Monday, 30 December 2013

X Wing at Comics, Game 4

Good morning,

While I'm waiting for some undercoat to last game of the X Wing Comp at Comics vs. Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles and Biggs Darklighter.

Suffice it to say...I wasn't in the running for first place!

Anyway, we set up down the eastern flank.

And, with the first shots, my opponent (Mike? I want to say, Scot. I'm pretty sure it was Scot. I'll call him Scot...) inflicted two critical hits on my TIE A.

I could see that this wasn't going to end well...

Still, we all piled in...

...and bang, down goes Soontir Fel. Just like that.

The traffic jam continued... I flew out my crippled TIE A to see if it'd have better luck getting in behind.

Even with Wedge sticking his neck out...

...he still managed to take down one of my Acadamey pilots.

No real surprise, one has to roll one less defense die when attacked by Wedge.

Then Biggs takes out another Acadamy pilot.

That's three of my fighters down, with another critically damaged, with barely a scratch on the Rebels!

The traffic really has freed up a lot!

Then Luke gets stuck into the fray.

At this point, it was just getting embarrassing!

Really embarrassing.

So there I was. Down to just one Academy pilot...


...flying like a mad man...

...finally takes out Biggs!

And he almost gets away with it.


(Opps, I think I should have rolled one less dice there, against Wedge. Still...)

And that was the end of the afternoon. Four games, one win.

Still...a good time was had by all!

Thanks for putting it on guys,


Sunday, 29 December 2013

For Al

Good evening,

Since Al expressed a desire to see something other than HOTT (!), more specifically some WW2 toys, here, just for Al, all covered in sequins...

I always think the Stuka is smiling at this angle!

These Hobby Boss kits were designed to be modeled wheels down (makes sense I guess, they don't supply a pilot...but do a quite lovely cockpit...), I had to file down the tires to fit the wheel wells. I also had to chop out the sticky-outy bit of the leg covers (they must compress over themselves when resting the weight of the a/c on the ground) and then fill in the gaps.

Speaking of filler, this BF-109 didn't fit together quite as well as the Dora, so I added some filler to those bits too.

These'll be for Spearhead and/or Crossfire to go up against the Kiwis in Greece and Crete.

Now I've just got to wait for this jolly drizzle to stop so's I can spray the undercoat outside...


Saturday, 28 December 2013

HOTT Day in December, Game 5

Good afternoon,

Back to the HOTT Day in December, the last game for the day - my Sarmatian Knights vs. Cavemen.

  • 1 Hero General
  • 7 Knights
  • 1 Rider
  • 1 Dragon

Kevin had Shooters, Blades, a Behemoth General (I think - either that, or a Hero), and a Magician.

I was the attacker, so I chose to avoid his shooters and concentrate on my left flank, with a bit of a feint up the middle.

Early on, my Dragon showed up, so I sent him forward against the shooters. Not sure why now...

Non foot up against shooters? What was I thinking?

Anyway, time to form up on that hill.

Kevin tried to threaten my flank, but, well...

...then thought better of it.

So, since his own flank looked open, I thought I'd try my luck with my own Hero General, flanked by Knights. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, that's right, his Magician. They quick kill Heroes.

And seeing as my Hero was also my General...

...that was the end of that!

My Sarmatian General failed me last time too...time to re-think my leadership of this army...


Friday, 27 December 2013

For Paul

Good evening,

Paul over at Plastic Warriors just scored himself a couple of Stukas for Christmas. I mentioned that I too was working on one that I got a while ago (at the same time as I got the Hurricane). He mentioned that he'd like to see my progress thus far.'s what I managed this afternoon...