Saturday, 1 January 2011

VSF Brits vs. Skellies Part Two

Now, where were we?

Oh that's right, my dragon was about to destroy an enemy flyer. And so it did, quickly moving on to the second flyer waiting in the wings. (Hah! Get it? Flyer! Wings! Ha!)

Unbelievably, it escaped and scooted behind my line. But not for very long.

In the meantime, the rest of the lines came together, and Robin's Artillery started to take pot shots at my Hordes.

Seeing this thin red line coming ever closer, I send the Dragon to pause...

...and then overfly said line...

...with the intention of reeking some havoc of my own behind Robin's line.

Alas, I didn't overfly it enough and got zapped by the enemy magician. Bother!

After that, the slow grind began. First to fall on my left were my knights...

...and then he just kept grinding forward on the left, shooting, shooting, always shooting...

Finally my left broke and all but a few ran.

Too late did I move my line of Hr/Bd/Bd/Sh off the hill on my right into his advancing line of shooters (having earned a rather over cautious respect for shooters, seeing how they had just blown away my left...)...

...only to roll over them on first contact, and break Robin's left.

But it was all a little too little too late. Due to some clever tactical manouvering, Robin kept my Hero busy with his demoralised steam tank (Behemoth) long enough for my said Hero to get surrounded by Artillery and Shooters and, after a couple of brave stands, get chopped to pieces in a hail of lead.

That, and Robin's continual whittling away of my Hordes in the centre, which I brought back but couldn't get into the fight, was the game.

And a good time was had by all. Well done Robin. Nice new mat.


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