Sunday, 16 February 2014

X Wing with Brucie. Game 4.

Good evening,

Here, finally, is the report of the fourth X Wing game Bruce and I had a couple of weeks back.

If memory serves, it was two games to him, one to me. Let's see if I could even the score.

He and I swapped sides for this game. I took what he had in Game 3...

...he took my list and tweaked it a bit.

And away we went. From opposite corners of the mat, apparently. Vader target locked Wedge, and Soontir Pushed the Limit to wear an evade and a focus.

And a stress marker. And two Target Locks.

The furball ensued. And many target locks were used by all.

For some reason Wedge was being kept out of the fight. I think he'd had a fright!

So I poured my attention onto the Rookie Pilot.

Vader's effort finally pay off!

While the B Wing piles on an ongoing critical effect onto one of my poor wee TIEs.

And here is a great shot of what Soontir was doing all game. Zipping around, Pushing the Limit so as to get a free focus. He gives himself an evade, pushes the limit with a barrel roll and receives a free focus for his trouble. Using Push the Limit with Soontir is a very effective combination.

Unfortunately, time ran out, but here is the butchers bill as at the end...

A hit each on the TIEs and TIE I, two on poor old Vader. Two and one hits more before boom time, respectively.

And here are the Rebels. One X Wing already gone, Wedge with only one hit left, and the B Wing with near'y a scratch on it.

We called it a draw, though both agreed that the Imperials were better placed for a result.

What do you think?



  1. Man you're really getting into the X-Wing thing, looks like fun. I've noticed they just keep bringing out more toys for it too. Perhaps they'll bring out one of those gigantic wedge shaped imperial star destroyers and you'll have to take it out with swarms of Rebel fighters....

    1. Mate! It's great fun. Very visually appealing.

      As for more toys, well, they are bringing out the Tantive IV at $NZ 130ish pre-ordered, and have just announced Wave 4 ships from the expanded universe. Me, I'll stick with the classic fighters...though I'd love the Blockade Runner...but the car needs some work...sigh...

  2. I can really tell you are enjoying this game Nick. Good one.

    1. Comes through, eh?! :-) What's not to like - you get to play with Star Wars toys!

  3. I really do like the look of this game; every time I see it, I want it. My miniatures gaming has ground to a halt of late, due to work etc... I need a pick-up-and-play system; stuff like this could be the answer... 😞

    1. You could do worse Monty! Set up for the bigger point games can take a little while, sorting out lists, picking upgrades, finding the cards and tokens and stuff...but once your ready... :-)