Tuesday, 21 December 2010

EIR Hero Bd

Good afternoon,

Now that school's over, I've got some time to delve into my cute wee hobby...I'm currently working on some EIR Cv (and one Kn) elements, as well as a couple of stands of EIR Praetorian infantry - basically Esci EIR infantry with Italeri Marion Roman shields. Best evidence seems to suggest that they looked just like everyone else, but with an oval shield.

However, I digress.

I've also managed to complete another HOTT element. An EIR Hero Blade element.

I came across an Hordes of the Things Early Imperial Roman [Dacian Wars] army list that suggested that a Hero element could be a Blade element being inspired by the heroic deeds of the past. So...

I had a spare Atlantic Roman standard bearer lying around, some spare Esci Legionaries and the memory of a standard bearer who was standing on board a Roman warship and saw his fellow Caesarian Legionaries getting freaked out by the Ancient British who were waiting for them on the beach during one of Ceasar's invasion attempts of Britain (the first one, I think). He basically jumped off the ship and said something to the effect of, 'if you don't want this eagle to be taken by the enemy follow me'. It did the trick quite nicely. Suitably inspired (or shamed), the rest of the legionaries likewise jumped ship and successfully forced a landing.

Therefore adding this all up, another HOTT EIR Hero element was born. A bunch of blades being inspired by a ghost of past glory.

I used the same technique to paint the standard bearer that I had used for my Early German ghosts.

(Here's a shot without the flash)




  1. Very well painted Nick, I've thought about getting into this era several times but have always been put off by the painting - comfort zone you understand?

  2. Thanks Al,

    The painting's not that hard, there are just more colours than your WW2 stuff.

    And with DBA you don't need too many figures. Though, I never have been able to stop at just one historical pair...you should see the pile of unpainted plastic I've got based up!