Sunday, 23 February 2014

Silly Sabot Shenanigans Satiated

Good afternoon,

Finally, my silly sabot shenanigians have been satiated, and I can put them, and the half table tennis table away so I can park the car back in the garage...just as well, it's starting to rain...

All in all I've got eight sabot boards @ 36 by 24 cm ea. plus, well, 18 building equivalents to fit them - or is that 12 + a monument? - plus a few other bits and pieces and road sections, so that's...a bit of acreage on the table all backed into two boxes able to be stored neatly with all my other boxes.

Good stuff!


Hey, that was my 300th post!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

X Wing with Brucie. Game 4.

Good evening,

Here, finally, is the report of the fourth X Wing game Bruce and I had a couple of weeks back.

If memory serves, it was two games to him, one to me. Let's see if I could even the score.

He and I swapped sides for this game. I took what he had in Game 3...

...he took my list and tweaked it a bit.

And away we went. From opposite corners of the mat, apparently. Vader target locked Wedge, and Soontir Pushed the Limit to wear an evade and a focus.

And a stress marker. And two Target Locks.

The furball ensued. And many target locks were used by all.

For some reason Wedge was being kept out of the fight. I think he'd had a fright!

So I poured my attention onto the Rookie Pilot.

Vader's effort finally pay off!

While the B Wing piles on an ongoing critical effect onto one of my poor wee TIEs.

And here is a great shot of what Soontir was doing all game. Zipping around, Pushing the Limit so as to get a free focus. He gives himself an evade, pushes the limit with a barrel roll and receives a free focus for his trouble. Using Push the Limit with Soontir is a very effective combination.

Unfortunately, time ran out, but here is the butchers bill as at the end...

A hit each on the TIEs and TIE I, two on poor old Vader. Two and one hits more before boom time, respectively.

And here are the Rebels. One X Wing already gone, Wedge with only one hit left, and the B Wing with near'y a scratch on it.

We called it a draw, though both agreed that the Imperials were better placed for a result.

What do you think?


Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Summer of Win Continues!

Good evening,

Just back from Warclouds over Woolston, competing in the HOTT comp (six players, five games), and, well...I won! Three wins, one loss (read drubbing) and one draw (time ran out to a hiding to nothing...and not in a good way...)

Reports to follow...

...once I get Brucie's last stouch posted!

The more observant of you may realise that all of these shots involve my VSF Brits. That'd be because, for the first time, I didn't swap out armies. I figured that I'd actually try to give an army a decent go, rather than the pick and mix I usually try. And it kinda worked...'cept these shooters are useless against heavy foot!

Oh, and those WW2 toys...


Monday, 3 February 2014

X Wing with Brucie. Game 3.

Good evening,

Now that term's started again (first day back today), and now that I've run out of paint for my silly city sabot shenanigans, I thought to finally get round to posting the next game that Bruce and I battled a few weeks back.

Now where were we? Oh, that's right. The previous evening we had played two 50 points game. He won the first, I the second.

The following afternoon, seeing we were both on holiday, he came round and we had a couple more of games, this time 100 points worth.

I was keen to try out my B Wing again, so I took Wedge Antilles, Ten Numb and a Rookie X Wing Pilot.

Bruce took Darth Vader, Soontir Fel, Night Beast and Dark Curse.

And so it began.

I felt Soontir to be the greatest threat, so sent the two X Wings after him, while hoping that the B Wing's thick hide would keep it alive in the mean time.

As it happened, Soontir screamed up, did a U turn (or K turn in X Wing parlance) and flew along side Wedge!

We soon turned into the centre to mix things up a little.

Much to Soontir's detriment!

Meanwhile I thought to unleash the awesome power of some advanced proton torpedoes...

Oh please! Useless!

Having dealt to Soontir, the next threat was Darth Vader. Wedge took him on.

And both of them came off a little worse for wear. All shields were stripped this turn! Indeed, if memory serves, Wedge was also stripped down to one remaining hull point. Gulp.

Next turn, and our two respective heroes are still gunning for each other.

But not for long! As both were pilot skill 9, they both dispatched each other at the same time!

And then there were two. On each side.

Unfortunately, after some double team action...

...the Rookie pilot was blasted into oblivion.

And, seeing as the B Wing flies in much the same way that bricks don't... was just a matter of time.

Ten Numb's cause was not helped by Night Beast's green-manoeuvre-actioned-free-focus, and Dark Curse's you-can't-spend-focuses-or-re-rolls-when-attacking-me ability. Those two working in concert meant I could near'y lay a finger on either of them! A very effective combination indeed.

Well played Bruce. Well played.