Monday, 18 May 2015

Wedge List Test

Good evening,

I should be writing reports, but, well...I've been dieing to try out my Look After Biggs And He'll Look After Wedge list - that really needs a more catch title -

...ever since I won that Hawk. But trying to find the time in between school, planning and reports was just, well, nigh on impossible. So in the end I thought, I can at least set up a match myself.

I chose a list that I had the most trouble with in the Wizards Store Champs...and could replicate at home...sort of...

I just couldn't catch Damon's interceptors. And I figure Xs can't catch Phantoms either so...let's see, shall we?

Having pulled together the counters and such the previous evening, and having just packed away school stuff for the evening last Sunday night, I rolled out the mat, threw down some 'roids, and away we went.

As I was playing myself, I rolled off to see who got the initiative. Imperials...

...or Rebels.

Rebels it is then.

I spread the TIEs out, clumped the Rebs together, and of we went.

We/I closed...

...and it was here that I realised that sticking Biggs behind Wedge isn't the way to go.

Wedge was at Range 3 from Turr Phenirr, but Biggs was out of range altogether. So there went Wedge's two shields. Just like that.


Still, I at least learnt something, so I got that goin' for me, which is nice...

We/I close in further, Wedge bumps into the back of Biggs...bother it...but thankfully he still had the Target Lock from the first combat.

I'll have to try to do something about my propensity to do that.

Wedge strips out Turrs Stealth Device and two hull.

Turr rolls out of Wedge's arc after Biggs dodges all of his attacks (having just evaded Soontir's attack, and, subsequently, Whisper's machinations, thanks to Biggs' Stealth Device, R2-F2, and a focus from Kyle. Yay! My plan does work!), but not before Biggs fires - ineffectively - thanks to Wedge's Squad Leader. Ah well.

Which just left Kyle to fire his Ion Turret.



And that's where I left that. It was getting late (for me) so I thought I would leave it set up for a couple of days so that I could grab a sneaky turn here and there.

But then I thought, no. Max (one of our cats) would have a field day - he loves swiping stuff off the table to chase it around the kitchen. At best, I'd have to hunt for one of my Focus counters. At worst, he'd break off another X Wing lance.

So...I packed up and will try again after reports are done!



  1. Nice work!

    I love/hate playing [with] myself - and yes: simily cat issues.

    1. Thanks Drax.

      It would have been interesting to play it out - I reckon at best Biggs can only realistically last about three of four turns - can Wedge (and Biggs, thanks to Squad Leader) do the biz before it's all too late?

      And cats, eh?! :-)