Sunday, 31 May 2015

Biggs Dies First

Good afternoon,

Last night, after a day of school and reports, Bruce graciously came around for a game of X Wing. I was still keen to try out my 'Biggs Dies First' list...

...against an 'X Wings'll Never Catch Us' list.

So we threw down some 'roids and away we went.

Early on I misjudged my maneuvers and fly Wedge into the back of Kyle. Sigh,

And again! Arghh!

I was sure Wedge'd pop out in front. Ah well.

Kyle passed off a focus to Biggs who, with R2-F2, survives the first round of shooting.


Also note that Whisper was still cloaked. Bruce was still coming to grips with just what a [glass] monster a Phantom can be.

We furball...

...well, Kyle does. The two amigos just drift on. All while Whisper flies past...

...I'm pretty sure that Kyle got real lucky there!

We separate...

...and come back in.

Finally, Wedge has a shot, so launches some Proton Torpedoes...

...and Boom! There goes Sonntir.


More zipping thither and yon...this list doesn't really work with them all spread to the four winds...

...and really doesn't work when Biggs flies into an asteroid!


Again, Wedge has no shot (he's base to base with Whisper)... he tries to get round that rock to give Kyle a hand.

Boom! Too late!

At least Kyle had Ion'd Tur[d], who was by this time suffering a Pilot Skill 0 crit.

Wedge finally turns the corner...

...and catches Whisper with her pants down.

That doesn't sound right...with her cloak down. Hmm, that doesn't sound that much better...

Anyway, it was now down to Wedge and the Turd.

There never really was any doubt!

And all without using Wedge's ability to take off one agility die from his opponent. I just plumb forgot about it - I was concentrating too hard on him shooting first and trying to pass off that ability to a mate through Squad Leader!


Lessons learnt? Keep them together, and flying line abreast. (And, after the next game, remember to use Wedge as Wedge, not just another X Wing jockey!)


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