Monday, 25 April 2011

Nick's Crossfire Day Game 2

Good afternoon,


Soon after Stan left, Dave arrived for his first ever Crossfire game. Same set up as before...

...with the same objective (which was moved to the road).

Dave moved round to the cabbage fields under the cover of smoke (a lot of smoke was used in this game). I moved round a platoon supported by the Shermans.

I also moved into the centre, a threat that Dave quite quickly neutralized.

Well almost. More of that later.

In response, I moved my left most platoon back into the centre.

After a lot of swapping of initiatives, smoke screens, shooting and the like, a particularly effective strike by mortars and the remaining Sherman effectively nullified Dave's platoon in the cabbages.

So I switched my attention to his troops in the centre. Again, with some success.

(Notice the Stug lurking behind the hill? Dave was using historical shoot and scoot tactics...which would explain why one of the Shermans lived to tell the tale...)

In the meantime, he had brought up the platoon on his right across to just a smoke screens distance away from my centre rear platoon.

Rather than assaulting my waiting HMG supported platoon he planted smoke, assaulted and ran over my isolated FO and continued on with the intention of wiping out my remaining FO in the centre, the other side of one suppressed squad and a single PC.

The first assault succeeded.

The second assault succeeded.

Then he mobbed my PC...

...and got beaten back. For the loss of three squads!

After cutting down Dave's remaining squad that had traveled all the way from his right flank, Dave conceded the game.

And a good time was had by all. A great time, in point of fact.

Thanks Dave and Stan for a fantastic end to my holiday break.


Oh yeah, does anyone know...
  1. Can mortars/FOs reactive fire?

  2. Can mortars/indirect weapons target armour?

Postscript - this just in from Dave...
Now I've read the rules, I see we were missing heaps of things on Sunday:
too many fire missions per initiative, FOs observing for both mortars, tanks
firing at infantry when there were tank targets, loan PCs not being
immediately captured during assaults, smoke not lasting long enough...:-)
Just goes to show that I don't read the rules!

Does this mean my heroic PC's actions were invalid? Rats!


  1. Q 1. Can Mortars do reactive fire.

    The rules say..
    "Each Reactive Fire 're-action' must use one of the three firing Modes indicated in sec. 6.4."
    6.4 is the direct fire rule.
    "6.4 Fire Procedures; There are 3 different Direct Fire modes."
    So, it looks like indirect file can't be used for reactive fire.

  2. We missed this rule. :)

    "only one Indirect Fire attack per FO may be performed at any time during a player’s particular Initiative."

  3. Thanks for that Stan.

    No indirect reactive fire - sweet, that's what we figured.

    Only one indirect fire mission per FO per initiative? Opps! That would have changed things quite a bit, 'specially in the second game.

    Great game though! Thanks for coming round.


  4. Q 2.
    "11.2.1 Anti-Vehicle Fire; Only Direct Fire may be used against vehicles."

  5. Thanks for that Stan. We figured as much. Who would have it thunk it - we got it right!


  6. Love this game Nick,as it was one of the first rules sets I bought and remains my favourite WW2 system; it's a shame it has all but died out now. Great to see you keepin' the old flame flickering!

    Nice one,


  7. Great game, good write-up, looks like the boys had fun!

  8. Cheers Monty.

    Must admit that it is hard to find more than half a dozen bloggers playing Crossfire.


    The forces necessary are small enough to afford and, more importantly, are realistically manageable to paint, and the games are engaging enough to keep one's interest throughout.

    Its a very cool system that forces you to constantly make tough decisions about what you're going to do, lest what you're trying to do fails and gives the initiative back to your opponent.

    The intention to produce Version 2 has been announced, I wonder if v.2 will actually come out...