Sunday, July 24, 2016

Brexit - The Gift That Keeps On Giving...Again...

Good afternoon,

A couple of days ago I received my second Brexit inspired purchase from the UK. Newline 20mms.

Hoplites (Command and Advancing)...

(They weren't quite as compatible with the HaT figs as I had envisioned. Still, they look great!)

...Macedonian Command elements...

(Which now bulks out my number of Macedonian pikemen DBA elements to 16 - two more (eight figures) and I'd have enough for a triple Alexandrian Macedonian army!)

...Late Imperial Romans...

(To supplement my MiniArt LIR Infantry and HaT LIR Cav)

...and Huns.

(To supplement my not-as-historical-as-I-had-hoped-but-still-quite-lovely Lucky Huns.)

As the Macedonian command packs came with two trumpeters, I decided to spread them out. For example, one went to this Hoplite element.

I quite like the way the Little Big Man Studios shield decal worked with this one. Now I just have to wait for the Army Painter Dip to dry...


Thursday, July 21, 2016


Good afternoon,

As I put away my newly completed Velites... suddenly occurred to me that, after, what, about 17 years, I now have a fully painted Polybian Roman DBA army!

Replete with...
  • a camp element, 
  • camp followers,
  • an Italian Ally Auxilia element, 
  • two Equites, 
  • two Triarii, 
  • three Princeps, 
  • three Hastati and 
  • two Velites.

Whoo Hoo! Now I just have to start hacking away at my Carts...

(My first application of my new Carthaginian Little Big Men Studio shield transfers. The shields were kinda of dirty, which kinda worked for the edge spearmen, but, well...not so much for the trumpeter. Still, way better than I could have managed by hand.)


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brexit - The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

Good afternoon,

Still getting over the flu, and it's back to work tomorrow, so...yeah, not the most fun I've had over any given school break. But there you go.

On the plus side, the shield transfers that I ordered from Little Big Men Studios arrived today.

Enough for my Macedonians, Carts and Hoplites.

Now I just have to wait patiently for my Newline order - more Macs, some Hoplites, a few Huns and LIRs.

Thanks to Brexit for the falling Pound!

I've also been hacking away at some Velites and Numidians...


...some of whom have lost their bows, and even some mounted skellies.

I've also just undercoated the last three elements of Marian Roman legionaries (and the last two elements of Parthian light horse) so I'm hoping that I can get my Marians finished by the start of term. I hope.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

X Wing South Island Regionals

Wouldn't that rip your nighty? First week of the school holidays and I've caught the flu that's was ravaging school last week. Bother!

 Anyway,  good afternoon,

Last week I participated in the X Wing South Island Regionals. It was a lot of fun. And to which I took a fun wee list.

Manaroo moves first, focuses (should have target locked, but I only understood that 'till after), giving everyone else a focus, thanks to mindlink, then everyone else moves, also focusing (thus getting two each). At the start of the combat phase, ideally, Palob steals a focus from a nearby opponent, thus giving him three (or Manaroo gives hers to Palob, and receives one back herself thanks to mindlink), then Kaatoo steals Manaroo's focus, and she gets one back (thanks to mindlink), leaving Marnaroo with one focus, the Black Sun Ace with two, and Kaatoo and Palob with three- which he needs. One for the blaster turret, one for attack and one for defence.

Had Manaroo TL'd then Palob would have had re rolls when he desperately needed them. All the focuses in the world won't do you any good if you roll blanks!

'Course, when one got stressed...

Anyhow, once again I got top...of the bottom third, but...

...a good time was had by all!


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Triarii Triumphant

Or something like that.

Good afternoon,

Here, in all of their finished glory, are the sum total of my painted Polybian Roman Triarii.

Replete with a Later Carthaginian standard bearer!

And, of course, that which they are defending. Their camp. And camp followers.

Who are to run away so that others can fill their place!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

End of the Autumnal Spearmen...

...well, not really. End of the painting for Term 1 holidays anyway. So, just before I start ironing for the week...

...Triarii. Polybian Roman spearmen.


...a camp, designed with the addition of a camp follower element in mind.

Depending on what the camp follower element might look like (if indeed I have one at all), this camp should pass for Hoplite Greeks, Macedonians and Marians too.

I'm hoping these will get completed over the week...well, we'll see how I go...


Monday, April 25, 2016

Opps, Polybians!

Good evening,

Just to prove that I do do something other than X Wing (says he having come back from another top-of-the-bottom-third showing at the 2016 Wizard's Retreat store champs...sigh...) - four more elements of Romans!

They were supposed to be Marians...

...but, well, I pulled these Hastati out of the box by mistake!


On the bright side, looks like I had already started on some Triarii a while back, so...

...they shouldn't take too long.

And while I'm at it...

...I'll see what I can do with this camp element.

Then...three more Principes/Marian blade elements to finish (plus a Gaelic cav, IIRC...) plus two Velites elements and that'll finish both my double Marian DBA army and my Polybian Roman. The double Parthian is close to just under half way finished, and the Later Carts?, two...about three elements are, they'll take a wee while yet.


Friday, April 22, 2016

I'm Taking an Awful Risk Vader...

...this had better work.

Good morning,

Yesterday afternoon, having had my arse handed to me on a plate by my son the previous afternoon, and then thrice by Luke at Wizards the previous evening (great list Luke, it's a killer!), young Mark (D) came over to help me try out my list for this Saturday's Wizard's Retreat store champs. I'm thinking of taking three Imperial aces...

Since I already had the cards and bits and bods out from the previous afternoon, Mark took Matthew's list.

Lesson learnt from Thursday afternoon? Don't try to dogfight a Expose'd Chiraneau! So...I determined to treat that Decimator with a considerable amount of respect. And distance.

And...away we went.

First move, and I boost and barrel roll the Inquisitor into the path of Soontir!

Ah well.

We turn in...

...and Mark parks the bus on a rock!


Vader and Soontir manage to disengage, but not before Mark finds his path off the rock blocked. However I miscalculated the Inquisitor's move, and wasn't able to get out of the way.

Twice! (Mark had given me the initiative, so I moved (or didn't) first.)

What, with five dice from the Rear Admiral... Night Beast...Kablooie!

Again Mark misjudged his manoeuvres, flying Dark Curse onto a 'roide (he hasn't played for ages), and what, with the rock, and Soontir's range 1 attack, both Ties were down to one hull.

Alas, so was Soontir. Bother it.

(Still, I think the Push the Limit card on the Inquisitor is still better value than a Stealth Device on Fel.)

And so it became a game of chase-the-bus-at-a-healthy-distance-while-keeping-all-my-tokens-inflicting-a-death-of-a-thousand-cuts. And chips. Mmmm, chicken chips...

Whilst taking out Ties where I can.

I finally get the Decimator in arc of both my fighters...

...but only need one of them to finish it off.

And that's where we called it. It had already been way over time for a tournament game (being a casual game 'n all), so...Mark probably would have won that when time would have been called, seeing as he'd nuked my Tie-X1, and I'd only half done in his Deci.

Oh, hang on, I've just recounted. I would have won by one and a half points! 32.5 to 31. Ha!

Thanks for the game Mark, it was great fun.

Still not sure if this is a viable option for tomorrow though.