Saturday, 29 April 2017

Happy International Tabletop Day!

Good evening,

This afternoon, well, all day really, I've been at the X Wings Miniatures Game 2017 Christchurch Regionals.

Saw some lovely painted minis...

...and had a jolly good time. Thanks boys,


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

An Epic 200 Point Encounter

Good afternoon,

About this time last week Bruce and I were playing a 200 point X Wing Epic game with the Big Boys (including Vader on the Decimator), Soontir, Dark Curse, Backstabber, Luke and Wedge.

It was a blast.

We set up...

...with me not noticing that large field of debris in front of my fighters...

...and got into it.

Wedge was denied actions, and, well, Luke...missed!

Worse than that...

...he got Ioned and just a little crushed by his dad!

The Boys close...over the ripples in Space Time...

...while the fighters continue to tangle.

Oh, good grief, Wedge is denied actions again...

...Luke gets taken apart by a Back Stabber...

...and Wedge gets eviscerated by the Raider.

Ah man!

Still... least the Corvette took some form of revenge on Soontir.

The Raider plows on, missing Dark Curse by a mere millimeter!


To add insult to injury...

...the front section of the CR-90 gets taken down. With most of my upgrades.

However, another slight miscalculation...

...and Back Stabber flies into the rear of Dodana's Pride.

Inflicting a crit.

Seeing as it seemed like a quick way to inflict injury...

...Bruce flies Dark Curse into the Corvette.

Seems a bit harsh, but then again...

This time, it only inflicts a hit.

Next turn, somehow...rear quad laser cannons I think...

...I inflict a crit on the Raider's rear, which in turn inflicts two hits on it's front.

Huzzah! Sorta.


...the writing was on the wall. Or ship bases, as it happens.

It was a great game, much closer than I thought it would end up once I lost my X's.

Thanks Bruce,


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Those Stubborn Dwarves...

Good afternoon,

Last night I headed back round to Robin's place, this time for a Kings Of War bash. 1750 points worth of Kill and Pillage, to be precise, hence the green objective markers. Robin's Dwarves vs my Skellies, Orcs 'n Goblins.

Yeah, sorry about the focus on this shot. I'm not convinced the camera on my new phone is as good as the one on my old. So...if they look like pink Goblins on spiders...they're actually Brock Riders!

Horde of Joe Blogs Dwarves.

Organ gun (nasty piece of work!), and Cannon. Quite an inaccurate one, as it happened.

And here's where I get lost.

Type B  and C Dwarves...

...type D and E...

...and a Steam Tank. No, really!

(That's a cool wee mini!)

Against my Mummies...

...a horde of Orc Boys...oh, sorry, Ax...

...a Flagger behind a troop of out-of-focus More Ax. Seeing as they have more axes, you understand...

...Hordes of Goblins and Skellie spearmen...

...and my mobile flank guard.

Reverent Cav, Mounted Archers...

...and Fleabag Riders.

Oh, and a Necromancer, and a Krudger on a Chariot.

And so we began.

Shambling approach by the Undead...

...with some quicker movement from the Fleabags.

First casualties taken from the Organ Gun on the Gobbos.

Note the at-first-dismissed-as-a-little-silly-but-then-actually-used-and-found-to-be-quite-cool Mantic "wound counter trees". For lack of a better term.

Robin charges into my left.

And just like that, my Mummies cried mum and turned to dust!


Nasty nasty steam tank. Gyrocopter. Thing.

The Mounted Skellie archers take a pot shot at the Brock Riders. For one wound.


As does my Goblin Wiz on the Organ Gun... no effect.

More biffo on the left...

...causing a touch of disorder...whilst the cannon spoke again.

This time sending them to oblivion!

But the carnage wasn't all one way.



...the More Ax proved quite effective, going in as they did on the flank.

Still, what to do with that dreaded steam driven monster to my rear?

I rushed over what little I had that was unengaged...

...while the Skellies, with a gust of Surge, finally pile in... does the Krudger.

In the centre...

...the cannon finally hit something! Splat goes the Wiz!

Over on the left...alas, in this game, exposing your rear, so to speak...

...doesn't really pay.

The back and forth develops in the centre...

...and the Revenants finally get into contact with the Brock Riders, who have been slowly backing up throughout the game. Which, along with the terrain, meant that had to go in alone, rather that with the Gobbo support I had planned.

At least Robin's artillery doesn't have anything to shoot at!

Everyone piles in again.

The Orcs almost break the...Type C Dwarves on the hill. One more pip on the dice would have done it!

However a lucky roll on the nerve test against the Steam Tank...


Or however you say that in Orc.



...another flank charge and pop go the green heads.

The Skellies hold nicely in the centre...

...but not so much on the right.

Those Brock Riders are some tough hombres.

At least my Skellie Archers inflict one wound on the Dwarven King!

Last turn and all caution is thrown to the wind.

The Flea Bags finally get into contact, albeit through the wood...with Necromancer support...who did nothing...

...and in rolls the Krudger!

The Mounted Archers are disordered, and sit idly by.



And that was the end of that.

Upon counting up points for the objectives won, and enemy was a draw! (Well, our points were within 10% of each other, in Robin's favour, but hey...a draws a draw!)

Thanks once again Robin for your hospitality and the game, it was indeed a grand spectacle!