Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wedge 'd Man

Good evening,

This afternoon Andrew came round for a bit of X Wing fun. So to speak.

I broke out my 'Look after Wedge' list that I'm still trying out...

...while Andrew ran with Kath Scarlet (with Merc Co-pilot, Mangler cannons two proximity bombs and a seismic charge), a Tie Interceptor ace (whose name escapes'll see why soon...) and Night Beast.

Anyhow, we set up, with Andrew spread out, and my three buds sticking together.

I immediately swing round to pick on the Tie I.

And pick on him I did. Well, Wedge did. With Proton Torpedoes.

Just like that.

Whoo hoo!

So Kath swoops in, runs into Biggs...

...and strips Wedge's shields.


Still, Kyle was able to place an ion token on Kath.

Kath keeps coming, while Night Beast...thought the Rebs were doing something else!

More chunks out of Kath...and somehow Wedge survives!

Kyle also ioned the Tie.


The big K flies south, leaving a proximity mine for Wedge to trigger.

Which trigger he did. For two hull...leaving him with but one.


'Twasn't all bad though.


And speaking of ioning...


A sudden super nova explodes, bathing Wedge in dazzling splendor.

Which must have caught Biggs off guard...yeah that's it. That's why he threw blanks. Super nova. Yeah. That's it...

Anyhoo, Kath swings north...failing to get a bead on the big boys...

...who manage to do absolutely squat!

Squat, I tells ya!

And with Kath only having two hull left.


So Kath tries to gap it...

...but Wedge ain't having none of that!


And a great game was had by all!

Thanks Andrew, I was sure I was going to be on a hiding to nothing. Perhaps my list does work!


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