Thursday, 14 May 2009

Skellie God and Stronghold

Good evening,

Once again, to annoy Robin with more incomplete elements, here are my HOTT Skellie God and Stronghold.

They are actually two purchases from the $NZ 2 Shop, part of some figurine set that came with a toy warrior and wizard respectively, complete with these accessories. I just painted them us as I did the rest of the Skellies - black undercoat, dark grey (well, ok, the Skellie Hordes missed this step), light grey and white.

If you're wondering, the skull didn't actually come munted - I left the skull glued to its painting base and thought the PVA might dry quicker if I left it on top of the wood burner. Opps!

Still, now it looks more like an ancient ruin. To aid that impression, I intend to build up the base so as the skill is half buried in sand. When I get round to it...



  1. I am not annoyed ...I am not annoyed ...I am not annoyed ...I am not annoyed ... oh,, damn it.. damn it...damn it...

  2. He He He He He He He He He... :-)