Tuesday, 24 December 2013

X Wing at Comics, Game 3

Good morning,

Back to Comics.

Game 3. Another scenario. This time it was an attack/defend a listening post. The Rebels (who had stolen a heap of Imperial equipment!) were to land a saboteur group onto the listening post, plant a bomb, then fly away. The Imperial defenders, well, had to stop that happening.

So I set up my TIEs in front, with a mobile reserve at the back.

This time I actually read the scenario victory conditions, and concentrated on getting that shuttle.

Even so, I thought my big hitters would try to thin out the opposition along the way. My TIE A targeted the TIE on my left flank, while Darth Vader hisself took aim on my TIE I.

And took my Soontir Fel out before he could fire a shot! Aw man!

Adding insult to injury...

...bang! Two down in the first exchange!

Still, I stuck to the plan, and poured fire into the shuttle. I think I all but stripped it's shields this turn.

And then, my reinforcements arrived! Turned out that the defender could bring destroyed ships back on, though they come back on with Pilot Skill 0.

The furball continued.

And so did the carnage.

At my expense.

Well, for both of us.


And the good news was that, where as I could bring mine back...he couldn't!

I kept hammering away at his shuttle, he started stripping the shields protecting the base. Shuttle can't land if those shields are still up.

He also prepared to deal to my reinforcements.

Which were actually having a spot of success themselves.

Though, I still wouldn't say that things were going entirely my way...

...but then again, things were't all bad either.

Aw man, there goes another one! This time taken out by the Assault Shuttle.

How rude!

And then to add more overall destruction, one of my turrets on the listening post gets taken out.

Followed quickly by the other.

The shuttle was just about to land...


...success! The noble Imperial defenders gloriously achieved that which was right!

And so ended my only victory of the day.

To be fair, it was a pretty hard scenario for the attackers to win - they not only had to land on the asteroid, they also had to fly the shuttle off the table afterwards.

Still, of the five games being played, the attackers won two of them, so...it can be done. So long as the defenders lose sight of the fact that the shuttle is the important thing...


Oh, and speaking of Comics, I picked these up yesterday.

Another X Wing - finally got me a Wedge! - another Squint, and...

...a B Wing!

I had only planned to get the TIE I and the B Wing, but, well, they were all $4 cheaper than I had expected (@ $NZ 26 ea.), and, well, since I asked, they let me have the three of them for $NZ 75!

Jolly nice chaps.

I wonder how much the Tantive IV will cost...


  1. A win!

    It shall be a Merry Christmas after all! Good to see the persistence you put into this has paid off.

    Have a good day.

    1. Thanks Paul. It helps when you read the instructions!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours mate.