Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mr Grant's Term 2 Break - Part 2

Finally, some Sarmatians are painted!

(Osprey reference here)

These dudes have been waiting since 1999 to have some paint applied to them.

They are a mix of Italeri Mongols (horse and riders - the green and blue horse armour is supposed to be laminated lacquered horse horn/hooves), Evolution Sarmatians (though I separated the riders and horse to mix the army up a bit) and Revel Praetorians, heavily converted.

This is one of the Evo Sarmatians, hacking over his shoulder.

And here are the basis of my whole Sarmatian idea. A Revel Praetorian that looked just like the dude in The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome. ('Cept the helmet. Ah, well, at the time there was nothing else even close...).

So, I chopped off his shield, chopped his torso in half, glued on some Esci Napoleonic cav legs, made a cloak of tissue paper, and...ta daaa...

This one also had a head swap from an Italeri Celt.

And this one is the other Praetorian pose I used. Sufficiently un-Roman looking to be chopped up and placed atop a horse. (Yes, I know it is highly unlikely that one could thrust with a 12' contos like that, but, looks dramatic!)

And thus, my week's break came to an end. Back to school in the morning. Team meeting...ho humm...

Dead chuffed to get these fellows done - only nine more elements to go!



  1. Prodigious output Nick.. good work. Considering my own output has been.. wait for it .... 0 .... in the past 6 months...sigh

    Earthquakes.. I have been unable to find the motivation to lift a paintbrush... had hoped to get into it this week, but still working on the edits for the new economics textbook... gah!!

    Kind regards

  2. Cheers Robin.

    (Though, to be honest, the Early Germans only needed one Wb to be touched up and the Cav to be done! So...three and a bit elements!)

    I also got a book read. X Wing, Solo Command. Not a literary heavy weight by any means, but it was an enjoyable piece of escapism...


  3. Super work Nick.

    1999 eh, well worth the wait. Good to see you using the break in a constructive manner.

    Keep it up

  4. Thanks Paul,

    They have been waiting a while. The rest have to wait just a touch longer while I now hack my way through some more WW2 Kiwis, outnumbered as they are by painted Germans!

    Great action shot of your Cobra, by the way.