Tuesday, 12 July 2011

HOTT Winter's Day - Game 5

My 20mm EIRs vs Stan's 20mm Conquistadors.

I took 2 Heroes, 6 Blades (three elements of grunts and three elements of Praetorians) plus a Behemoth. My first outing for my Foot Hero, so it was.

Stan was quite happy to stay where he was, which gave me more time to redeploy from column to line.

(That's my tortoise Behemoth on the end)

And so Stan's shooting began, as well as the push and shove between our heavies on the right. My right. His left.

What's missing in this photo below? Stan's Artillery piece, that's what.

And so my tortoise meets his Cleric. (Way cool wee element there Stan!)

Recoiled, the Romans were. How rude!

So they responded by chipping down the monks.

And then moving on to Stan's Hordes.

In the centre, the Roman Blades did the biz and took care of Stan's Knight General...and that was that.

And a good time was had by all.

Cheers boys for a great day's gaming,



  1. Nice series of AAR's, and some good pics Nick.

    Always good when you enjoy the games. School holidays in a few days time so I expect to see some good updates.

    No pressure!

  2. Cheers mate! No pressure...hmmm...

  3. This looks great Nick! Inspired me to get a grip and get a move on with my EIR stuff...

  4. Excellent Monty!

    My work is done then!



  5. Hey Nick if you're interested I am hoping to get rid of some of my 1/72 stash of figures. No money wanted, exchange possible, but just want to know that they are going to guys who will use them. I have Napoleonics, ECW, Vikings & Saxons. Some are painted & based. As I don't have much space, or know anyone round here that would want them, I thought you or your group might be able to use them.
    I am happy to post to you free of charge.
    If you're interested you could PM me on TMP or I could give you an email address.

  6. Mate! That'd be grand! I'm not sure what PM means...but I'll send a message to you via your blog.

    Cheers, and thanks for your generous offer,