Saturday, 24 May 2014

Warclouds Over Wooston. Game 5.

Good evening,

Here, finally, is my last game from my successful foray at Warbirds over Woolston way back in February.

By this time of the morning I had won two, lost one and drawn one. I was top of the leader board, but only just.

For this last game I was up against Nick Sutton, Robin's son, and his Army of Africa.
  • Behemoth General - the elephant
  • Hero - the lion
  • Four Knights - the rhinos
  • Two Beasts - the apes
  • Two Fliers - vultures
So, as you may well not be surprised, we lined up and, well, advanced.

Our lines meet...although it would seem I had insufficient PIPS to move up the flyers with the rest of my line.

I was fairly confident that my Steam Tank would survive for a while against his elephant, even if it was overlapped. And since my aerials were in the back there, I knew his lion couldn't close the door, so to speak, for a while yet.

First combats...

...brought losses one for one.

Next bound, and, well...


Could've done in that elephant too, but, well, he won the combat.

So Nick moved over his Hero...

...who promptly fleed (is that a word?) my valiant Rocketeers.


However, on the other flank... Shooters were having a spot of success against his Fliers.

In flew the HMAB Vulture. This could be dodgy for Nick - that's his General munched up between my steam powered monsters.

Oh, come on!

And then it got dodgy for both of us!

To my detriment!


Now I was the one in deep elephant dung! That's my Steam Powered Zappy Gun (Magician) General in close combat against Nick's Behemoth General.

However, I had managed to fly in some support.

Oh, come on! Still, it could have been worse.

Now Nick brings in his Hero to deal with my Airboat, supporting him with a side order of rhino.

HMAB Vulture weathers the assault, and my Rocketeers zoom in to assist their General.


And with nowhere for Nick's General to retire once pushed back...that was the game!


That was also the end of the tourney - a victory for Mr Grant point!

It was a great morning out, thanks Gordon for setting it all up.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

May the Fourth, Game 3

Good evening,

And now it's down to the wire. Two games so far, two wins. Now it was time for the top of the table bash. crap, I've forgotten his name. Zane's lad. Mitchel? No...mmm...Josh...Jacob...? Oh rats! Nice guy, very enthusiastic about the event, and enjoying himself immensely.

I knew I should have taken notes...

Anyway, he was running two Bounty Hunter Firesprays (yep, count 'em, two!) and...Howl Runner?

I knew I should have taken notes...

This was a straight up shoot-em-up.

So, we closed, one Firespray on each flank.

'Dem are big bases!

I decided to try to concentrate my fire on my right, and was able to take a fair toll on the eastern Firespray.

Owing to the lack of space, I flew the Falcon to the north, letting it's turret do the talking, while the fighters continued to take chunks out of those FSs.

Even though most of the action was happening to the south, Han was still able to deal with the TIE in the north.

You gotta love the sharp 1 turn on the Falcon!

And, owing to his high pilot skill...

...Han shoots first!

Unfortunately, my noble opponent saw Wedge as his biggest threat, so, well...

Darn those Firesprays being able to shoot backwards!

However, by this time, the cracks were beginning to show on that second FS.

You gotta love the Falcon's turret!

And then there was one.

However, both big based ships were fast running out of room at the top of the mat!

The remaining Bounty Hunter zooms past, and the Falcon tucks in behind.

He was able to add some damage...but... was the A Wing that delivered the coup de grâce!

And that was the day. Three games, three wins, and a great time was had by all!

I have to say that both Wedge and Han make an awesome team. Wedge took out more ships, but...the Falcon...what can I say? She may not look like much but she's got it where it counts!


Monday, 12 May 2014

May the Fourth, Game 2

Good evening,

And on to Game 2.

This was a scenario, straight out of the rule book. The imperials had to scan/capture all four satellites at the Rebel end of the board and get at least one of them off their edge. The Rebels had to stop them, and could replace any losses with a Rookie X Wing, pilot skill 0.

This time I was up against Zane who was flying Soontir Fel, another TIE I Ace, whose name escapes me, and Vader, all pimped out with stealth devises (I think), push the limit and engine upgrades. So, if you want to get in there quick, pick something up and scoot away again, these'd be the bods to do it.

Early in the game, that looked exactly like what was going to happen. They screamed in (as befits TIE fighters)...

...picked up the goods...

...and then tried to zip out again.

However, the Falcon had scored at least one hull point of damage on Soontir as he came in, so, as Soontir was making a run for home...

Han finished him up. (And up to this point I felt sure that I'd never catch any of 'em!)

Then Wedge managed to get on the tail of...the other Ace...and...


That was unexpected.

Which just left Vader. Zane had him put on the breaks and Wedge flew right past him.

Then, Vader poured on the juice, and...well...

That was the end of that!

A thoroughly enjoyable game full of suspense and unexpected twists. If Wedge had missed, Vader would have left him for dust.

Thanks Zane, that was a lot of fun!