Friday, 31 December 2010

Oh, and another thing...Take Two...

Opps, I just accidentally deleted this post in an effort to delete, well, this draft...

So, sorry, but I do believe that I've just also deleted everyone's comments!


While I procrastinate over the dishes, here's another thing I prepared earlier...

While I have been pottering away with the Romans (and Skellies), I've had this on the back burner, applying a bit of paint here and there while working on the other stuff.

It's your basic Airfix Ancient British chariot with some 15mm ACW artillery wheels, an Esci Barbarian driver and an Italeri Gaul...dude...and the chariot sides from a New Line 20mm chariot which I never did get round to building.

This one makes number 17 or so, but the bulk of the others are just stock standard 'cept the wheels, all having been replaced thusly. (I built up the army during my DBM infatuation. Can anyone say 'Ancient British Panzer Corp'?).

I'll be re-crewing a couple of the Airfix chariots with the metal miniatures that came with the metal chariot.


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