Thursday, 13 October 2011

For the Sarge...

Good evening,

A while back JackSarge asked me how I base my elements. Well, this is how I do it. Please keep in mind I did not paint these! These were given me by the Sarge hisself...

First up, I glue down the figures with PVA and paint the element (and figures) base(s) with an earthy brown.

This is actually a mix of two browns - one that was too dark, one that was too red.

Then I PVA some coarse sand in a semi-randomish long as the sand goes up to the edge of the figures' bases.

Next, paint the sand in a lighter brown (Beasty Brown, to be precise. Not the most economical use of model poster paint would be more cost effective...)

Highlight with an off white...

...then apply more PVA, this time mostly between the mounts of sand (spread thusly with an old brush)...

...before dunking the base in a container of flock...

...and PVAing on the artillery piece.


Thanks again Sarge for the minis, they are fantastic.

More tomorrow - the whole army, no less.



  1. That's not bad and saves on sand I take it, good work.

  2. Cheers.

    As it happens, got me a whole bucket of sand, 'twas more about breaking up the bowling green look.


  3. You are most welcome Nick.
    Your basing looks splendid. Is your green flock from Woodlands Scenics, or your own mixture?

    Those first figures(blue jackets, funny helmets)- British Royal Horse Artillery -were actually painted by a friend of mine (known as "Red Rajah" on The Miniatures Page forum), he is a most excellent painter.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your whole force on display.
    Thanks for taking the time to show us your basing methods.

    Are you planning to rebase the Dark Age dudes too?

  4. Thanks Bro!

    The flock, umm, yeah, Woodland Scenics Summer grass blend, I think. Was picked up a while ago at a city model shop.

    Your mate has done an outstanding job. (Mind you, can't see a lot of difference between his and your stuff!)

    As for your Vikings, well, currently they are on display in a lounge cabinet! I will get round to flocking up their some point!


  5. The dunk is a classic move, I did like your layering method and will copy at some stage.

    Nice one Nick

  6. Great way of basing Nick, and the figures are bloody great.

    Cheers Rich.

  7. Thanks Boys,

    Paul, high praise indeed! (And I must have missed that movie...)

    Rich, yep, they look even better in the plastic! I am a lucky lad!