Thursday, 19 December 2013

HOTT Day in December, Game 4

Good evening,

Right, back to the HOTT Day in December!

Where were we? Oh, that's right, we'd done Game 3, where I got done indeed, and we're on to Game 4.

This time I brought out my HOTT Hoplite Greek army.

  • Spear General
  • 7 Spears
  • 1 Rider
  • 2 Lurkers
  • 1 God - Ares

It was facing a 25mm LOTR Orc army.

  • Behemoth General (the Troll)
  • Behemoth (the War Wagon)
  • Magician
  • 3 Warband
  • 1 Spear
  • 1 Shooter
  • 1 Flyer

And away we went.

Ares turned up early. Usually a bad sign - I did not expect him to stick around long!

So, seeing as I was expecting to not see him for long, I flew him into what I hoped to be easy meat.

It wasn't.

Just as well Gods can't be recoiled.

At least Ares pushed his weight around a little.

Unfortunately, my Rider didn't last as long as I had hoped, and seeing as Ares wasn't really getting anywhere (and he was now overlapped), I flew him out to take on something that he should be able to handle. The flyer hanging round in the back.

In the meantime, my left flank start to tackle his Troll General. Who was caught in the rough - 2 factors down. So, 4 vs. foot - 2 for being in the rough, + 1 for being the General vs. my 4, -1 for being overlapped. 3 all.

A stand result on my left, but at least my double ranked Spears recoiled his War Wagon Behemoth.

Unfortunately, my single ranked spear fared poorly against it's opposing Warband, and...crunch!

Next bound Ares finally takes care of the Eagle, and, against all odds, my single ranked Spear managed to recoil a Warband up the hill.

With the enemy Flyer out of the way (and, against all odds, still being on the table), Ares moves into the flank of the War Wagon. While not providing overlap support, it did mean...

...that it couldn't recoil as it had enemy in contact on its flank.

Unfortunately, this minor triumph was somewhat lessened with the loss of my double ranked Spears at the hands of the Warband-on-the-hill.


It got slightly worse when he double ranked his Warband up against my Spear General. Warband quick kill Spear. All they need to do is get a higher total - and at 3 +1 for rear rank support against my 4 +1 for being the General, the odds were pretty good that my game would be over soon.

However, 'twas I that got lucky...

...and I actually won! My only genuine victory of the tourney, as it happened.



  1. Good show Nick!

    Its not all doom and gloom then!

    1. Thanks Paul. That was my highlight of the day!