Wednesday, 6 May 2009

20mm Skellies


Haven't got many photos of my painted minis (read - "nearly all of my figures are unpainted"!), but I have almost completed my Double HOTT Skellies army. Just got to varnish this Caesar Skellies (I have been using a water based polyurethane stain produced by Cabots, but have run out and am reluctant to part with $NZ 30+ for a new tin...) and then do the base...

The flash has pretty much washed out the figures, but as you can see, I like my Skellies white! White on Light Grey on Black. (Bit like these guys that I did many moons ago...)

The Cabots adds a bit of a brown on top, but not as much as a wash. Hey, they've been bleached by the desert sun for thousands of years...or something...

More shots can be seen on Robin Sutton's Blog, specifically here...

The breakdown of the army goes something like this...

2 x Magicians (Gen)
2 x Hero (or 1 Behemoth, if I ever get it painted)
1 x God
1 x Dragon
7 x Hordes (or 8 if I use that Behemoth)
3 x Blades
1 x Shooter
2 x Knights
2 x Rider
1 x Sneaker

More later, when I get the time.


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