Monday, 1 June 2015

Soontir's The Man... long as Wedge isn't concentrating...

Good afternoon,

Subsequent from the last game, Bruce and I set up again, same field, same forces...and, on my part, same forgetfulness.

However this time I lined up my boys line abreast with Biggs in the middle. Less chance of Wedge flying into the back him or Kyle. Notice I said less chance, not no chance...

Bruce, seeing that the Rebs fly in exactly the same way that bricks don't, decided to fly around my flank.

And fly around my flank he did.

See, Wedge went a whole five turns before flying into the back of someone!

And so the furball begins.

Quite quickly Kyle gets separated from the Xs.


...he seemed to be looking after himself alright!

Huzzah! Gotta love them Ion Turrets!

Biggs continues circling that 'roid, while Wedge steps out of the fray for a turn. Bother it.

Unfortunately, what, with Biggs out yonder, Bruce was able to concentrate on Kyle.

And concentrate he did. With extreme prejudice!


So, we were down to two to two.

Or make that two to one. Wedge shot first!


'Twas at this point that Bruce thought that discretion was the better part of valour, and led me on a wild chase across the board.

Even almost off the board!

I had to double check that later with the Star Wars X Wing Christchurch Facebook Group. Yep, all good.

And still the chase continued.

But at least I was able to get the Two Amigos back together again.

It was at this point where Bruce admitted that he was trying to get my space bus' back into the asteroids.

I cut in and he finally commits...

...scratches some paint, and flies off again.

It was about here when I suddenly remembered that I hadn't been applying Wedge's ability through the entire evening so far.


Again Wedge miss judges and flies into Biggs rather than K Turning.


Alas and alack, although Biggs was pointing in the right direction...and he shot first, thanks to Squad Leader...

...well, it was bound to happen sooner or later!


So now it was just down to the aces.

Again Wedge mis judges...


...and Soontir finally has him just where he wants him!

Thanks for the games Bruce, they were a lot of fun. Just the thing to take the jaded mind off work for a while!