Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More Skellies Done

Good morning,

Fresh off the...flock?...I present to you my European-based Egyptian mounted skellie cav. I purchased them off Trade Me thusly...

...and then just put them in a European setting to match the rest of 'dem dry bones. I like to think of them as mercenaries that died in a foreign field.

I also did some painting of my own.

Two troops...

...or one regiment of Mantic and repurposed Milton Bradley (from the Hero Quest game) mummies.

Those MB's whose arms I didn't replace I thought to arm. The knives make sense, the spears, well...I do like the image of a mummy dual wielding big pointy sticks!

So, the army thus far...

More skellies to paint...and I might see if that bloke still has his skelly archers that I couldn't afford at the time of the cav...



  1. Looks good how many points you got now?

    1. Ahh...dunno. One horde of a Skellies Phalanx @ 145 + dogs @ 10, a regiment of Mummies @ 170, a reg of Reverent Cav @ 170, and a reg of Archer cav @ 145 = 640 + magic items. Plus - unpainted -
      another horde of warriors (and dogs), a horde of zombies, a regiment of ghouls, a troop of wraiths, oh, and a Reverent King and Army Standard sundries...