Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine...

...and his Army of Sodor!

Yesterday Stan revealed his latest army, Thomas the Tank Engine and his Army of Sodor!

Consisting of...
  • Knight General - Gordon

  • Hero - Thomas

  • Cleric - Annie and Clarabelle

  • Knights - Henry and James

  • Riders - Berty, Mavis, Percy and Toby

  • Flyer - Harold

  • Lurker - Signal "11 Min. Delay Norbiton"

Utterly, utterly brilliant! All from a boxed set delivered to his work (you know, bundled up with the cook books and bits and pieces that companies drop off for a week of so to see if they have any takers - actually, there's one at work at the moment).

Part of his brilliance was the cutting up of the play mat for the bases!

Here are some shots of Thomas and his gang in action.

First up, Thomas being a very helpful engine by putting paid to my own VSF Brit Steam Zappy Gun Magician General, flanked by Edward and James, Knights of the Turning Table, while Annie and Clarabelle give Clerical support in the rear.

Next, Harold the Helicopter assists Mavis to take down Gordon's Dwarven Knight General. Jolly big dwarves in comparison to steam engines, but there you go!

Later, The Army of Sodor takes on some 15mm Colonial Brits. Note, some Brit Tommies have just walked into (and brushed aside) an 11 minute delay [badger ate the junction box] at Norborton...

Lastly, Harold the Helicopter bravely fends off the new fangled Air Wing of Robin's own VSF Brits while Thomas and the lads (and Annie and Clarabelle) deal to the rest of Robin's army.

Truly inspiring!

Well done Stan,


Saturday, 26 November 2011

What a Time to Forget the Camera!

Good afternoon,

Just come back from another wee HOTT tourney? Competition? Well, round robin series of five games. Anyhow...I CAME FIRST! Ha! If I remember correctly...

That last game was probably the best - Numidians (Hero General, God, Behemoth (Elephant), 5 Riders and 2 Lurkers) against Gordon's 28mm Zulus (Blade General, Blades, Couple of Shooters, Magician and his own Behemoth Elephant).

At one point I rolled a 6 - did I bring on the God? No, I did not. Instead I took advantage of the tactical situation which took out one element, turned Gordan's flank and set up the rest of the game. All with only 18 AP on the board. The God and the Lurkers never did get deployed!

Robin with have some shots of the day on his blog, including a complete write up of my Early Germans against his own VSF Brits.

All in all a great time was had by all! Lots of fun.