Sunday, 10 May 2009

Macedonian Stickman


Well, it is here. In, stink, a while ago, HaT brought out a set of Later Greek Hoplites and Macedonian Phalangites. Nice figures, all very well historically researched, well molded armor (for the front rankers, none for the back, which sounds about right) fact, why am I telling you all this, go have a look at the HaT site (look for 8045 and 8043 respectively), and the Plastic Soldier Review reviews (Hoplites and Phalangites).

Now the one thing that spoiled these figures for me was the fact that you could actually see so much of their armor. Why? Because they were holding their shields out to the side as if to say "Look at me!". Not really the kind of thing I would want to do when I'm about to engage in some close personal combat. So...

What I did was carefully cut around the back of their shields with a craft knife, being careful to slice up my thumb a good couple of times, and then bend the shields around to their front. With some I even applied a bit of glue to anchor the shields in front of them. For some I applied glue to re-attach their arms!

(Note, that Art element is simply a HaT Scorpion with a Greek Light javelin man and a Cart command figure (I think) with a head swap from a Revell Praetorian.)

With the Phalngites, this had the added advantage of being able to raise the angle of the front rankers, so that instead of their sarissa/pikes (1/32" brass rod) sticking out in front of them, they now had them pointing sufficiently vertical that I could have their element bases in front to front contact with an enemy element base.

OK, so the result is not very uniform (a phalanx would be pretty ineffective if they kept their sarrisa at different angles as mine have here!), but this exercise has meant that I have been able to use all of the poses on the sprue for my Alexandrian pike based DBA armies (such as II/12, /19, /20 and the others who I can't remember the number of...).

So, out of one HaT Macedonian Army box I have been able to pull together 6 Pk elements and 2 Sp. (As well as 2 4Ax, 2 Thracian 3Ax, 2 Ps, 1 Kn (with the help of one additional Zvezda horse and rider), 1 Mac Cv (again, with the help of one additional Zvezda horse and rider), 1 Thessilian Cv, 1 Allied Greek Cv and 1 LH, with a couple of Greek lights left over. Great value for money. So much so, that I've done this twice so that I've got two Successor armies or one Double DBA/Warmaster Ancients army. Cool stuff.

Now, if only I could get round to painting them...


  1. Nick, Nick my boy.... always the painting... the painting...

  2. Well...yeah, umm, err...but sitting on my bottom watching TV is so much easier!

  3. LOL.. indeed... my progress on those Dwarfs is much slower than I'd like, but work and life keep interfering..


  4. They look 100% better when they are defending themselves. I'll have to try this with mine. Did you need to do anything with the parts that were previously covered with the shield?

  5. Thanks. "Did you need to do anything with the parts that were previously covered with the shield?" Not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean the stuff that wasn't actually folded/modelled/formed? I'm kinda hoping that I can fix those missing parts with some judicious application of paint! Won't be for a while though...I'd like to get my Early Persians done first, then the Later Persians, then the Macedonians.

  6. Yes the area uncovered by you knife work. Flat poses put me off plastics and after sampling some metals looked to use them over plastics. However I'm looking back over plastics to see what conversions are possible. I've managed to bend a few to get some better looking poses. If only hat has done separate shields! Although their cavalry is great. Thanks for the info.

    1. I did notice that you were using a lot of the Newline 20mm minis! Fair enough, it's nice stuff - I chose plastic due to cost and availability - the UK is a long way from NZ!

      HaT seemed to have learned a little since the Mac stickmen - some of their later ancients stuff have the shields molded front on, rather than side on. Like the Persian Apple Bearers.

  7. I initially got some Thureophoroi to mix with my plastics but then got hooked. There are great plastic sets, I have many Caesar Late Republican Romans which have excellent detail. The new Hat Carthaginian Veterans look like they can make a decent battle line although there looks to be a couple of flatter poses but the general improving of plastics is promising. The problem I have is whether the other half will let me buy more... here's hoping anyway!