Sunday, 8 May 2016

Triarii Triumphant

Or something like that.

Good afternoon,

Here, in all of their finished glory, are the sum total of my painted Polybian Roman Triarii.

Replete with a Later Carthaginian standard bearer!

And, of course, that which they are defending. Their camp. And camp followers.

Who are to run away so that others can fill their place!


Sunday, 1 May 2016

End of the Autumnal Spearmen...

...well, not really. End of the painting for Term 1 holidays anyway. So, just before I start ironing for the week...

...Triarii. Polybian Roman spearmen.


...a camp, designed with the addition of a camp follower element in mind.

Depending on what the camp follower element might look like (if indeed I have one at all), this camp should pass for Hoplite Greeks, Macedonians and Marians too.

I'm hoping these will get completed over the week...well, we'll see how I go...