Saturday, 23 May 2009

Star Trek 11

Since this is my blog site, I feel entitled to have a rant every now and again. And my first rant is about the new Star Trek movie...

I'm a Star Trek fan (indeed, I'm keen on pretty much anything with the word "Star" in the title!), but I know that the ST movies can and have been a bit hit and miss. Indeed, roughly 50% of them have been...silly! So I wasn't holding out for much for this one...

And rightly so.

The story line is ok, it was a clever device plot to put the franchise on an alternate reality so they don't have to stick to the original time line/story plots, but my biggest beef about this movie was the production values - they couldn't be bothered with half the sets.
  • The bridge? Cool (apart from those annoying lens flares).

  • The sick bay? OK, nothing much to write home about, but OK.

  • Engineering? Rubbish! All they did was get a warehouse and fill it with pipes!

It's like, "Right the bridge looks good, but we can't really be bothered with the rest, just hire a big empty space and fill it with stuff."

And its not as if the stuff they filled it with actually looks like it should be in a star ship. It looks more like the storage warehouse for some mining operation. I mean they didn't have anything that looked even vaugly like an engine. Just lots of pipes going no where in particular.

Actually, the 'engineering' set reminded me of the Tardis - much bigger than would seem right for the inside of a ship!

Even the 'starship corridor' looked like the inside of a parking building, complete with paint flaking off concrete walls.

All in all...rubbish!

And Kirk, who's fresh out of the Academy gets the captaincy of the Federation's flag ship after his first outing in space? Oh please! It's like an ensign rocking up to the bridge of a Nimitz class super carrier, directing a successful operation with the ship's assets (the carrier air wing in this case) while the admiral pops out for...I dunno, a cup of tea or something, and then hands over the entire ship, the flag ship of the carrier battle group no less, to this newbie.

And so, in conclusion, the more I think about Star Trek 11, the less I like it.

Still, Scottie and Chekov were funny!



  1. How very disappointing. Sounds like cheeky movie-making to me. A ready made loyal audience, a guaranteed income, a big budget - huge scope for in-jokes and established characters and they get lazy and cheap with the sets? A rush job? Hatchet budget? A bit disappointing but who can predict - I mean James Spader as a quirky lawyer? He was fab in Stargate - but I digress... I hope the popcorn was good!

  2. I wouldn't know, Matthew ate it all, and then drunk most of the drink!


  3. Nick

    Haven't got your e-mail on my laptop.. and can't find it..

    Looking to run another HotT Tournament 'A HotT Winter's day 09' on 56 July.. would you be up for the day? Looking for participants at the moment.


  4. Sweet! 5/6 July? Even sweeter, in the holidays! Yep, I'm in. I'll try to get the Skellies...or Germans...finished.