Friday, 21 January 2011

EIRs In All Their Glory!

Good evening,

While I work the photos of today's WMA Historical/Fantasy game EIRs vs Raetian Goblins into some kind of pictorial report, I thought I'd post the completed Early Imperials in all their...numbers...

First up a shot of the lot of them. (Minus Mars - he came out to join the photo shoot a bit later).

From left to right, we have a HOTT Hero element, then Cav generals, a Knight, Light Horse and the rest of the Cav and one of the WMA command elements...

...the Legionaries and Praetorians, along with the second WMA command element...

...Auxilia and the third WMA command element...

...Carroloballistas, Psiloi and my HOTT EIR Tank, the Tortoise!

Consequently, I now have enough elements to create two DBA armies...

...two HOTT armies...

(God, Hero, Blades, Behemoth...

...and Knight, Heroes, Blades, and Artillery - opps, Art cost 3 AP - I'll replace it with a Spear/Auxilia.)

...and one Warmaster Ancients army of 1020 points.

  • One Veteran Legionary unit

  • Four Legionary units

  • Three Auxilia units

  • Two Skirmish units

  • One Scorpion unit

  • Two Heavy Cavalry units

  • One General

  • Two Sub Generals
Which leaves that third Cav General element actually superfluousness to requirements.

I initially pulled together these EIR figures as part of a planned DBM EIR army, split into three commands, hence the three Cav generals. The army was designed to be 400 AP worth, which was to include an allied command of 7 Sarmatian knights. Which in turn formed the basis of my [complete, but as yet completely unpainted] Sarmatian DBA army, which is next on my hit list.

Once they are complete, I will have the army I ideally planned to take to the 1999 NZ National DBM competition. I took lots of Revell Blades instead...and then got rid of them because they just didn't look the part!



  1. Nick, thats a nice looking pack.

    It's alway good going back and revisiting old projects and actually getting them off the ground.

    Well done.

    Regards Paul

  2. Thanks Paul,

    Yeah, it has been a while in the completing!


  3. That is an impressive army!A lot of work has gone into it.I am lucky if I can find the time to paint one figure.

    Cheers Rich.

  4. Thanks Rich.

    Bear in mind it's taken, well, if I'm honest, 30 years, though I've only got the Light Horse element (which itself was gifted to me by a mate) from the first rendition of this army.

    I started with Revell figures, which never really looked right, and then slowly replaced them with Esci and HaT over the years.