Sunday, May 8, 2016

Triarii Triumphant

Or something like that.

Good afternoon,

Here, in all of their finished glory, are the sum total of my painted Polybian Roman Triarii.

Replete with a Later Carthaginian standard bearer!

And, of course, that which they are defending. Their camp. And camp followers.

Who are to run away so that others can fill their place!


Sunday, May 1, 2016

End of the Autumnal Spearmen...

...well, not really. End of the painting for Term 1 holidays anyway. So, just before I start ironing for the week...

...Triarii. Polybian Roman spearmen.


...a camp, designed with the addition of a camp follower element in mind.

Depending on what the camp follower element might look like (if indeed I have one at all), this camp should pass for Hoplite Greeks, Macedonians and Marians too.

I'm hoping these will get completed over the week...well, we'll see how I go...