Monday, 11 July 2011

HOTT Winter's Day - Game 3

My 20mm VSF Brits against Robin's [undefined scale] Spiders. Yuk, spiders! Lots of them too - 10 Hordes worth, plus a Hero (a Katapo - NZ's only native poisonous, well, anything), a Behemoth (urggh, that great big Tarantula) and a God - who other than Spidy himself.

And so...advance!

As soon at the Naval detachment entered the wood, they were sprung upon by a couple of lurkers. Creepy spiders...

The first was beaten off, which left the second high and dry in the open, to be run down (flown down?) by the Air Boat, with the flyer in support - sort of. Due to Andy's really cool design for the Air Boat, the wings kinda got in the way - we just pretended that the Air Boat was in corner to corner contact with it.

In the meantime, a second deployment of the remaining lurker pushed the boys in blue out of the wood. Well, they were going that way anyway...

...after they had dispatched said lurkers...

My Steam Powered Electric Zappy gun started zapping away at Robin's Katapo Hero, but to little effect.

With my most mobile elements engaged in the West...

...Spidey arrives in the East... only disappear again!

Robin was not best pleased with him, I can tell you!

(though just quietly, I was pleased to see him go - there are few things quite as disconcerting as having a God turn up on your flank!)

And so back to it. Shooting once again proved effective, as did, finally, my Zappy Magician against his Katapo Hero...

...though Hordes being what they are, just keep coming...

Finally, after a couple of aborted attempts at bringing my Steam Tank to his Tarantula, Robin brought his Tarantula to my Steam Tank, along with the rest of his line.

Which allowed me to slowly cut them down.

And that was it. Robin lost his God, Hero, a lurker and three Hordes, to my loss of...nothing!

Choice! This happened to be the only game that Robin lost the whole day.

Suffice it to say, he won the tourney.

Good for him. (Though, upon further reflection, I could have won it on points, since my next game had a couple of fundamental oversights in regards to Magicians casting spells over water...)


  1. Nick

    This certainly was one of those 'trousers down' botty spanking defeats for the spiders can spiders do a 'trousers down'??)

    Well done.. and a great game.

  2. Cheers Robin,

    Always a pleasure...and this time I actually won!


    And no, I don't think spiders can do a down trou...too many legs to sew...

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