Monday, 15 June 2015

Road to the Regionals Game 1

Good evening,

Chris, at The Wizard's Retreat, along with, I suspect Tim (!), had organised a wee four round tournie on the Road to the Regionals (1 August) this Saturday past, during which I was quite keen to try to redeem the X Wing in a tournament setting...

My first game was against Luke (no, not Skywalker...), a jolly nice chap who was running Han in the Falcon with Gunner and C3PO, and an Fringer in a YT2400.

Cool, thought I. Wedge's ability cancels the Falcon's only evade die.

Luke set up with the Fringer on the edge Han in the centre. This gave me a few turns to build up focus tokens on Kyle, thanks to Recon Spec before we both headed into the fray.

Unexpectedly, Luke splits his boys. I run after Han.

And catch him I did.

Two Range 1 shots (thanks to Wedge's Squad Leader), and Luke, seeing that discretion is the better part of valour, runs Han for the hills!

So I play chase the Falcon.

And catch him I do.


(Insert imaginary image of the Falcon being blown to bits here.)

Which just left the Fringer.

On one hull.

Near'y dead when time was called...

...but not before he takes out Biggs - who threw three focuses on the last roll of the game when I had given Wedge Kyle's focus to pop Han!

Silly Biggs.

Still, so far my list seemed to be working. Mostly.

Thanks Luke, that was a great game.



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    1. Cheers Drax. However, Game 2 wasn't quite so...successful... :-)