Tuesday, 5 May 2009



My Name is Nick, and I'm a wargamer.  (Echoed chorus of "Hello Nick" heard in the background...)

Specifically wargaming with 20mm plastics.  And a few 25mm Sci Fi figs. I had an active site quite a while ago...


...but real life got in the way and I gave it over to my mate Stan, along with Canterbury Miniatures which he now runs.

I mostly play DBA and HOTT, with a bit of Warmaster thrown in, but I'm now starting to get into a bit of WW2 gaming as well through Crossfire.  All with 20mm plastics (and a very few 20mm metals mixed in with my ancients).  Oh, and a 28mm Troll for my Raetian Goblins who I'm classing as a Storm Giant.

Anyway, don't expect much here soon, I'm a primary school teacher with not nearly enough time on my hands for much else.

Just in case anyone was wondering.



  1. Hello Nick. I'm glad to see you among the ranks of hobby bloggers. Your geocities website was a big inspiration for me. My blog features 1/72 plastics too, I hope you'll come by!

  2. Thanks Andrew,

    I'm glad that you found the old site useful. I'm looking forward to hacking away at this new web venture...with any luck it'll actually inspire me to pickup a paintbrush!


  3. Hi Nick,

    Like the blog. If you want to the Latin to be grammatical it should read "De bellorum ludis mollibus homunculs utendis" = concerning games of war using soft (i.e. effeminate) midgets. It would be better as "De bellorum ludis statunculis plasticis utendis". I'll add a link to your blog to mine (hesperiana.wordpress.com). Good to see HOTT doing well south of the Bombay Hills!

  4. Thanks, umm, hesperiana - I couldn't find your name on your site!

    Bombay Hills reference - an Aucklander, perchance? Associated with the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the Auckland of University?


    Would you be working in said department then? That would explain your helpful Latin recommendations...

    I did a couple of Classics papers at Canterbury (stink, a long time back now - late '80s!). Ironically, I have learnt more about Classical History from Wargaming post Varsity!

    Although I never learnt latin - the Latin phrase of mine was assembled for me by a kind bloke from the States...



    Nice 15mm Goblins, by the way. Very cool. I hope you have more success with them than I have had with my 20mm Raetian Goblins!

  5. Hi Nick,

    True, I'm an Aucklander; and somewhat envious of the HOTT community in Christchurch; so far I've found no one up here. You're right, I could get around to saying a bit more about myself on the blog!

    Frankly the grammar of the phrase you were given is rubbish. It translates as "concerning games, wars (hanging grammatically unconnected,) in the company of effeminate people, a little man (again in the wrong case; it should at least be homunculis to be governed by "cum"). The English "with" has two separate senses, accompanying (cum) and instrumental (plain ablative).


    Mark Davies

    P.S. So far the Goblins have only shown a fine ability to die well!

  6. Sorry to keep on about the title of your blog and website; it must be my training, but once I see a bit of Latin that needs fixing I can't leave it alone until I've sorted out a proper phrase--pretty obsessive, really :-).

    A grammatically correct and idiomatic phrase would read:

    De ludis bellorum statunculis plasticis gestorum

    'Concerning games of war waged with plastic figurines'

    There are still people who write and speak Latin, and the net is full of them (e.g. www.grexlat.com), so it makes sense to get the language as correct as you would for any other language.


  7. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the input. Though I won't be changing the graphic - I don't have the skill! It was done by a bloke up your way. Mike Hansen, modeler and good bloke.

    Still, I will put your...


    'Concerning games of war waged with plastic figurines'




  8. You're welcome. There's actually a bit of a tradition of bad Latin around DBA spinoffs, so you could argue it's somehow fitting! Anyway, for me at least 'games in the company of effeminate midgets' certainly gets you thinking!

    I've only just started my blog and been busy getting basic stuff set up, so not had much time for browsing, but will definitely be back to look more closely!