it outside.)

I'm just back from Comics, and Tim has agreed to provide all of these...
  1. a Scum and Villiany starter pack (when they're out)
  2. a Firespray (when they're back in stock)
  3. a Z-95 Headhunter (when they're back in stock)
  4. a couple of M3-A Interceptors (when they're out)
  5. a Tie Phantom (when they're back in stock)
  6. a Rebel Aces pack (at least that's in stock!)
  7. and another Tie fighter
...for the price of the voucher - a saving of...well, about $10, but hey!


Better still, I can get some now...

...some in February (the restocks of the Headhunter, Firespray and Phantom) and April - the Scum and Villiany starter and the M3s.

So this truly is the gift that keeps on giving!!

Thanks once again,


Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Generosity of a Champion

A New Zealand X Wing Miniatures Game champion, to be precise. Tim, to be ever more precise.

Good afternoon,

Young Tim, the 2014 X Wing Miniatures Game New Zealand Champion, has just dropped off a Decimator... a trade for my X Wing Tournie dice.

And a very, very generous trade it is too!

Very many thanks Tim, I can't wait to give it a bash!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

X Wing At Comics - Game 2

Good evening,

Well, after a splendid game with AndrewTim then offered me a game. The 2014-New-Zealand-X-Wing-Miniatures-Game-champion Tim. He of the exclusive red measuring sticks fame!

I used the same list as last time, Tim rocked out a Fat Han (fully loaded up with C3PO and...all sorts of other stuff that I can't remember, all on an extra tall stand) along with Jan...somebody in a HWK. She could gather up focuses and dish them out, along with giving Han an extra attack die when she was within range 3. Oh, and she carried a blaster turret. Can't forget the blaster turret...

Anyway, we set up the board using these nifty asteroids - based on tourney legal templates, lest there be any confusion - and away we went.

I thought that there was no point in hanging around, so ran up the boys quick smart.

First round and we were at Range 3 to exchange shots.

Round two, and the Falcon's shields were stripped...and Soontir had evaded seven hits! Seven of the blighters! That Stealth Device and Push-the-Limit-allowing-an-evade-and-two-foci combination was working a charm, I tells ya!

Round three and the Emperor made a critical error, and the time for Jan's attack had come.

I K Turn the Sabre pilot past the Falcon, denying me actions. Jan dials up her Blaster Turret, and, well...


Soontir and Vader split up and round some rocks.

Or try to.

Once again, Vader misjudges. Just when the Falcon was ripe for a Cluster Missile strike, Vader can't do a darn thing but watch Han sail right by...arghh!

But at least I'll get me a missile strike on Jan.

Well, no effect...and...

...NOOOOOO!!! Blasted Blaster Turret!

Which just left a slightly damaged Soontir (which meant no additional Stealth Device evade die, bother it), chasing a 3 hull-point-left Falcon.

Alas, I flew a few millimetres too far to clear a stress, and so the Falcon was juuuuusst out of my firing arc.

Unfortunately, Soontir was not out of Han's arc, neither was Han devoid of Jan's assistance.

Still, it was another great game. This is why I love X Wing - I had a blast even though I lost!

Thanks for the game Tim, and you know those translucent dice of mine...?


Monday, December 1, 2014

A Message for Tim

Hi Tim,

Upon further reflection, seeing as you are the national champ...yes.

Anything from...
  • Another bash at some point, or...
  • a Phantom or Headhunter, or...
  • Rebel Aces!
What ever you see fit! :-)


Sunday, November 30, 2014

X Wing At Comics - Game 1

Good evening,

Since Comics is closing down it's X Wing Sundays for a while over the Christmas period, I thought I'd try to get along after church this afternoon for a last bash...for a while. (There was mention of some Saturday games that will take up the slack in Durham St...somewhere...)

Anyway, I had had a game on Friday night with Mark D using a couple of TIE Interceptors and Vader in his TIE Advanced, so I thought I'd tweak the list...

...and see what would happen.

I rocked up while Andrew was painting his TIE Bomber and he kindly put aside his paint to have a game with me, using a list that he'd thrown together to test out against another list he was experimenting with. His 'B' list, if you will.

And away we went.

I thought to try and entice him into the asteroids, as these TIEs are pretty manoeuvrable, what with boosts and barrel rolls and such.

Unfortunately, Vader misjudged and landed on an asteroid. No actions, no shooting, no good at all.

And that jolly bomber lived! I was expecting that eight attack dice would have done it in. Not so, my rolls were not all that I had hoped they would have been.

So Vader, Soontir and the Sabre pilot go their separate ways...

...with Vader facing Vader. Mine was all lined up for a Cluster Missiles strike, but...

...Andrew had initiative, and shot first.

But at least Vader survived...?

In the meantime Andrew's Gamma guy had K Turned, and, well...

...bang! There goes the Sabre.


Well, at least Soontir was in a target rich environment!

And, what with his boosts and Push the Limits, he was flying circles around...well, actually, around that one asteroid. Again, and again.

All while Andy flew his Firespray out and back so as to send it back again.

Oh come on!!

Round that rock again.

Ships passing in the night...

...and then...


Which just left two.

That Vader is a slippery fellow. I kept hitting him, and he kept evading, one way or the other.

Pew pew, ping, ping...

And then I fly just a little too fast...

...squeezing out a touch in front of the Big V...

...the hits from whom set up the Firespray... finally finish off Soontir.

But, all things considered...Soontir 'da man! Such wow, so many dodge.


Thanks for the game Andrew, I really enjoyed it.