Monday, 17 April 2017

And that's why everyone hates B Wings..., two, three...eight of an eight game losing streak...and counting...

Good afternoon,

Last night, after a Saturday of X Wing fun @ Wizards...where I lost every of four games...dratted, dratted TLTs...dratted, dratted green dice...Andrew came round with his freshly painted Bs and a BB-8 Nora.

Very cool!

I decided to give my brand new Shuttle a whirl - a spontaneous gift no less, from the Death Star Planning Committee in honour of my birthday on Saturday. Dead chuffed I was, and still am. Thanks for your generosity guys, I'm kinda blown away!

Anyhow, I figured I'd try a Palp Aces list - Lambda, Soontir and Vader.

And away we went.

Bit of weaving in and around asteroids on my part...

...bit of slow rolling on Andrews...

...and I try to fly Vader in around behind the Bs. They turn to face... Soontir thought he'd take the opportunity of their apparent disarray.

Alas, they all turned back around, catching Soontir napping!


Did I mention that I haven't been having much luck with green dice lately?

(And did you notice that I flew into the midst of a hornets nest?!)

Next turn and I try to force a bump with the Shuttle...and come this close!

Drats, there's sixteen dice to the face for the Emperor!

Sneaky Nora slows up in front of Vader, denying him any shots!

The Emperor escapes with naught but paint holding his shuttle together...

Only to be dispatched with a range three shot!

So...Vader was left on his ownsome... run from a vengeful foursome.

So run he did.

Vader actually got in a shot!

Befor getting taken down to one hull by two range three shots!

Have I mentioned that I hate green dice?

Right, time to act. I point Vader in the right direction, token him up...

And he survives!

What do you know, I can roll evades!

The vultures prepare for the kill...

...and Vader 5s straight past them!

After one last range three shot, Vader hits the hyperdrive and escapes! (1 hour and 45 minutes after he arrives...)

Even though I was on a hiding to nothing, at least it wasn't a complete table wipe!

Thanks Andrew,


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