Sunday, 4 May 2014

May the Fourth, Game 1

Good evening,

My first game in the May the Fourth competition at Comics saw my Han, Wedge and the Newbie list...

  • Millennium Falcon, piloted Han
  • Wedge in an X Wing with R2D2 in the back
  • and the A Wing Prototype

...up against Geoff's own Rebel list.

  •  Garven [Thingie] in an X Wing
  • Hobbie [Thingie] X Wing
  • "Dutch" Vander in an Y Wing
  • Tycho [Thingie] in an A Wing

Sorry, can't remember the names of his pilots.

Anyway, we went straight to with a Blue on Blue dogfight.

Or is that Red on Red, what with the Rebel logo being what it is 'n all...

I decided to concentrate on my left, so in we went.

Geoff's ships are the ones with the number tags...

(Same scene from the other side.)

First combat of the day, and, well...

...bang goes Tycho! First blood to Wedge.

The furball continued...

...while Tim looked on!

This'd be what he saw.

The Falcon flew off to the north, Wedge took the centre, and the A Wing flew south.

Wedge got on the tail of one of Geoff's X Wings, and, well...

...mark that up as another for the Antilles!

However... good turn deserves another, I guess. And that was the end of Wedge for Game 1!

Still, not to be outdone, Han held up his end to the north.

Alas and alak, at this point of the game, we were kinda trading ships.

To the dismay of my A Wing pilot!

However, Han was quick to take revenge...

...and that was the end of that!

A great start to the day I thought.

Thanks Geoff for the game.


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