Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last of the Summer Spearmen

Good evening,

Here I now present to you my last spear elements of the summer. Both HaT. One from their Italian Allies set...

...which I'll use as an Athenian Ally element (I really need to get some shield transfers!), and one from their Later Hoplite Greek set...

...who, like the Persian foes, are awaiting some parched straw to add to their flock mix.

Note how I cut away the back of their shields so that I could bend them to their front. It did make a bit of a mess of their backs, but at least her they're not holding their shields out beside them in a "come at me bro!" pose!

And shield transfers!


Monday, February 8, 2016

X Wing Over Wooston, Game 1

Good evening,

Over this long weekend just past, X Wing made another appearance at the annual Warclouds Over Woolson wargaming event. 

Having just read an article about how to avoid being hamstrung by stress, I thought I'd adapt said suggested list.


Anyhow, my first game was up against Terence. He was flying a Emperor'd up Decimator and Whisper, replete with Agent Kallus.

So...away we went.

Knowing that there wasn't a whole lot I could do with Whisper, I went for the great grey whale instead.

Zipping Tycho behind the behemoth.

Yay for Autothrusters!

Oh, did I forgot to mention that the Big D was equipped with an Ion Projector? My two Zeds found out the hard way!

Which kind of mucked up my next turn. The Rebels all piled in together.

But not for long...

...bother it!

Drats! My hardest hitter down, what, four or five turns into the game.


Next bound and I manage to narrowly avoid blocking Whisper...

...as Tycho tries to take out the last few hull points left in the Deci while the Zeds frantically try to turn around.

And then Tycho also runs into the Ion Projector.

Aww man!

Aww man indeed.

Still, at least that crit I gave the Oicunn meant that should he run over, well, anything...

...Boom! There goes his last hull point!

However, with naught but two Zeds to face Whisper...

...and Whisper cleverly avoiding taking shots from more than one at a time...

...the Rebels were only saved by the bell! Ha!

That last shot - point blank from Whisper...and the Zed survived! Ha! :-)

Thanks for the game Terrance, that was cool!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Final Elements For The Summer

Good evening,

And here are my final efforts for my summer holidays. My completed Marian Roman Legionaries/Polybian Roman Principes, and their Italian Allies, all dipped up, dulled down and based.

And since the dip was about to be brought back out, I quickly finished/base coated these Later Achaemenid Persian Auxilia...

(I'm still waiting for the cash for the parched straw for their bases)

...and then brought out some of my pre-painted Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures, the ones that looked particularly blah, and dipped (and sprayed) them as well.

They've made quite a difference on some, not so much on the others. But that Duros has turned out beautifully!

So, since it seemed to work on them...

...I brought out some more! Worked a treat on those Rebel Honour Guards, the Quarren and those Jawa. Especially the one in the lighter robe.

So that brings up my grand total of painted figures to...nine more than last count?

28 elements, comprising of...
  • 112 infantry or rider figures
  • 28 horses
  • 1 chariot, and
  • 1 undead dog/giant rat
...as near as I can figure it, over six weeks. Plus a few games here and there, including Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG this afternoon, in which some of these very figures made an appearance.



Friday, January 29, 2016

Battle of Marathon Game 2

Good evening,

Following one from the first Battle of Marathon, here's the second.

With a subtle difference - Stan handed over the con to Neal, a mate of mine who had just popped 'round mid way through the first game, and then continued to dispense sage tactical advice.

We both advance, once again my Persians having to roll a 6 on the PIP die before calling on the cav.

Silly scenario rule!

However, this time I deploy close to the steep hills...

...so my lights could run for the hills!

All the while shooting with my Sparabara.


And so, while my cav look on from the corner...

...Neal springs his trap on my exposed flank.

That ain't good!


...I did at least recoil a single spear element.


...it was all a little grim for the easterners.

I try to reform a firing line...

...that once again prooves ineffectual.

Neal pushes through the centre...

...to a fairly predictable result.

It gets worse.

Aw stink!

Still, at least I managed a recoil on the final roll of the die!

All while my mounted watch on.

Bother it all!

Good game Neal, well done.

To be fair, according to the original scenario, the Greek's psiloi should have stayed in their camp until a roll of a 6. Stan must have brushed over that bit!

I'm looking forward to a rematch, but this time with the mounted on point from the get go.