Saturday, 26 November 2011

What a Time to Forget the Camera!

Good afternoon,

Just come back from another wee HOTT tourney? Competition? Well, round robin series of five games. Anyhow...I CAME FIRST! Ha! If I remember correctly...

That last game was probably the best - Numidians (Hero General, God, Behemoth (Elephant), 5 Riders and 2 Lurkers) against Gordon's 28mm Zulus (Blade General, Blades, Couple of Shooters, Magician and his own Behemoth Elephant).

At one point I rolled a 6 - did I bring on the God? No, I did not. Instead I took advantage of the tactical situation which took out one element, turned Gordan's flank and set up the rest of the game. All with only 18 AP on the board. The God and the Lurkers never did get deployed!

Robin with have some shots of the day on his blog, including a complete write up of my Early Germans against his own VSF Brits.

All in all a great time was had by all! Lots of fun.


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