Monday, 22 June 2015

Road to the Regionals, Game 4 - Vs. Darryl

Good afternoon,

So, it came down to this. Two less than glorious wins, one loss...and my second swarm for the day.

Oh, come on!

Well, at least it would be short...

I was facing Darryl with 7 Binarye Pirates, each sporting a Feedback Array.

Hmm, hadn't face those before, I wonder what they do...?

Well, I set up on the edge ("Don't push me 'cause I'm close to the edge..."), where my boys could link arms and fly side by side for a bit...

...and Jason started to mob me.

Perhaps I should have held back a bit so as to accrue more focai.

One down, a bazillion to go!

I try to dodge the gauntlet while still having my guns pointing in a useful direction.

Yeah, that didn't really work for me.


Still... least another Zed was splashed to the four winds, the body of which, nothing now but an intricate device of metal, went whirling to destruction.

Unfortunately... too was Kyle, Feedback Arrayed out of existence.

So that's how that works.


Which just left Wedge, who, having already taken some heat...

...also took some FbA.


And that was the end of that.

I came top...of the bottom third!

And a good time was had by all.

Thanks guys,

And thanks Chris for the Random [E-Wing] prize draw (! That makes two ships I won in random draws - the Hawk, and now an E! Sweet!),


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Road to the Regionals Game 3

Good afternoon,

Right, one win, one loss, I wonder what this game might bring.

Here I was going up against Terrence (jolly nice chap, as were they all) and his two Phantoms (Echo and Whisper, both fairly fully loaded out with...stuff...) and Dark Curse. Curse him.

So, knowing that going head to head with the Phantoms wouldn't end well, I thought to try to lure him through the 'roids.

DC gets a little close to Kyle... Kyle tells him to back off. With an Ion Token.

The Phantoms arrive behind me, so I turn the Xs around.

I don't know how Kyle survived that!

I throttle back the boys, whisk Kyle 'round the corner...and Terrence K Turns one of his Phantoms! You don't see that very often. If only Kyle was in range!


...Wedge was!


Unfortunately... was Biggs.


And that was the end of that! Time was called (I'm sure we were done in that respect!), and, since Whisper cost more that Biggs, I won. Modifiedly.

Still, a win's a win!

And it's nice to see some X Wings having some success!

Thanks Terrence, that was a great game, lots of fun.


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Road to the Regionals Game 2

Good evening,

Right, I had Han running for his life, sweet. Thought Wedge might do that. Now I was facing Jason and his Zed Swarm. And yes, the letter z is pronounced zed!

Four Talas, four Bandits.

Man, that's a heap to get through with my three wee ships. I'd have to pop one a turn, and still somehow come out the end of it alive...somehow...

So, with some trepidation, we set out. I figured going head to head would be suicide, so thought to try to lure them into the rocks.

It kinda worked...'cept none of those Bandits ran into any of the 'roids.


And then my boys were in the midst of the fray. Literally.

It was about here when I realised I was on a hiding to nothing. My list kinda depends on being able to play actions each turn. So Jason cleverly ran his Zeds into my Rebs to deny them those very actions.


Somehow Wedge flew out of the fur ball, but Biggs and Kyle were firmly ensconced.


...Biggs was at least able to take out a Tala.

(I'm pretty sure he had to spend that focus to do it though...)

Next turn, and the Big B, and his mate just couldn't fly out of the mess.

That's another turn where Kyle couldn't accrue foci. And Biggs couldn't play R2F2.

Bother it.


...Kyle was able to finish off another Tala.

Alas and alak...

...Bigg's didn't come back.


And it gets worse.

Double Drats!

Which just left Kyle to fend for himself.

Which he was partially able to do...

...but not for very long.

Drats, Drats, Drats!

Swarms are just the thing for killing off my list - literally swarm my boys, they get no actions, and get brought down pretty quick.

Well played Jason, well played.


Monday, 15 June 2015

Road to the Regionals Game 1

Good evening,

Chris, at The Wizard's Retreat, along with, I suspect Tim (!), had organised a wee four round tournie on the Road to the Regionals (1 August) this Saturday past, during which I was quite keen to try to redeem the X Wing in a tournament setting...

My first game was against Luke (no, not Skywalker...), a jolly nice chap who was running Han in the Falcon with Gunner and C3PO, and an Fringer in a YT2400.

Cool, thought I. Wedge's ability cancels the Falcon's only evade die.

Luke set up with the Fringer on the edge Han in the centre. This gave me a few turns to build up focus tokens on Kyle, thanks to Recon Spec before we both headed into the fray.

Unexpectedly, Luke splits his boys. I run after Han.

And catch him I did.

Two Range 1 shots (thanks to Wedge's Squad Leader), and Luke, seeing that discretion is the better part of valour, runs Han for the hills!

So I play chase the Falcon.

And catch him I do.


(Insert imaginary image of the Falcon being blown to bits here.)

Which just left the Fringer.

On one hull.

Near'y dead when time was called...

...but not before he takes out Biggs - who threw three focuses on the last roll of the game when I had given Wedge Kyle's focus to pop Han!

Silly Biggs.

Still, so far my list seemed to be working. Mostly.

Thanks Luke, that was a great game.


Saturday, 13 June 2015

Imperials Triumphant

Good morning,

Just before I head off for a practice...tournie? Comp? Event-on-the-road-to-the-Regionals, I thought I'd better post this so that Andrew doesn't feel hard done by!

Following on from the previous game, Andrew swapped out his Interceptors for some named TIEs - Winged Gundark, Dark Curse and Night Beast. Cath was still carrying a load of bombs and such.

I rocked out my X Wings Can't Catch Us list.

We set up, Andrew bunched his Ties, so I thought to take them out with Soontir, Turr and Whisper early in the engagement.

Oh, come on! That's 12 red dice against Winged Gundark, and I only rolled 4, maybe 5 hits! I mean, a crit went through, but come on!

Kath continues to mozzy on over.

I try to fly the Interceptors out of the fray (and bump accordingly), while Whisper does a K turn.

It was at about this point where I realised that you don't stress Phantoms - they can't cloak after shooting. Opps! There goes her two shields.

A bit of a furball develops, where only three of seven ships are actually pointing in the right way.

Still, Whisper survives Kath's machinations, as does Turr...whoever-that-is's. I want to say Winged Gundark.

Somehow, Soontir gains an additional stress. Something about Anti Pursuit Lasers and...some crew effect from the Firespray.

So one green manoeuvre from him ain't going to clear two stress'...

.,.to his his detriment.


And, in the same turn...



So now it was Whisper against the world!

Her case wasn't helped by...I want to say Winged Gundark...getting in the way not once...

...but twice, denying her an attack.

Thankfully everyone else was flying in the opposite direction!

And Kath took a hit from the asteroid.


We finally separate...

...and I try to isolate WD before the rest come back into play.


Alas and alak, Kath came back...

...and that was the end of that!

Now they were a couple of great games Andrew, good luck with this list for later today.

But not against me, I hope!