Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WMA EIR vs Later Raetian Goblins - Battle 1

The Goblins lined up on the foothills of their natural domain and looked eagerly upon the dirty humies's settlement. Mmmm, lots of shiney goodies there, they thought...

The Romans fearlessly deployed in the defense of their settlement. The Auxilia set up in the West...

...while the Cav deployed in the East.

The Legionaries deployed in the centre.

The battle began in the East, with the humans meeting the Goblin Lizard riders and their wolves.

The doggies did not last long, but the lizards proved a stickier problem.

In the meantime, the two armies slowly came together.

Goblin skirmishers were sent ahead to slow down and generally bug the Legionaries.

The remaining Lizard riders withdrew to the hill, while archers, skirmishers and a unit of Goblin infantry moved into the forest to provide support.

The wolves on the other flank took the opportunity that having no opposing cavalry presented to work around the Roman's Eastern front.

As the Storm Giant came forward, supported by a band of Trolls, the carroballistas took a couple of pot no effect...

One Goblin infantry unit contacts and disrupts one of the Roman skirmmisher units...

...while the Goblin skirmishers manage to drive back one of the units of Legionaries.

And still comes the giant.

However, the Roman commander on the left flank refuses to give any orders... does his counterpart on the opposite flank!

The bolt shooters manage to hit the giant (they could hardly miss!), while the troll[s] charge into the Praetorians (veterans)...

The Praetorians follow up...

...with what could be described as limited success. Trolls suffer two hits, Praetorians one = push back for the beast[ies].

...but loose a stand for their efforts, so they withdraw.

In the West, the [somewhat] Mexican standoff continues...

...while in the East, the Goblins and the wolves pile in.

As did the giant and troll[s]...

...and a single unit of Goblins in the centre.

The Raetian heavies smash a hole, and the giant swings into the centre...

...and the Goblins start smashing through the Auxilia... they follow up.

(An overview of the centre.)

With the first Auxilia unit destroyed, the Goblins mass against what was left of the second Auxila unit, and an increasingly isolated commander.

The legionaries start to re-organize themselves to deal with the giant/troll[s] threat.

In the East, the Roman cavalry regroup.

Against the odds, the remaining Auxila survive another round of combat...

...while one unit of Goblin infantry size off a bit more than they can chew.

The Goblin general tries to rush forward another brigade of skirmishers and infantry to try to take the pressure off.

The over ambition of the first Goblin unit starts to take its toll.

However, the Auxilia in the East finally cease to be.

The legionary prepare to gang up on the Giant...

...and they pounce.

In the centre, the remaining Auxlia unit also strike.

Faced with attacks from the front and both flanks, the Giant falls to the fist of Rome, as does the Troll[s], who was being supported by the Goblin general. With their general gone, the rest of the Goblin army fled.

And that was the game.

And a good time was had by all.