Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Sarge's Generosity - 2

Good morning,

I should be planning for Monday (back to school...ho hum...still, at least we're going to the Air Force Museum on Thursday for a lesson on the principles of flight (program 3) as part of our Flight Inquiry, which I have tentatively titled Birds, Balloons and Bombers!), but instead I'll quickly post these.

Again, the flash wouldn't work, and then the batteries ran out before I could get any more shots, but for what they're worth...

The Napoleonics are currently based for Shako. I'm probably going to re-base them for DBA Humberside Extension, double based for Volley and Bayonet (on a sabot). Question is, how many infantry per base. Four is standard, and would net me about 20 elements, but three on those 30mm by 20mm bases look fantastic! Perhaps a compromise - 5 per 60mm by 20mm base? I'll have to go over my numbers again...

As for the ECW, well, in spite of the heap of unpainted ECW figs that were also sent over, Stan's already got a couple of ECW armies on the go so I passed them on to him. He was very grateful.

Thanks again Jacksarge, they are amazing!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Generosity of Friends

Good evening,

I have been extremely fortunate of late. Andy Gorman gave me more German vehicles and a Thunderbolt...

...and JackSarge sent be over a heap of figs that were surplus to his requirements. A good proportion of them already painted. Naps, ECW and Vikings - 18 of which all painted up and rearing to go!

Sorry for the awful photos, I'll try to get some better photos in the daylight. The flash on the camera doesn't seem to be working...

Cheers boys, I'm very, very greatful.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mr Grant's Term 2 Break - Part 2

Finally, some Sarmatians are painted!

(Osprey reference here)

These dudes have been waiting since 1999 to have some paint applied to them.

They are a mix of Italeri Mongols (horse and riders - the green and blue horse armour is supposed to be laminated lacquered horse horn/hooves), Evolution Sarmatians (though I separated the riders and horse to mix the army up a bit) and Revel Praetorians, heavily converted.

This is one of the Evo Sarmatians, hacking over his shoulder.

And here are the basis of my whole Sarmatian idea. A Revel Praetorian that looked just like the dude in The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome. ('Cept the helmet. Ah, well, at the time there was nothing else even close...).

So, I chopped off his shield, chopped his torso in half, glued on some Esci Napoleonic cav legs, made a cloak of tissue paper, and...ta daaa...

This one also had a head swap from an Italeri Celt.

And this one is the other Praetorian pose I used. Sufficiently un-Roman looking to be chopped up and placed atop a horse. (Yes, I know it is highly unlikely that one could thrust with a 12' contos like that, but, looks dramatic!)

And thus, my week's break came to an end. Back to school in the morning. Team meeting...ho humm...

Dead chuffed to get these fellows done - only nine more elements to go!


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mr Grant's Term 2 Break - Part 1

Good afternoon,

Well, I've finally done it. I've finished another HOTT army! Behold, my Early Germans!

The basic idea behind this army is that these dudes are the remains of the Roman revenge over the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, with the Hordes being all the ghosties of the Early Germans that the Romans took revenge on.

The Dragon was just something the Germans found deep in the forest and convinced to fight alongside them!

I've also pulled together a Rider element from bits and bods I had lying around so's to swap out the lurkers.

Specifically, a HaT Gaul, a Revel Gaul, a Revel Anglo Saxon, a Zvezda Persian horse and two HaT Alexander's Companion horses, plus some old Esci Napoleonic cav legs from ages back!

So there you go.

I have another five Warband elements almost completed to make either a DBA II/47(d) Batavi army in 69AD, a II/47(e) Other Batavi or II/47(e) Cherusci armies.



Thursday, 21 July 2011

VSF Brit Stronghold

Good morning,

Here, in all it's undersized glory, is my first iteration of a Stronghold for my VSF Brits.

It's a [free PDF] paperware product from the Wargame Vault. I scaled it as per the instructions, but it's a tad too small. Probably right for 18mm, but not 20. Still, it's a PDF file, so's alls I's haz to do it reprint it...sometime.

In the meantime, it'll do the job.

"I say, Ogilvy, come have a look at this..."

(My 25mm Ground Zero Games Gun Spider. Cool wee model, but I'm still trying to figure out how to highlight it properly.)