Monday, 25 April 2016

Opps, Polybians!

Good evening,

Just to prove that I do do something other than X Wing (says he having come back from another top-of-the-bottom-third showing at the 2016 Wizard's Retreat store champs...sigh...) - four more elements of Romans!

They were supposed to be Marians...

...but, well, I pulled these Hastati out of the box by mistake!


On the bright side, looks like I had already started on some Triarii a while back, so...

...they shouldn't take too long.

And while I'm at it...

...I'll see what I can do with this camp element.

Then...three more Principes/Marian blade elements to finish (plus a Gaelic cav, IIRC...) plus two Velites elements and that'll finish both my double Marian DBA army and my Polybian Roman. The double Parthian is close to just under half way finished, and the Later Carts?, two...about three elements are, they'll take a wee while yet.


Friday, 22 April 2016

I'm Taking an Awful Risk Vader...

...this had better work.

Good morning,

Yesterday afternoon, having had my arse handed to me on a plate by my son the previous afternoon, and then thrice by Luke at Wizards the previous evening (great list Luke, it's a killer!), young Mark (D) came over to help me try out my list for this Saturday's Wizard's Retreat store champs. I'm thinking of taking three Imperial aces...

Since I already had the cards and bits and bods out from the previous afternoon, Mark took Matthew's list.

Lesson learnt from Thursday afternoon? Don't try to dogfight a Expose'd Chiraneau! So...I determined to treat that Decimator with a considerable amount of respect. And distance.

And...away we went.

First move, and I boost and barrel roll the Inquisitor into the path of Soontir!

Ah well.

We turn in...

...and Mark parks the bus on a rock!


Vader and Soontir manage to disengage, but not before Mark finds his path off the rock blocked. However I miscalculated the Inquisitor's move, and wasn't able to get out of the way.

Twice! (Mark had given me the initiative, so I moved (or didn't) first.)

What, with five dice from the Rear Admiral... Night Beast...Kablooie!

Again Mark misjudged his manoeuvres, flying Dark Curse onto a 'roide (he hasn't played for ages), and what, with the rock, and Soontir's range 1 attack, both Ties were down to one hull.

Alas, so was Soontir. Bother it.

(Still, I think the Push the Limit card on the Inquisitor is still better value than a Stealth Device on Fel.)

And so it became a game of chase-the-bus-at-a-healthy-distance-while-keeping-all-my-tokens-inflicting-a-death-of-a-thousand-cuts. And chips. Mmmm, chicken chips...

Whilst taking out Ties where I can.

I finally get the Decimator in arc of both my fighters...

...but only need one of them to finish it off.

And that's where we called it. It had already been way over time for a tournament game (being a casual game 'n all), so...Mark probably would have won that when time would have been called, seeing as he'd nuked my Tie-X1, and I'd only half done in his Deci.

Oh, hang on, I've just recounted. I would have won by one and a half points! 32.5 to 31. Ha!

Thanks for the game Mark, it was great fun.

Still not sure if this is a viable option for tomorrow though.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Bounty Hunter Bash - Game 2

Good morning,

Well, what, with the first game ending quite quickly, Stan had time for another go. He even decided to stick with the YV.

So...away we went. Again.

This time I set up on the right, seeing as how the Jumpmaster finds it easier to turn left.

In we close, and then...

...Stan throws on the brakes! I fly right in front of him!

After Bosk took chunks out of Dengar...

...I thought it a good idea to bug out for a bit.

And then, for no other reason than...I thought I might be able to shoot at him twice if I keep him in my primary arc?...I turn around and head back into harm's way!

In spite of barrel rolling outside his primary arc...

...Bosk guns me down with his port secondary!

Well played Stan, well played indeed.

Man these 50 point games are fun!

Thanks Young Man,


Monday, 18 April 2016

Bounty Hunter Bash - Game 1

Good afternoon,

Seeing as I'm on holiday, and seeing as I was dying to fly my new birthday presents that I bought for myself, with money from the wife, and hid from myself, only to be opened when I got home from work last Friday...

...which, being the last day of the Term, the school council had declared to be a dress up day (our team had to dress up as something starting with either D or H, so naturally I dressed as a human fringe dwelling freighter pilot at the edge of the Empire. 100 points for who the All Black was...), Young Stan came round for a cup of tea and a game of X Wing.

He took 50 points worth of Bosk, I took 50 points worth of Dengar.

And away we went.

With both of us sporting engine upgrades, the shooting started in round one.

We both swung in hard right...

...and Dengar swooped - s looped - in behind Bosk.

And that was pretty much the end of that!

The beauty of 50 point games is that we had time to set up and go again...

These are such cool looking ships!