Monday, October 24, 2011

VSF Martians

Good afternoon,

Here are my VSF Martians to go up against my VSF Brits.

They are actually Light Alliance Elves.

Tall, skinny, a bit bow legged, I think they make quite good VSF Martians.

These dudes, being spear armed, are now armed with VSF Martian Staff Weapons, just like in the Star Gate universe.

The squad leaders are armed with slashy, samurai like swords and daggers. Very lead-from-the-front.

I really enjoyed painting these.

The skin tone is actually Snakebite leather over a black undercoat, with Vallejo 118 Middlestone highlights and a Middlestone-mixed-with-Yellow highlight highlight. Which turned out so subtle, that you can't actually see it (I was hoping the the camera might be able to pick it out...)

Ah well...

Now for some comparison shots.

Here a column of VSF Brits, supported by a Steam Tank and a couple of Steam Jumpers advance to contact said Martians.

See, they are taller!

The rest of the figures in the box are armed with bows (as well as a few more blade armed bods). So I figure, these staff weapon fellows are like the Royal Guard (or something), and the rest are just regulars, or even town militia.



Oh yeah, and yay! We won! Very hard fought game, a great test rugby match.


  1. Those are really good, very good work sir.

  2. Thanks very much.

    Your Frenchies look brilliant!


  3. Thanks Monty,

    Your Russians look brilliant. Really like the way you've brought out their faces.


  4. Some good painting there Nick, I thought martians were green though!

  5. very nice use for these! I'm going to borrow your idea since I wasnt too keen on using the elves in an elven army because of the height difference. another site suggested painting them up as Na'Vi too ( the blue aliens in the Avatar film).

  6. Cheers Paul,

    In the Frank Chadwick Space 1889 universe, the Martians are yellow.

    And lets face it, if I painted them green, they'd look like Orcs!


  7. Groovy Martians Nick, but I especially like the British guys with the back packs floating above the fray.

  8. Thanks 'Sarge,

    The 'steam' backs are just a couple of pieces of home irrigation bits chopped out to remove the thread. Got some more lined up, but need, well, more steam packs and more flying bases.