Sunday, 10 May 2009

Early German Ghosts...

Just to prove to Robin that I do, occasionally, apply paint to figures (see his comment on the previous post)...

These are the ghosts of the retribution of Augustus' legions subsequent to the famous massacre of three legions in Teutoburg Forest. (Click here to listen to a pod cast from the excellent History of Rome blog site.) Augustus didn't look kindly upon Arminius' treachery and took it out on the locals, pushing them back behind the Rhine. These dudes are some of recipients of Augustus' ire.

The paint job was easy. Primer of Citadel's Chaos Black (it covers well, shrinks when it dries and forms quite a good 'skin'), base coat of Goblin Green, first dry brush of, I forget, some Citadel dark bluish grey, a lighter dry brush of Fortress Grey and a top dry brush of white. (The flash has over brightened them a bit...)

I got the idea from the Evil Empire themselves - Painting the Army of the Dead. Just as well I saved the article, I have not been able to find it on the web again.

I added the final step of one more dry brush of white as the miniatures just looked a bit grey to me, not ghostie enough...

In gaming terms they are part of a HOTT Early German army I have pulled together from left over Esci Barbarians. Its composition is something like this...

1 x Warband General @ 2 AP
3 x Warband @ 2 AP ea.
1 x Hero @ 4 AP
6 x Hordes @ 1 AP ea.
2 x Lurkers @ 1 AP ea.
1 x Dragon @ 4 AP

I've actually based up 12 of these Hordes to add some flexibility, as well as put aside three mounted Germans in case I want to use a Rider element.

As I potter away on my Early Imperial Roman Auxilia, I'll slowly hack away at these German Hordes, the Hero and the Dragon. The warband are pretty much done...well, pretty much...



  1. Nice....look forward to battling against them soon... presumably one you've finished the base .. oopppssss.. LOL

    Nah... good work


  2. Ah yes, finishing the bases...has anybody seen my flock? I seemed to have misplaced it in the shift...

  3. That's the nice thing about ghosts—you can pick any old models you have lying around and paint them in spooky white!

  4. Too true Andrew, too true!

    Nice work on your 20mm Revel Celts, by the way!