Saturday, 7 December 2013

X Wing at Comics December 2013

Good evening,

Today I had my first ever Star Wars X Wing competition at Comics Compulsion. Got completely done over (though I did win one of the scenarios - at the cost of an inumerable number of TIE fighters!) - my idea of a swarm of Acadamy TIE fighters (four of them, plus a TIE Advanced and Soontir Fel in his TIE Interceptor) didn't really work! The thinking was...if less is more, imagine how much more more be!

Before I get on with reports proper, here is some eye candy from the day.

There were 10 players - five tables - and about seven of us took Imperials! Including an Imperial Shuttle. That's a lot of TIEs!

Justin, the priprioter's son, won with his own [slightly-smaller] TIE swarm.

The main things I learnt were...

  1. When fighting a scenario, concentrate on beating the conditions of the scenario, not your opponent
  2. Deploy your swarm in, well, a swarm. Double rank them!
  3. Take "Push the limit" when taking Soontir Fel
  4. Avoid asteroids if you can. As well as the risk you take of hitting them when flying through them, you can't shoot or take an action when parked on an asteroid, bother it!
  5. I need more practice!

And a good time was had by all!



  1. Great looking boards. Do you know if they were custom made?

    1. His Sean,

      Yep, they did look good. They're Gale Force 9 vinyl mats - $60 from your local wargaming supplier, or online direct from GF9 I do believe.