Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sarmatians WIP

Good afternoon,

12 years ago, I started to build a Sarmatian army (miss-spellings and all) out of some Revel Praetorians and Italeri Mongol horses.

As with my EIRs, pulled them together, then pulled most of the elements and figures apart (in some cases literally) and rebuilt them to more my liking (most notably with the addition of some Evolution Sarmatians and the application of tissue paper cloaks to most of them), I have finally started painting...some of them.

I was hoping to get these two elements worth completed before having to go back to school this week, but, in preparation of a Crossfire game I'm hoping to have tomorrow, I have been concentrating on some WW2 German heavy weapons, FOs and a Fallschirmjager CC.

Still, for what they're worth...



  1. These will look good when they're finished - don't wait another 12 years! You could ty mixing in bits of HaT Roman cataphracts as well.

  2. Cheers Alan,

    I hope to have them finished within this decade!